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"Christian tells me that this was your idea. " John states as he sits across from at the table in our library

"Yeah, Dr. Greene says that it's not good for me to be under any stress. And it's kind of impossible with everything that's going on right now. "Ana explains to john

"Well I'm glad you made the decision to talk to me. Now may I ask what's getting to you?" John asked

"Jack. He found me in the library that day. It was like I was frozen. I've never hated anyone as much as I hate Jack, and I have to tell you, John it scares me. I just want to protect my baby" Ana told Flynn with certainty. After the run in with Jack she knew that she'd worry herself to death and she was going to put a stop to that right now

"I know this must be hard on you considering everything that you've already had to take in, but Ana you have to stay strong, for your baby. I see the way your eyes light up when you talk about that miracle that lays inside of you, and that makes for a strong woman, and everything you've had to go through proves that you can take on the wrath of Jack Hyde, Christian won't ever let you get hurt. "

"What if he can't protect us though, I mean look at what happened to Leila. " She stated, as she remembered seeing her in that hospital bed, a shell of the person she'd been before

"That won't happen, Christian is a very powerful man, and you just have to have confidence that no matter what happens, he'll always put you and that bundle of joy you're carrying first. "

"I know, I guess you're I just have to keep telling myself that Christian won't let anything happen to us. I love him and the baby so much. "

"It'll be okay Ana, and if you need anything, anything that all hesitate to ask. " John said just before walking out of the room.

"Hey there beautiful. " Christian said as he walked into their bedroom that night as Ana held a picture of their baby from one of their doctor appointments

"Hi. " She said, not taking her eyes off of her little Blip

"What are you doing? " He asked, taking the seat next to her

"I'm just looking at our miracle" She told him, he smiled as he watched her whole face lit up. He still regretted the way he behaved before Mia got kidnapped. He could have lost his entire world that night. And if he had, he'd never forgiven himself. He was still terrified about the thought of becoming a father, but he had an excitement that came with his fear. He wanted to be and do everything that his biological parents never did for him.

"He's beautiful, isn't he? " Ana asked, tearing him from his thoughts

"Well, you can barely see him in that thing, but I know for a fact that he's going to be just as beautiful as his mother. " Christian stated with confidence. And if he could bet on it, he'd say that he'd have her compassion, her empathy, her warmth, her love, He'd have it all.

"I love you so much Christian, thank you for giving me this gift. " She told him, holding a hand to her belly as she felt her son move around

"No, Ana, Thank you for giving me this gift. I love you so much and you're the only reason I'm able to get up every single day with a smile on my face. Before I met you, my life was a darkened hell. And you saved me. I love you so much, I don't ever want to let you go. "

"I don't want you to ever let me go. " Ana confessed, setting the picture aside and curling up in Christian's embrace

"You smell lovely. " Christian commented, wrapping his arms tightly around her

"Thank you Mr. Grey. "

"My pleasure. "

"Christian? " Ana said his name, nervously

"What is it baby? " Christian asked, knowing that tone of voice all too well

"Do you think that Jack is going to be found soon? "

"Yes Ana, I do believe that. Even if I have to find him myself. Stop worrying about it. "Christian told her, sitting up enough so that he could look at her "I know that you feel like everything is going to become disastrous, but I won't let it. I promise can you just have enough faith in me to make sure that you and my son are okay?"

"I didn't mean to imply that you couldn't take care of us, I know that you can I'm just afraid. " Ana admitted

"Can you just do me a favor and have a little faith? "

"Of course. " Ana spoke truthfully, she knew no matter what he'd always protect her.

"I love you. " Ana told him

"I love you too. Now, are you tired, is there anything I can get for you? "

"Yes. Make love to me Christian. " She said, and he was happy to oblige.