Paul and Ellie ran down the street to go find the other Beatles. She's really pretty. Paul thought. I wonder what year she's from. finally reached the hotel and climbed up the stairs. They busted into the room panting. George looked up from his newspaper. "Hello Paul, what's the rush?" Paul and Ellie stumbled over to the bed. "Pretty girl." George remarked. "Wasn't she at the party last night?" "Yes." Paul said. "She's the one who got knocked out by the beam." He said after catching his breath. "Oh yeah! Nice to meet you. I'm George." He smiled. "Yes, I know, it's nice to finally meet you." Ellie exclaimed. George looked confused then looked at Paul questioningly. "She's from the future too." Paul explained. "Where are John and Ringo?" he asked. "I think John is at the saloon and I don't know about Ringo." George said. "There's a saloon?" Ellie asked strangely. "Yeah it's like we're in the old west or something!" George said chuckling. "Well lets go find those two so we can sort this out." Paul cut in before they could start a conversation. He yanked George out of his chair and all three of them went downstairs. "Ok, so what's the battle plan." Paul asked George who then saluted. "Find the missing Beatles sir." Ellie smiled awkwardly by the side lines. She wasn't used to this level of goofing around. The next thing she knew Paul and George were marching to the saloon. So she ran to catch up. They walked in the door and she followed closely behind. "Hey John!" Paul called. Ellie saw him flirting around a couple of saloon girls. John looked up at the three and smiled. "Hello Paulie!" Paul gave him a stern look. "What are you doing John!?" "We're celebrating!" He shouted then laughed. The two girls laughed also and swooned around him. "Hey, pretty girl you got there Paulie." Ellie glared at him. She didn't want to deal with a drunk guy even if he was John Lennon. "Oh, don't look at me like that. I'm shy." He ducked down behind his hat and the two girls giggled. "Come on guys lets go." She was getting annoyed and she was noticing people looking at her. "How come people didn't pay this much attention back home?" She thought. Paul looked at Ellie and then the men in the saloon. His face hardened. "Come on John!" He said as he yanked John out of his chair and half carried him out of the saloon. The walked back to the hotel and john passed out. after trying with no avail to go up the stairs Paul and George finally managed to carry him back to the room. "John, John! Wake up Johnny!" George yelled at John to try and wake him up. Then out of no where Ellie walked up to the bed carrying a pitcher of cold water and proceeded to dump the entire contents of the pitcher onto his face. John jumped up gasping. "What happened!?" He exclaimed. "Why, am I cold, and wet!?" Anger burned his eyes. "That doesn't matter." Paul came to her rescue. "Do you know where Ringo is?" Paul put on his puppy dog face to cool him down. "Oh! My head!" He moaned. Then George joined in. "Johnny, where did Ringo go?" "Shut up, it hurts to think..." he climbed into Ringo's bed. "Hey! That's my bed!" Ringo walked in the door and over to the bed. "It's soaking." He raised an eyebrow. "Where have you been?" Paul questioned him. "I was just exploring. I found I big lake we should take a swim. although it seems we now have and indoor pool." He sat down in a chair and picked up George's paper. "We don't have time for that right now Ringo. We have to figure out how we got here and how to get back." Paul said exasperated. "But I like it here!" Ringo whined looking up from his paper. "Who's the girl?"