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"Jesus Christ!"

Loki glanced up from the paper he was grading and watched Tony pace almost manically in the private waiting room. He looked down to his right side to check on Sebastian, curled up on the chair next to him, still fast asleep. "Darling," he started in a soft voice, "I know you are incredibly impatient and it is frustrating to wait, but may I remind you that we have a sleeping child in the room."

Tony stopped, hands on hips, breath coming quickly enough to get his heart racing, but not enough that he was panting just yet. "How long did he take?" He jerked his chin forward.

Loki's lips curved and he twirled his red pen between his fingers, like a drummer twiddling with his drumsticks. "Thirty-six hours."

"Thirty-six—!" His arms flew up and he crossed the room, walking around the table in the middle of the room with kids' toys and coloring books on it, to pour himself yet another cup of coffee. "Loki, I can't stay in here another thirty-two hours." He drank deeply from the paper cup after hastily mixing in two packets of sugar. "Where is everyone anyway? We called them hours ago."

"Anthony, it is three o'clock in the morning. The only ones near us are Pepper, Happy, James, and Steve and Margaret. And the poor thing can't move very fast these days. Thor said they were on their way when we last called."

As if on cue, Thor came bursting into the room, taking up a lot of space in the small lounge, and carrying a bundle of pink blanket in his massive arms.

"Thank god!" Tony sprinted to him.

"Keep your voice down," Loki hissed, laying a palm to Sebastian's back when he whimpered and stirred. He rubbed slow circles against the sprouting boy's back until he quieted again.

"No news yet, I take it?" Thor moved into the room, bypassing Tony, and setting the sleeping Katie down in the chair next to Sebastian.

"No. And Anthony's driving me mad."

"Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes is on his way in, Tony. He was driving in as we were walking into the hospital." Thor lowered to a chair, adjacent from Katie, and sat forward, his arms resting atop his elbows.

"Awesome," Tony sighed in relief.

Loki scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Anthony, go get something to eat or get some fresh air, would you?"

"Great idea, babe. Call me if something happens." And he was out the door.

"Where's Jane?" Loki questioned Thor once Tony left.

"On her way in; she wanted to change Erik before she came in here. Impatient, is he?"

"As with everything," Loki muttered, sitting back and picking up his red pen again. The brothers both looked up as Matt and Jane, carrying Erik on her hip, entered the room. Jane urged Matt to sit next to his father and moved to give Loki a kiss hello. "Hello, darling."


"Not yet. Hello, Erik," Loki said, poking a finger to the toddler's belly. He laughed and hid his face in his mother's hair.

"Say hi," she urged him. He shook his head and burrowed deeper. "Oh, be that way. Here, take him. I need something to drink." She handed him off to Thor and went for the coffee, as Tony had.

In the next few minutes, the room flooded with people. Pepper and Happy arrived together, as the chauffeur had offered to pick her up and bring her in; Steve and Peggy arrived with their brood and immediately settled in the corner opposite the one Thor's family had settled in. Loki decided to put his papers away and lifted Sebastian onto his lap when all the bustle of people entering the room and greeting each other and the different voices woke him up again. Tony returned, without Rhodey, and he was much calmer and became very excited when he saw that Sebastian was awake, if a little disoriented. Sebastian went willingly to him and Loki took the opportunity to stretch and Tony took his vacated chair.

Loki moved to the table with the coffee, tea, and water, and filled himself a cup of hot water and dropped in a teabag. He tossed the used teabag into the water and paused, staring at his left hand—at the wedding band on his finger. Even after nearly ten months, sometimes it still took Loki by surprise that he was actually married to the one love of his life.

He turned, facing the room, leaning back against the drinks table, and his heart very nearly swelled at the sight of his husband and their son, huddled together over a Starkpad, probably playing one of the many games Tony had downloaded for them both to play. Loki's eyes moved around the room, filled with almost all of the people he called family.

Steve and Peggy were cuddled together, her head on his shoulder, their hands laced, the bump of their soon-to-be-fourth child just barely visible in her flowy dress. Their youngest, Sophia, was curled up next to Peggy, her head of brown curls resting in her mother's lap; their middle girl, Michelle, stretched out, propped up against Steve's side with her legs resting across her older brother JB's lap, both of them nodding off here and there.

