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"There you are. Ha! Bet you thought you could get away from me, didn't you?"

Kurt knew Blaine was sick. He also knew Blaine wasn't sick with something like the flu or strep throat. No, it couldn't be that simple. He had read on the Internet how one who had gotten a transplant could go through bouts of depression and, with how Blaine had suddenly stopped texting him, he guessed that was what was going on.

And yes, knew the Internet wasn't the best place to gather information, but it wasn't like he just went to Wikipedia. He went to multiple, reliable, Internet sources.

And now here he was, heading to the store before going to Blaine's place. It was odd, really. In the back of his mind he knew he should just let Blaine be; leave him alone until he was ready to see him again. But he couldn't do that. There was a much larger, nagging part of his brain telling him to screw that and go see his friend.

The moment he allowed that part of his brain to take over, he got in his car and drove to the store. Because somehow he knew that, if one thing could help make Blaine feel better, it was Pop-Tarts. Not just any Pop-Tarts though. It had to be the triple fudge kind.

Once Kurt found a parking spot, he quickly hopped out of his car and practically speed-walked into the store. He couldn't seem to slow his feet down. He just wanted to hurry and get to Blaine.

When he got into the store, he looked up at the descriptions for each row until he found one that said breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, sugar, flour, and cake mix. Also known as aisle number eight.

He walked to the aisle, almost running into an old, angry looking woman in his haste, then quickly apologized as he continued on his way.

The Pop-Tarts, thankfully, were one of the first items on the aisle, so he didn't have to go far once he was there.

He began scanning his eyes over the different kinds, looking for the triple fudge. Grape, chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, blueberry, iced strawberry, plain strawberry- he smiled a bit at the memory of those- cherry... Okay, where's the triple fudge?

Kurt heard someone clearing his throat and looked over to see another old, angry looking woman, armed with a cart, standing there staring at him, waiting for him to move so she could continue to the next aisle.

He moved out of her way, giving her a fake smile and mumbling a "sorry" while he thought about the fact that she was apparently incapable of politely saying "excuse me," instead of standing there and looking at him like he was the anti-Christ.

Once she was gone, and Kurt made sure there was no other angry, old women wanting to get by, he turned his attention back to the Pop-Tarts.

He looked over all of the different kinds again, and still didn't see any triple fudge. Now, if he was thinking clearly he might have just left and gone to a different store... But he wasn't and he didn't. He just wanted to get to Blaine, and he was determined to find the Pop-Tarts here!

So, leaving his dignity behind, he became one of those people that got down on their knees and searched for what they were wanting. One of those people who pushed other items aside and practically stuck their heads into the rack to get the exact item they were looking for. One of those "no, I will not simply buy the regular chicken noodle soup that's right in front of my face and instead I will risk my butt crack hanging out to grab the 50% less sodium kind that really isn't any healthier for me" people.

That thought made Kurt pause for a moment and reach back to make sure his shirt was still tucked in and his pants were completely covering his butt. Once he was assured that nothing was hanging out, he went back to his search.

No... No... Wrong... Oh, is this- nope... No... I'm really starting to hate strawberry... N-

"Can I help you?" A voice asked, bringing him out of his thoughts.

Kurt jumped slightly, then looked up to see a young girl, who obviously worked at the store, staring down at him.

"Oh, um... Do you have any triple fudge Pop-Tarts?"

The girl stared at him for a moment, then sighed, "Do you see any?" She said, and made it apparent to Kurt that it was simply her job to ask and she didn't actually want to help.

"Yes, I see tons, that's why I'm sitting on the ground digging through boxes," He replied sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes. "If you don't see them, we don't have them."

Kurt stood, "You're telling me you have thousands of boxes in the back, filled with tons of different foods, but you don't have any Pop-Tarts?"

"I'll go back and check," she replied so unenthusiastically that Kurt knew he wouldn't see her again.

"Uh-huh, you go do that."

She walked off and Kurt rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe people sometimes. He didn't let her take up his thoughts for very long; he had more important things to do. Like find triple fudge Pop-Tarts.

He got back down on the floor and, once again, began looking through the different flavors to find what he needed.

He was very close to giving up, which made him angry. He felt like he was letting the Pop-Tarts win- and, yes, he realized how stupid that sounded- but if they weren't there, they weren't there.

He was down to moving his last few boxes when suddenly, like a beautiful light at the end of a very dark tunnel, was one single box of Triple Fudge Pop-Tarts. They were hidden behind a box of strawberry ones, which Kurt quickly pushed away.

"There you are. Ha! Bet you thought you could get away from me, didn't you?" He said with a witch-like laugh as he picked up the box. He then realized he was talking to a box of Pop-Tarts and looked around to make sure no one was nearby.

He couldn't get rid of the happiness he felt in the pit of his stomach, though. It felt like such an accomplishment. He didn't care how stupid it was to be proud over a found box of Pop-Tarts. He just pictured Blaine getting them and eating them and just being happy.

He'd do anything if it made Blaine happy.

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