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Yup, people! This story is inspired by a manga called 'In The Chocolate' by Murata Mayu. I couldn't credit it when I first created this story because the one I'm reading is in Chinese version, paperback.

This story, only for most of the first chap, are based on the manga. The rest of it are different... There might be tiny bits of deva ju here and there but, u get the message. I wouldn't dare to (and never will) rip the whole storyline as my own... Heck, I'm still very guilty for using the starting for this fic! The quick summary of a girl escape her home at night for chocolate then met new friend, just sparked my idea of Xion doing the same for Ice Cream, then of course, have our beloved Roxas and Axel thrown into it.

I hope... this lessened any negativity for this story? I know it is wrong to take parts of other people's work, even just by the slightest, but the idea just came and I cant stop it... The temptation was huge! I always tried my best to credit my inspiration stories, I swear! I'm sorry, if this action of mine had disgusted you. I'M SO SORRY! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN! *banging head on floor, begging for ur forgivenesss*

Huh... I would not take any of ur reading time. I do hope u enjoy (or enjoyed for re-readers) the fic, despite knowing this, and do look the manga up. It's one good manga.

Urge for Ice Cream

Chapter 1: Night 1

It was a quiet summer night. No dogs barking, no cats fighting, no whispers from the wind. Nothing. Just plain silent enveloped the sleeping town. Well, there's nothing strange about this quietness. After all, it's already past midnight. Every people had retired back into their comfy, soft bed and now living in their sweet dream (or nightmares, for the unfortunate one). Well, almost everyone…

If you overlook the town at a high place, you can clearly see light escaped from one of the buildings' top window. And if you have a binocular, you could see a girl writing something on a piece of paper placed on the study table in front of her. The table lamp is the only light source in her room as she continued her scribbling.

The girl is Xion Fair. The daughter and only child of Zack Fair and Aerith Gainsborough/Fair. She has short midnight black hair, blue eyes and a pair of light pink lips. She wasn't considered as shy or anti-social, in fact, she likes to hang out (mostly window shopping) in shopping mall and play the skateboard. Just two things she need to hang out with girls or boys.

However, Xion doesn't have many friends. Just a small handful of girls and boys. That's it, because her dad is just so uber protective of her. No matter what her mother said, he just would not listen. And because her dad's job is as a high level police officer, a lot of students are scared to get close to her. If Sora, Riku, Hayner wasn't Kairi's, Namine's and Olette's boyfriend respectively (and Pence were friends with Hayner and Olette), she would have no male friends at all. And since those three couples always stick so close to their soul mate and Pence are busy with his IT studies, Xion doesn't have anyone to hang out together. She found herself in her room more often, sitting in front of her study table with some blank music sheet and starts making random music she has in mind. Her acoustic guitar is her only companion during this kind of situation.

Xion sighed and placed her ink pen down. The lyric of a new song was half-finished. She leaned back onto her chair and stared up to the ceiling. She was bored out of her mind, making music for four days straight is boring for her now, and she can hardly concentrate on the lyric on her table.

'I can't do this… Ice cream… I need them now.'

Another thing about this certain black-haired girl is that, she is an ice-creamholic, and she'll do anything to get one when she want it.

Xion opened her balcony door and walked out onto the balcony, but not before she wore her sneaker which is for the purpose just like this, sneaking out. Closing her balcony door silently, she climbed over the railing, and walked to where one of the pillars that support the balcony is. Grabbed the railing tightly, Xion squatted down and moved one of her legs down, trying to wrap around the pillar. When she succeeded, she did the same with her other leg then slowly climbed down.

If anyone knows about her sneaking out for ice cream almost every night, they might asked her why she didn't just buy a lot of ice cream and stored them in the fridge, so she can eat them without the need of sneaking out. Well, she knows that wouldn't be a really good idea as her parents would find out she had eaten yet another ice cream, number X in a row and grounded her from eating any more ice cream or something like that. Plus, whenever she sneaks out, she got to have some fresh air and a walk, something she really need after stayed in her room for too long. And a late night walk is her favorite. Quiet, cool and she's all alone, a time she found to be the best for her to think or relax after a harsh day from school.

Very quickly, Xion reached the ground soundlessly. 'Another job well done.' Xion thought to herself with joy. However, when she walked backward, she unexpectedly stepped on a twig, broke it in half with a loud, crystal clear 'CRUNCH'.

'I spoke too soon…' Xion swallowed the lump in her throat inaudibly before, as if on cue, a male voice exclaimed. "What in the world is that? ! I heard it! Sounds like a 'crunch'! I think it's from outside Xion's room! I must go check on her!"

Xion quickly parted her lips and meowed. "M-Meow~"

After a few seconds, and Xion with her fingers crossed, the same male voice said, "Oh. It's just a cat…" Another voice came quickly after that. "I told you it's nothing. Xion would have scream or come to us if something goes wrong, right? You're too overreacting, Zack."

"B-But, she's my little girl," Xion's father protested and his 17 years old 'little girl' sweat-dropped.

"She's my daughter as well, Zack. Don't worry. Xion can take care of herself. After all, Tifa did teach her some defense moves before."