Pepper stood away from everyone, near the door, Happy at her side. Loki grinned, wondering if she knew how crazy Happy was about her. He ached a little for her, at the way she watched Tony with their son, reminding her of what she could never have given him. Not long after Tony and Loki had returned from their honeymoon, he cornered Pepper and she finally confessed to him the meaning of her comment at the wedding. At one point during the time she was with Howard, she had thought she was pregnant. A visit to the doctor at once confirmed that she had in fact been pregnant, but that she had also lost the child, and would be unable to carry one to term if she were to conceive again. Loki was surprised to learn that he was the only one who knew, aside from her mother, and was again sworn to secrecy. However, after the ordeal with Thane, after his and Tony's wedding, he and she had become quite good friends. Pepper had actually turned out to be his closest ally when dealing with Tony at times, which Loki found only fair since Sebastian had Tony wrapped around his finger, making it difficult when it came to disciplining the rambunctious little boy.

Loki's eyes moved to Rhodey as he entered the room, gave a wave to everyone, and moved to sit next to his best friend. Sebastian, always exited to see his daddy's friend who flew jets for a living—or so he was told—jumped down from Tony's lap only to leap into Rhodey's arms. Tony laughed and put the Starkpad away.

A hand came to rest on Loki's shoulder and he turned to smile at Thor.

"Are you worried, brother?"

Loki grinned, but gave a shake of his head. "What have I to worry? She's done this before. Almost all of us in this room have done this before."

"How are the newlyweds faring?"

Loki beamed. "Wonderfully, thank you. We were going to take a trip for our one year anniversary, but…someone decided to join us a little early."

"You should plan one anyway. Mother can spend some time in the city and help Sif out."

"I can't ask her to do that. She'd have to shut down the shop for a week." Thor made a noise of agreement. "Is she enjoying the coast?"

Frigga had sold the big mansion in Richmond earlier that year and moved to Virginia Beach and opened an antique store to keep herself busy. She was closer to Thor and the grandkids and reveled in having a real job for the first time since before she was a married woman. Thor nodded and set about making a cup of coffee for himself. "She is. She is happier than I've seen her since father…"

Loki looked to his brother at the hesitation and grinned softly. "Are you all right?"

He nodded, his jaw clenching. "Where is she? Mother?"

Loki eyed Thor a little bit longer, wanting to comfort him further but knowing Thor would only close up even more. "She's in the room. She thought it was terrible of us leaving a pregnant woman to give birth alone, but Sif refused to let Anthony be in there and someone had to babysit him, so…"

Thor chuckled and turned around, mimicking Loki's stance against the table, and they both sipped from their drinks. "I still cannot believe Tony Stark is going to be a father."

"I think he'll be a wonderful father," Loki said before sipping his tea again, watching as Tony tickled Sebastian before pulling him into a tight hug. "Just because he is a scientist and deals in facts and formulas, does not mean he doesn't have the capability to be emotional and capable of caring for someone else."

"You've proved that already, haven't you?" Thor laid his palm over Loki's shoulder and shook him lightly. Loki only grinned and nudged his brother with his elbow. "Still…imagine a child of his intellect and her strength…?"

"Frightening, isn't it?" The brothers looked at each other and erupted into laughter, like the little boys they used to be.

"Babe." Loki looked at Tony and lifted his head in question. He was sitting alone now as Sebastian had run off to play with his cousins in the corner and Rhodey got up to talk with Pepper and Happy. "Come here."

Loki set down his cup and made his way to the chair Rhodey left. "Yes, darling?"

"We haven't figured out the name yet." Tony lifted his arm to wrap around Loki's shoulders and sat back in the chair, holding him close to his side. "But first tell me about Sebastian's name again."

Loki shifted so his back was against Tony's chest and wasn't strained, lacing his fingers with Tony's on both hands. From this position he could see Sebastian on the floor with Matty and JB playing with a handful of Hot Wheels. "I wanted to name him Sebastian, who was my favorite Shakespearean character, from Twelfth Night. Sif liked it and agreed. She gave him Daniel as middle name after her grandfather."

"What does Sebastian mean? Do you know?"

"Hmm, I believe it means revered."

"Do you have any ideas?"

"For a boy, yes, but I've not found anything I like for a girl."

Tony chuckled against him. "We should have thought of this sooner."

Loki sat up and turned to face Tony, resting his elbow on the back of the chair. "What about you? Any ideas?"

"A few." Tony reached up and ran a knuckle along Loki's jaw. "For a boy…I was thinking Johnny, Jack or Morgan."

Loki rolled his eyes. "Anthony, how dim-witted do you think I am?" Tony lifted his brows. "Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, and Captain Morgan, am I right? They're all names of liquors!"

