"We really suck at this, don't we?"

Fishing. They were going fishing. He and his father were going fishing.

"Fishing, Kurt."

"Yes, I know. You've said it a couple hundred times over the past few days."

"But... fishing!"

Kurt sighed, leaning back into the chair he was occupying in Blaine's kitchen. Diane was currently at the country club with her friends, and Nathan was at work, so Blaine had Kurt come over for a lunch date. They had only just begun eating their pasta when Blaine couldn't hold in his distaste for fishing any longer. Kurt was actually fairly surprised he had lasted that long.

"Blaine, why don't you just tell him you don't wanna go?"

"And break his just-now-mending heart? Who do you take me as?"


"No, Kurt. You didn't see his face when he came into my room to talk to me. He looked like he hated himself. I mean, sometimes I feel like he should feel bad for some of the stuff, but he's trying now. He's trying to fix it, and to do better. Yes, his first idea for bonding sucks, but I couldn't break his heart."

Kurt smiled fondly at Blaine, turning his head slightly to the side and sighing.

"What?" Blaine asked, looking confused.

"Nothing, nothing."

"O...kay. Why are you looking at me like that then?"

Kurt sighed again. "You're just so sweet and kind."

Blaine snorted. "You're insane. Eat your food."

"My boyfriend's the nicest, sweetest, cutest, and bestest son around."

"Stop, Kurt," Blaine whined, looking down at his food.

"And the shyest."

"Okay, that's it." Blaine reached over, picking up Kurt's plate of food. He began moving it toward him when Kurt grabbed it, eyebrows furrowing.

"What are you doing?"

"If you're not going to eat it, I will. It's amazing, if I do say so myself."

Kurt glared at him. "Take it and die," He said in a low tone, then he paused and added kindly, "Sweetie."

"There's the Kurt I know," Blaine replied, releasing Kurt's plate and letting them go back to their lunch.

"Wow. It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Blaine nodded. "It really is," He agreed, looking out at the lake. It truly was beautiful. Not just the lake, but the sky as well. It was a perfect day for fishing... Or, at least Blaine guessed it was. He didn't really know what good fishing weather looked like.

They found a good fishing spot and got settled. Blaine let his dad take the lead on everything, since he had no idea what he was doing.

"I bought some worms for us at the store yesterday," Nathan said, taking a container out of his bag and setting it between them. "Open it up and get one, I'll hook them."

Blaine took the container and opened it, then promptly yelled and threw it on the ground. "Oh my God!" He exclaimed.

Nathan jumped. "What! What is it? What happened?"

"They're alive!"

Nathan put a hand to his chest and took a few deep breaths. "I know that, Blaine. It says it on the container. Jesus, you scared me to death."

"I didn't read the container! I thought they'd be those neat looking, multi-colored things. Not... that."

"Well, now all of our that are getting away," Nathan replied as he put the poles he was holding over to the side and got up. He bent down beside the container and started to pick some of the worms up and place them back into the container.

"Good," Blaine replied. "Run, little worms. Be free!"

Nathan paused and looked up at Blaine, who was watching some of the worms wiggle away. He put the container back down, laying it sideways for the rest of the worms to get out. "How about we use fake bait?"

Blaine smiled. "That would be better. Do you have the-"

"Neat looking, multi-colored things? Yes, I do."


Nathan settled back down beside Blaine. He got out the fake bait and hooked each of their lines, then gave Blaine his pole.

"So, I just... toss it out there?" Blaine asked.

"Uh, yeah. Stand up first though."

Blaine stood and awkwardly threw his line out into the water, with Nathan following suit.

They were both silent for a moment before Blaine spoke, "Now what?"

"Now... we wait."

And they did wait. And wait. And wait.

Every time Blaine would feel a little nibble on his line, he'd hurry and jerk his pole back, bringing up absolutely nothing.

"It's okay. You'll get it," Nathan said after the fourth time it happened. "Just wait a little longer next time."

Blaine nodded, but the next time he felt the slightest nibble, he was jerking the pole back again.

Nathan hadn't gotten a bite at all, but after about two and a half hours of sitting and standing, he finally got something.

Both he and Blaine jumped up. Nathan began to lift his pole, and soon the fish was visible. However, the fish didn't seem to have a very good hold on the hook, and before Nathan could get it to him, it fell back into the water.

"Oh, thank God," Nathan said with a sigh of relief, letting out a deep breath as he sat back down.

Blaine's eyebrows furrowed. "What?" He questioned as he sat down beside his father.

Only then did Nathan seem to realize what he had said, "Oh, um, I just... I hate fishing. I don't know anything about it. I wasn't even sure I was doing this part right." Once he began making his confessions, he couldn't seem to stop. "These poles are just homemade chunks of wood that a friend made me a long time ago and I never used. I'm pretty sure most people use poles that actually have reels. I hate the thought of a hook sticking into a fish's mouth. I mean, that's gotta be painful, right? And when I picked out those worms, I apologized four times to them on the way home."

Blaine, who had been staring at his father with wide eyes since the beginning of the rant, turned his head toward the lake. He was silent for a minute, and Nathan was beginning to worry a little bit, then Blaine snorted. Soon he was bent over double laughing, clutching his stomach and trying to calm down.

Nathan wasn't exactly sure what he was laughing at, but seeing his son so happy made him happy, so he began laughing as well.

Once they finally began to calm down, Nathan wiped at his eyes. "We really suck at this, don't we?"

"Fishing? Yes. Dad, why would you ever think I'd want to go fishing?"

"Oh, God, I don't know. I just always heard co-workers talking about how they'd go fishing with their kids and it was so much fun and they had a great time, so I thought that might work for us."

"Dad, I like sports, or music, or eating. I like almost anything, really. I don't, however, like fishing. You want to know what I've been thinking this whole time? I don't understand why live bait is so dull looking, but fake bait is so colorful? Like, do the fish see color or not? And how does one truly experiment to see if they see color? Do they hold out something without color and something with color and see which the fish go to? What if those fish just really like the colorless thing? Or vice versa? Or what if they just don't give a crap?

"Also, I would snap my pole up on purpose. No way did I want to be responsible for hurting one of those little guys' mouths. I would be devastated. I was terrified this entire time that I'd get something."

Nathan took a deep breath and smiled. "How about we pack this up, then go get something to eat, then go to the dump and dispose of everything we own that is fishing related?"

"That actually sounds wonderful," Blaine replied, standing up so they could quickly get things done. "No seafood though."

They had a fantastic time at lunch, and even at the dump. They both made an easy promise that they would never go near the lake again. And they kept that promise... at least until late that night when Blaine realized someone else would find the worms and use them as bait themselves.

Once this registered with them, Blaine and Nathan quickly got dressed, leaving behind a confused Diane, to head back to the lake for what would be a mildly successful worm rescuing.

Yay! First drabbly-oneshot thing! For a while I was trying to think what I'd want to write for the first oneshot, then I stopped thinking about it and this all came randomly rushing into my head. I hope you enjoyed! I decided to changed up the little quote thing at the top and do a line from what would be in the chapter, rather than a quote from the past or future.

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