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Urge for Ice Cream


Night 29 – After Midnight (Night 30)

The cool night air felt incredibly chilly at the highest part of town, and it was definitely much quieter and private too. Two people sat at the edge of the clock tower, their figure and shadow blended nicely in the dark; they were left unnoticed by any passerby way down below, yet again, none of them had a need to rise up their head.

A girl with short hair as dark as the night sky itself was nibbling at the tip of a blue coloured ice cream she held in her hand. The boy sat next to her has spiky blonde hair that seems to be defying the mighty gravity. He was eating an ice cream same as the girl's, but instead of nibbled at it, he eats it by small pieces, one after another.

Despite how dangerously high they were from the ground, none of them showed fear in the eyes. The two pairs of identical blue orbs are as calm as they can be.

Bandages and band-aids can be seen on almost every part of their body which wasn't covered by their clothing. A small first-aid box was placed beside the boy, as well as a small pack of ice which now had mostly melted into cold water. Those two items are one of the few things they purchased in a convenient store before their trip up to the clock tower.

The time the two teens spent on the clock tower was a once in a lifetime experience; the smiles on their face showed it all, despite the pain they felt when they were tending to each other's injuries.

"Hey, Xion. Would you mind telling me something?" The boy asked his companion.

"Well, that depends on what you're going to ask, Roxas." The girl –now known as Xion- replied.

Roxas finished the last piece of ice cream then questioned. "Tell me about what happened between you and Vanitas. I'm… curious." He tried to minimize down how jealous he was of Van in his voice. If Xion noticed it, she didn't say.

"It was… Back when I'm still 15, turning 16. It started out as a crush on him, since he was the popular bad boy in our school and well… He attracted me. One of my friends encouraged me to try to confess to him through note, letter, signs, anything. Sadly, I did. I told him I like him with a note in his locket." Xion stopped her tale when she heard soft chuckles from Roxas. "What's so funny?" The ravenette asked with a pout.

The blonde stopped laughing then said, "Sorry. But… It's just so… I don't know… old school perhaps? A love note in locker."

Xion blushed. "I-I know! But my friend said it would make me seem like a normal, girly and shy school girl, since I'm too tomboyish in her opinion. Anyway… I thought he wouldn't return my feelings, and it shocked me when he just barged into my class one day during lunch and said he accepted my 'adoration'. The relationship started there.

"It was sweet and loving at the early time of the relationship and after he graduated –he was a senior-, we only met up at night. I never told my parents about him, I knew they would oppose it since he was a bad boy. So I would sneak out at night to meet him; I always escape from my parents at that time of night. I believe when you described me as an 'escapee', you were right. Anyway, those nights were awesome with Vanitas, he made it so fun.

"Despite not been in the same school anymore, I felt our relationship is still working. But… During the early summer, things started to feel strange. Vanitas had rejected our meeting for the night for many times and he seems to be busier with his phone when we did meet up. I thought he was just texting a friend about school stuffs since college studies are hard. And how wrong I was…

"The summer almost ended when things finally got out of hand. Vanitas had once again rejected to see me, saying he needs to go to one of his friend's house for homework. I believed him that time. I have always love ice cream, but my craving for then actually started when Vanitas first rejected our nightly meeting. I just thought about eating something cold so that I didn't sneak out for nothing then I just got addicted to them one after another night of no meeting.

"So, that night, I sneaked out to get ice cream like the usual. I never thought I would meet him on the streets. He wasn't alone that time; he was with another girl, who looks a bit older than I am. Vanitas never mentioned he had a sister before, and by the look of how they hold each other hand gave me the answer: He freaking cheated on me.

"I attacked him in anger, yelling at him about he cheated on me and such. The worst thing is that he totally ignored me, calling me a freak and told me to go away. Then, I yelled at him, telling him to get lost, out of my life and I don't want to see him again. I ran home after that.

"I never met him anymore, even during the nighttime. The last thing I know about him is when my friend told me she heard he had moved away to Dark City. It was a good riddance, but I never thought he came back after a year…"

Roxas scooted closer to her as much as he can then wrap his arms warmly around her, nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck. He love to place his face there, he got to feel her steady, rhythmic heartbeats through her veins and also got to smell the amazing aroma of her hair. But, now wasn't the time to get lost in his paradise, he asked, "Why did he came back?"

Xion sighed, leaned closer to him before replying. "He said he wanted to see me. Then, he went messing around with me, saying I want to be with him again but I certainly am not. I kept telling him to go away, but his last few sentences made me freeze. That's when you showed up. And after you're gone, he said he wanted something and won't leave until he got them…" She gulped as shivers ran up her spine from the unpleasant memory. "Then he kissed me… On my lips, neck, shoulder… And his other hand… slid into my shir-"

"That's it! Stop, Xion. I don't want to hear it… I hate that situation happened. I hate it… I'm so sorry, Xion. I yelled at you without knowing your side of the story and… if only I came sooner…" Roxas said with hurt in his eyes. If only he came sooner… Xion won't have to go through all that stuff…

The blonde was snapped out of his state when he felt a pair of soft lips touched his lightly. "Xion…"

Xion smiled to him after she slightly pulled away. "No need to be sorry, Roxas. You came back, that mattered the most. You came back and saved me. Thank you… But, why did you come back? I thought you hate me after you knew I lied about you been my first boyfriend."

"I didn't go far. I kept on thinking about the situation and… us. When I heard you yell about you wanted to replace him with me, wanted me to be your special one, I just knew I can't leave you like that. I had a fight with my annoying 'demon side', but I won in the end. I'm not leaving you just because of some lies like that, especially when you lied to make both of us happy. When I reached the turn, I saw him pinned you to the wall. At that moment, I wanted to kill him so much… I knew I can't fight barehanded, so I ran to get that umbrella and trash bin cover then hit his damned head with it." Roxas explained, lifting the surprising light Xion onto his lap carefully, a journey down the clock tower is something he never wanted to experience in his life. And both Xion and himself were injured and in a slow process of healing, the bruises were aching dully and he didn't want to hurt Xion when he moved her.

"Really? I'm so glad to hear that." Xion said, clinging onto Roxas's arms that wrapped protectively around her.

Roxas kissed her on the top of her head then asked, "Xion, you said the nights with him was 'awesome' back then. How was the night being with me and Axel?"

"It was perfect. Absolutely perfect…"

Roxas tilted her head up then kissed her fully on the lips, showing her as much love as he can through the simple yet meaningful touch.

Xion smiled during the kiss and kissed back with mirrored love and affection.

It had been almost a month since the unlikely encounter of the blonde and ravenette. A friendship bonded from a certain ice cream. Love and fate that changed it to something more: A relationship of endless love. The relationship of perfectness that everyone seeks had come to them and it will never leave.

A month of summer is leaving, two more months to go, then the years to come. Surely, every day after this, would be perfect as long as Roxas and Axel are there with her.

Who knew her life would change so much, just because she was an 'escapee' and her urge for ice cream.

The End

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