Tony gasped and pressed a hand to his chest. "No shit?" He laughed at Loki's clearly un-amused expression. "They're still nice names. Or we could always go the junior route; Anthony Edward Stark, Jr."

Loki shook his head. "No. One Anthony is enough. But now I fear to ask what you may have in mind for a girl."

"Portia, Audi, Shelby, or Mercedes."

"Cars, Anthony?" Tony smiled wide and nodded avidly. Loki shook his head and leaned down again to rest his head on Tony's shoulder and the other rubbed a hand up and down his arm. "I was thinking for a girl we could name her Maria…after your mother."

Tony went still for a moment. "Oh…that's nice…maybe…" He moved his fingers up to Loki's hair, pulling it from the crook of his neck and letting it run through his fingers. "What about the boys' names you like?"

"Well…only one, really. I'm not sure how you would feel about it."


Loki hesitated for a moment. "If it's a boy I'd like to name him James…after Bucky."

"Hmm," Tony hummed. "Didn't Steve and Peggy name JB for him? James Buchanan."

"Yes, but they don't call him James."

"I got it," he exclaimed, sat up and cupped Loki's chin to pull him up. "Take James and Jackson and combine them."

"To make what?"

"Jameson." He smiled widely, giving Loki's chin a quick shake. Slowly, Loki's lips curved and he nodded. "This way you still get to name him after Bucky and I get to name him after my favorite Irish whiskey!"

"Oddly enough, I like it." Before they could continue the discussion of a girl's name, Sebastian came over, pushing himself into Loki's arms.

"Pappa, Matty took my car," he complained, turning his head to give his cousin a pouty look.

"Stop that," Loki reprimanded, taking the little boy's face by his cheek. "You both have to share and play nice. I didn't see you offering to let JB play with any of your cars."

"They're mine!" Sebastian reasoned.

"Bash, come on, dude. We had this talk already last week when your teacher said you wouldn't let the other kids in class play with the class toys. You gotta learn how to share."

"You don't share your toys, daddy."

Loki snickered, covering it with a cough when Tony gave him a look. "My toys are different, Bash. You know that. They're for work." Loki lifted Sebastian into his lap, wrapping his arms around the little boy.

Sebastian clucked his tongue and pouted. "Fine. What's taking so long?"

To get him in a better mood, Loki nuzzled Sebastian's cheek until the little boy giggled from the ticklish feeling. "The baby's not ready for us to meet him or her yet, love."

"But why?"

"That's just what babies do. You did it," he said, tapping a finger to Sebastian's nose. "We waited over a whole day for you to come and greet us."

"I was worth it though!"

"Shh…" Tony pressed a finger to Sebastian's lips and his green eyes grew wide. "We're in a hospital, kiddo. We gotta use our inside voices."

Sebastian waited for Tony to pull back his finger. "How much longer, daddy?"

Tony looked up, toward the entrance to the waiting room. "I don't know, hon. But I'm going to go out of my mind soon." He shoved his fingers through his hair and groaned. "How the hel—heck did you do this for thirty six hours?"

Loki grinned, and taking one of Tony's hands from his hair, lacing their fingers, and kissed the back of his husband's hand. "You will be fine. You have it easy. Remember, I spent those thirty-six hours with a very loud, very impatient woman who was hurling insults and expletives at me the entire time. That is, when she wasn't begging me to punch her in the face."

Tony's eyes went wide. "What?"

Loki laughed and cupped Tony's face. "She opted not to get the epidural so she was in a lot of pain. She wanted to be knocked out."

"Oh, Jesus," Tony mumbled before pressing his face into Loki's shoulder.

"Pappa, guess what?" Loki turned to look at Sebastian, lifting his brows. "I beat daddy at Spaced Invaders."

Tony shot up. "You did not!"

"Did too!" Sebastian protested. "I saw the numbers," he said with a sniff, turning up his nose, in a move very reminiscent of Loki.

"You can't even count that high, kiddo."

"All right, boys," Loki cut in, hugging Sebastian closer and patting Tony's knee. "You're both wonderful and pappa loves you both." Sebastian giggled and Tony pressed his lips to Loki's cheek before slyly moving his mouth to Loki's ear and whispering suggestively. Loki snickered and nudged him in the ribs. "Not in front of the boy, love."

Tony looked at Sebastian and smiled. "He didn't hear me."