"Y-You're right. Let go back to sleep."

Soon, the whole house went quiet again. Xion was able to let out a sigh of relief. Because the wall was quite thin, plus her dad's sensitive ears, he can hear almost anything. Good thing her mom was there to stop him from going to her room and Tifa… God, it's been a long time since she last saw Mrs. Strife. 'I wonder how Denzel and the baby are… I hope Tifa is doing well with him/her in her belly and hopefully Cloud didn't stay out too long. Leaving a pregnant wife waiting for him at the time of dawn is just so ungentlemanlike.'

After making sure her dad won't wake up anytime soon, Xion walked to the high wall that separated her from the main road, which she easily jumped then climbed onto it. Silently glad that she was wearing a pair of shorts and a baggy, comfy T-shirt, she leaped and landed soundlessly to the ground below her.

Tonight, would just be like all the previous night…



In front of her stood a teenage boy dressed overall in earth tone. He has spiky blonde hair, blue eyes like her own, lean yet nicely toned figure and he's just a head taller than her. 'He must be around my age…' Xion thought as she stared at him, surprised that someone other than her is also out at such a late time. 'This is the first time I meet someone else of my age at this kind of time… Ah… What am I thinking? That's none of my concern. Time for ice cream~'

Xion broke the eye contact then walked down the street at her right at a steady pace. She's sure the boy just now is following her, since there's a pair of footsteps behind her and the boy kept on asking her questions. "Hey, why did you climbed out from the house? Are you running away from home? But you didn't seem like that… With no bag and all… Did you use the wall because using the front gate would create noise? Well, that gate does look a bit rusty."

'He's basically questioning and answering himself…' Xion thought as she continued walking. The blonde boy continued his blabbering behind her, he would occasionally ask for her name and age in between his questions, but Xion stayed quiet. She didn't hate his 'companion'; she's just not used to someone else (she's glad his is a student instead of a man though) to approach her and just talked. She hasn't talked to any other students for days, let alone a male.

Not long later (but seems ages), they have arrived Xion's destination: The 24 hour convenient store.

The blonde speaks again. "Oh. You came out to buy stuffs? I always come to this store at night too."

'At night? How 'bout in the day?' The ravenette can't help but wonder.

"Hey~ Is anybody in there? Say something, so this whole thing won't look so strange. It's like I'm talking to myself or my imaginary friend or something…" The blonde said as he entered the store a minute after she did.

'Isn't that what you're doing from the start?' The corner of her lips curved a little by the teen's childishness.

Suddenly, the door of the store chimed and a tall spiky redhead man walked in. "Oh! I knew you would be here, Roxas. What's taking you? I've been waiting for you for so long."

The blonde, now known as Roxas, turned to his friend and said, "Oh. Sorry, Axel. Wait just a minute." He then turned and walked to where the black-haired girl is.

'Wait? God… I've been doing a lot of waiting today-I mean-night.' The tall redhead, Axel, thought to himself but soon left the store and wait for his friend outside like he was told.

"Hey, come on. Say something." Roxas urged again as he approached the girl, who's standing in front of the ice cream freezer, seems to be thinking which ice cream she should buy. "Buying ice cream? They are my favorite dessert!" He stated cheerfully.

Roxas stood beside her and scanned the freezer. With that kind of closeness, Xion couldn't help but relocated her eyes from the vast variety of ice cream onto the smiling face of the blonde. She had to admit, he's pretty handsome…

"There is it." The boy's word snapped Xion out of her mind, and a light blush started to form on her cheek. She just thought him handsome, and she just met him. 'Oh god…'

Roxas opened the freezer and took out three blue packets with only four azure coloured words printed on it.

Xion had noticed that ice cream before, but she has never tried one before. "Sea-Salt Ice Cream?"

Roxas looked to her then said, "Oh. So you do talk." He grinned then nodded. "This ice cream is awesome. I bet you would love them if you are an ice-creamholic such as myself." The blonde said then turned to pay for them. Xion blinked as she registered in his sentence. "W-Wait. What?"

The next thing she knew, Roxas had paid the three ice creams and turned back to her. "Come on, I treat you this ice cream for the night."

"T-That won't be necessary. I'll just buy my own." Xion declined the boy's generous offer. It wouldn't be nice to accept offer from stranger, even though she felt this Roxas boy isn't bad, she still felt uncertain with him.

Surprisingly, the friendly smile doesn't disappear from his face and got replaced by a disappointed frown. He kept smiling then spoke. "Too bad. I already bought your portion. Don't want the ice cream to go to waste now, do we?"

Xion hesitated for a while then suggested, "What if I pay you for it?"

Roxas snorted then replied, "No need for that. Think of it as a friendly gesture or a perhaps an apology for following you all the way from your home till here."

Xion thought about it for a while then finally accepted. "I'll think it as a unique way you used to greet a new person."

Roxas grinned at that statement. A unique way, huh? He actually likes how she thinks… "Suits yourself. Come on, let's eat it outside. My friend is there and I think he is sick of waiting for me."

Xion simply nodded then followed him out.

