It had been fifteen years since Eragon and Saphira had left Alagaesia, they had grown a lot, and taught four new riders in that time. But now they longed for a change, the longed to return, to see what had become of his friends, family and the home he loved.

'How log do you think it will be now?'

'Only an hour or so, until we get into Alagaesia, and it will be mid morning when we get to llirea'

'Good, then i will get a good sleep, wake me when we are getting close would you?'

'Of course little one.'



'we are nearly there'

Eragon woke with a start, eager to see what had become of llirea. He looked into the distance ahead and could just make out the tall spires pf the beautiful city. 'We're home! Get ready.' said Saphira joyously. And Eragon smiled as her happiness jumped across their mental link, an intense joy that he rarely felt from her. He continued to stare into the distance, until he could see the individual houses in the city. He knew it was wrong, but he realized that people could probably just make them out, so he had a look into some peoples minds, just to see what they were thinking.

'Is that...?'

'It can't be!'

' Its been, what, fifteen years?'

He smiled again as people started to turn around and recognize them, because they were never going to get in without a fuss. They were right on top of he city now as Saphira started to descend, and people were cheering and waving at them.

As they landed, thousands of people had gathered in the citadel and crowded around them cheering. 'This is definitely a good way to come back!' Said Eragon as he shook hands with people, trying to make his way to what he supposed was the main hall, though he wasn't going anywhere quickly.

After about half an hour of slowly making his way across the city, he finally got to the grand hall, and stepped inside, after being immediately recognized by the guards at the front.

He and Saphira slipped inside the hall, it was very grand, fitting for the capital city, and Nasuada's home. The hall was huge, it had layers and layers of seats, with columns running down the sides, heading towards the very back of the hall, a plinth with a long table running across it, and a grand chair sitting right in the middle. It had a beam of sunlight on it, coming from the roof where a great glass dome was, filling the whole room with light, and it was intensified on the grand chair.

'Eragon?!' He heard a woman's voice to the left of him. 'Is it true what they say? Is it really you?' He turned to his left and there stood in a long red silk dress was his ally, adviser and most importantly, his friend, Nasuada. She too had grown much in their time apart, she had matured, it looked to Eragon like her position suited her perfectly.

'Aye' was all he could reply to her question. And at that she ran to him and embraced him. They broke out in laughter, both not quite believing what was happening.

Eventually, she unwrapped her arms and took one of his hands, taking him to the chairs, she sat, and he did also.

'I don't really know where to begin!' she laughed. 'There are so many things i want to ask you, both of you.' nodding towards Saphira. 'Well firstly I guess, how are you?'

He smiled, ' Happy, happier than i have been in a long time, i do enjoy what we do outside of Alagaesia, but i wake each morning missing everyone so much, it is good i can see them again.' She smiled at him,

'Everyone misses you terribly also, every time they come here, they are reminded of you. Arya especially.' For a moment he felt saddened, he missed her also, and then he remembered he would get to see her soon.

' Enough of me, what about you?' he asked.

'I am perfect now you are here. It was the only thing missing, the land is united, peace reigns. Just as we always dreamed. I found a husband also, and we have a daughter.' Eragon was shocked at first to hear so much had happened, but of course, fifteen human years was no short span, it was only natural that she find herself a husband. 'How old is she?' he asked.

' twelve,' Nasuada replied


'I know, it seems like little has changed since you left, but that's not true to course, everything has changed' she said. 'But i know one person who has changed very little' she added, looking over Eragon's shoulder. He was confused at first, until he looked behind him and saw the one person he was most anxious to meet, Arya.

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