The room's calm quiet was broken suddenly when Natasha ran in, Ana's hand in hers. "Did I miss it? Am I late? What's going on? What's happening?"

Loki handed Sebastian over to Tony and got to his feet. "Calm down, Natasha. You haven't missed anything." He took her hand and kissed her cheeks.

"Oh, thank god."

"Hello, princess," he said to Ana. She smiled up at him briefly but only had eyes for Sebastian.

"Go." Natasha released her hand and she ran straight to him, just as Tony set him on his feet. Together they moved to the small table with the toys. Natasha made a quick trip around the room, saying hello to everyone—even Pepper—before rejoining Loki.

"Where's Clint?" He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and led her to the seats next to Tony.

"Parking the car. And he had to get the baby out since I wanted to get in here, so…"

Clint walked in then, a carrier in his hand. He waved an encompassing hand to the room and crossed the room to set the carrier in front of Natasha. Loki stood and the men embraced for a moment before Clint turned to Tony and shook his hand before pulling him in for a hug.

"So?" He stepped back, hands on his hips. "What's the status?"

Loki busied himself lifting Natasha and Clint's six-month old son from the carrier. Tony shook his head. "We haven't heard yet. She's been in there awhile."

"Sebastian," Loki called. "Come say hello to your little cousin."

With Ana trailing behind him, Sebastian skipped over to peek at the little bundle in Loki's arms. He stood on his tiptoes to look at the baby boy. "He's sleeping."

"Yes, well, at this age babies don't do much else, love," Loki said, moving the blanket so his face was more visible.

"That's my brother," Ana piped up proudly, clasping her hands behind her and swaying from side to side, making her tutu skirt swish.

"What's his name?" Sebastian asked.

"Rowan Nicholas Barton. I picked it." She smiled at Sebastian and batted her dark blonde eyelashes. Natasha rolled her eyes a little, smiling, and shook her head.

"You are hopeless, child," she said before tugging on Ana's arm and holding her close.

"Hey, Ana, do you like being a big sister?" Tony asked. She nodded.

"Like it? She turned into Lady of the Manor overnight, bossing us around, telling us when to feed him and change him." Clint threw up his hands.

"I don't see how that's any different from before," Natasha said with a grin. Clint bumped her with his shoulder.

"Anthony, take him." Loki held the baby toward him.

"No. Not right now." He held up his hands and leaned away from the offering.

Loki sighed shortly. "You will have to get used to this. Take him." He pushed the tiny bundle toward him again. Tony leaned even further back. "Anthony. Take him."

"I can't." He snatched Sebastian up into his arms, making the little boy giggle hysterically. "My hands are full."

Loki smiled patiently. He reached out a hand and pulled Sebastian away from Tony, cradling Rowan in one arm. "Anthony, you are about to have a child of your own. And I will not be doing all the work. Look, he's bigger now than he was when you first saw him." He took Tony's hand and placed it under Rowan's capped head, maneuvering his little body until Tony held him in both arms.

"Ohh..." Tony murmured shakily. "…Shit…" he breathed out once Loki let go.

"Daddy said shit."

"Hey." Loki snapped his fingers and aimed one at Sebastian, who blushed and hunched his shoulders, and gave him a hard look.

"He said it first," he pointed out quietly.

"I care not. You do not say it at all." Loki couldn't keep the stern look on his face when Sebastian moved forward and cuddled up to his side, looking up at him with big green eyes and a big toothy smile. He wrapped his arm around him and turned back to Tony. "You're doing well, love."

He chuckled nervously. "Yeah…? It's not as bad as I—oh, god, what's he doing? What's he doing? What's he doing?!"

"Darling, relax." Loki soothed him, running a hand over his back. "He's only yawning. Look…" Rowan settled again, his mouth moving in his sleep.

"Okay. Take him. Take him back. I can't—this was long enough." Tony swung Rowan over toward Loki, like he was handing over an active bomb. Loki lifted his arm from around Sebastian and took Rowan from Tony, only to pass him to Natasha.

"You gonna do that with your own kid, Stark?" Clint asked quietly, running a finger over his boy's soft cheek as Natasha rocked him.

Tony sighed in relief once his arms were empty. "No, Barton," he answered petulantly. "It's different when it's your own kid."

Loki laughed then went quiet when Frigga entered the room. "Mother?" he rushed to her and Tony picked up Sebastian before doing the same.

Frigga was grinning from ear to ear. "Everything's fine, love." She took Loki by the arms and aimed her smile at Tony and Sebastian. "You have a son."