The relaxing night air caressed her face after she stepped out the air-conditioned convenient store. She slowly took in a deep breath. Ah… Nothing can beat natural cool fresh air… She's pretty sure her lungs are satisfied with the air she breathes.

Xion turned her head then looked at the blonde approached a tall spiky redhead man, then handed him one packet of ice cream. "Here, Axel. Sorry for the wait." She heard him said.

"Na~ Since you bought Sea-Salt Ice Cream, I forgive ya." The man, now Xion know his name is Axel, took the packet from the blonde and started to open it. The blue treat entered his mouth in the next minute. During that time, Xion inspected him. He is really tall, muscular yet lean figure, spiky fiery red hair that was styled (or it that naturally?) downwards that looked like porcupine's spines, small purple tattoos under his eyes that Xion was unable to identify the shape due to the distance and he wore a plain black sleeveless shirt, baggy faded beige trouser and dark red sneaker. He seems nice, despite the hairstyle and tattoos.

Roxas was opening another packet when the redhead noticed the ravenette standing there quietly, looking at them. "Hey, Rox. Do you know that girl who is staring at us?"

Roxas turned to where he was looking then smiled, "It's a new friend I met just now. Come here, don't worry, we won't bite."

"Ya. Cause we chew." That sentence halted Xion's action. A shocked look appeared on her face.

"Shut up, Axel! It's no time for game." Roxas scolded him.

"Okay okay~ Sorry. Just joking around. But, she's a shy one, eh?" Axel apologized then stated, this time made Xion blushed a light pink.

Roxas quickly dismissed the frown on his face then smiled back to the girl. "It's okay, really. We're not bad guys."

"Yup. We say no to drugs. But I say yes to alcohol. Especially beer!" The redhead exclaimed cheerfully, which earned him another scowl from his blonde friend. Xion couldn't help but felt a smile crept onto her face. These two guys in front of her are so different (one been kind and another been loud and humorous), yet they are such good friends. They reminded her of Sora and Riku. Maybe the saying isn't wrong after all, the differences bring the people closer, and the similarities tie the bond tighter.

Roxas let out a sigh then beckoned Xion towards them. "It's really okay. Axel just likes to joke around. Come on. The ice cream is going to melt soon."

Xion nodded then walked towards them. Roxas took the ice cream out from the packet then handed it to the raven haired girl, waiting for her to accept it. "Here, you go."

Xion gave the blue ice cream another look then finally took hold of the stick. While she's inspecting the ice cream beautiful icy blue colour, she didn't realize Roxas had taken out his ice cream and took a bite out of it.

When the blonde saw that she hasn't started eating her ice cream, he urged her on. "Go on. Try it. It's good, I promise."

Xion looked at him then nodded softly. Slowly, she brings the ice cream to her lips then took a smile bite of it at the tip. The moment the ice cream melted in her mouth, her eyes lit up. She…. She has never eaten any ice cream like this one before! "It's salty… But sweet." The words came out from between her lips, a faint scent of sea-salt along with it.

Roxas grinned wider. "Told ya you'll love it." He took a big bite of his ice cream after he finished talking.

Xion smiled faintly back then licked the ice cream; she would like to enjoy this ice cream longer. Suddenly, the boy spoke again.

"My name is Roxas. Roxas Ventego. 18 years old. Nice to meet you."

Next, the redhead introduced himself as well. "The name's Axel. Axel Feuer. 20. Got it memorized?"

Xion nodded silently to both of them and gave them a 'nice to meet you' like what Roxas did a moment ago.

"So, what's your name?" Roxas asked politely.

Xion hesitated. Should she answer him? They did give her their name and age. But should she give them hers? "Why do you want to know my name?"

Roxas blinked innocently then replied, "Well, nothing intentional. Just wanna make a new friend. We seldom see people around your age this late before. Well, except for those drunk, party crazed teens we saw sometimes…" The smile on his face appeared easily. He's just like Sora, so outgoing and cheerful. The only difference is that Roxas seems to be more matured than him.

Xion took another bite from her ice cream. Maybe… She'll just think it as another trade for the ice cream. "Xion." She said then turned around. "Xion Fair. 17." She finished then walked away, towards the way she came from.

"A-Ah! Where are you going? Home? Let me accompany you." Roxas called out to her.

"No need." Xion simply said, kept on walking without looking back.

The males looked at her retreating figure until she's no longer in view. Then, Axel finally asked, "Hey, Rox. Who is she?"

"An escapee."

"W-What? Man, Roxas, why do you always hang out with strange people?"

"Said the pyro, who keep hanging out with me."

"Exactly. You're our strange little friend!" Axel said with a grin.

Roxas smiled and took another bite of the blue, cold treat. "Anyway, she's an interesting one…"

Xion kept on walking, the ice cream had finished, but she still held the ice cream stick in her hand. The surprisingly smoothing scent of sea-salt still lingers on that little piece of wood. She knew the boy was right, she love this ice cream. And there's no doubt she will continue buying it.

That night was a totally different night, with a totally different ice cream… And it is so… … … The smiling face of the blonde she met just now appeared in her mind and another light blush appeared on her face.


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