Loki let out a breathless laugh as, from beside him, Thor laid a hand on his arm and shook him roughly in congratulations. Tony stared at Frigga, immobile and slack-jawed.

"Six pounds, four ounces, eighteen inches long, and a full head of dark brunet hair." Claps and oohs and aahs were heard throughout the room. "Sif is doing wonderful, as well. Why don't you two come out to the hall with me?"

Loki's smile fell and Thor had to nudge Tony to take Sebastian from him. Loki told Sebastian to stay with Thor and behave before they followed Frigga into the hall and she pulled them as far away from the waiting room as she could. "I don't mean to worry you."

"Is something wrong?" Loki asked, reaching for Tony's hand.

"He was born a bit early, you realize. Mostly, he's fine, but he had a little trouble breathing when they got him out since one of his lungs is just a little on the smaller side. They're going to keep him overnight tonight and tomorrow night to monitor him and if he's fine through both nights with no complications, you'll be able to take him home."

Tony's face had slowly crumpled into a frown and he pressed it into Loki's arm. Loki slipped his arm around his waist and hugged him close, his other hand cupping the back of his head. "But otherwise, he's fine?"

Frigga nodded and held out an arm. "I can take you to see him."

"Come, darling. Let's go and see him." Tony shook his head. Loki sighed softly and looked at Frigga, motioning with his head for her to leave them be. Understanding, she nodded and disappeared around the corner. "Anthony?" He moved his hand to Tony's cheek and lifted his face. He frowned at the dampness at the corners of his eyes. "Anthony…why are you so upset?"

"'Cause there's something wrong with him," he mumbled, sniffling. "And, clearly, it's my fault."

Loki's brows came together and he rubbed his thumbs under Tony's eyes to wipe away the tears. "Why would you think it your fault?"

Tony scoffed. "Simple math, Loki. You plus Sif equals healthy baby. Sif plus me equals sick baby."

"Anthony, he's not sick; he's premature. There's a difference. He just arrived a little sooner than we had expected, that's all. It's completely normal. Babies are born early all the time." He lifted Tony's face again. "You are not at fault here, my love."

Tony swiped a hand under his nose. "Was Bash early?"

"Yes. By two weeks, so he was mostly developed. There's nothing wrong with the baby, darling. If he is even half as strong as you or Sif, he will be just fine."

"Stop trying to make me feel better." Tony slanted himself forward, making a happy mewling noise when Loki wrapped his arms around him. "Can we name him Jameson Anthony Stark?" he asked softly, tightening his fingers into Loki's sweater.

Loki smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. "Yes. Now…let's go meet Jameson." Loki nudged Tony to get him to straighten. He took his hand again and started leading him toward the viewing room to meet their son.

"Shouldn't we get Bash?"

"Let's see him first. Just you and me." He squeezed Tony's hand lightly. "It's a moment when you meet your child for the first time. I want you to enjoy it without any distractions."

Tony smiled at him. "What about Sif? I want to give her my present."

"We'll see her right after."

"You think she'll like it?"

Loki chuckled. "Are you joking? She'll love it. You're spoiling her, you know."

Tony laughed and tugged on Loki's hand, folding his arm behind him, keeping their joined hands together, so they could walk even closer together. "I'm not spoiling her. She just gave birth to our baby. A tiny little two bedroom apartment, with a custom-built kitchen for her to mess around in, is just a little token of my appreciation."

"Tiny? Her bathroom alone is the size of the tower's lounge."

"Have you talked to Bash yet, about where he wants to live?"

"No…not yet. I don't feel right asking him to choose between his parents."

"Loki, Sif's new place is two blocks away. In a few years he'll be able to walk over there by himself."

"Not in this lifetime. Here," Loki stopped at the end of a hall, spotting the wide window where the babies were placed in bins for families to see them. "Do you want a moment alone?"

"No," Tony said looking at him. "I don't want to do anything alone ever again, Loki—that I don't have to, anyway. Come…"

"Bash!" Jane's voice echoed through the hallway and footsteps sounded throughout. "Get back here, you sneaky little weasel!"

Loki dropped Tony's hand and headed back around the corner, bumping into a dark-haired ball of speed. And knocking him to the floor. "Sebastian."

He giggled and clambered to his feet. "Hi."

"What are you doing? You're supposed to be with Uncle Thor." Loki lowered to his knee and Jane came hurtling around the bend, skidding to a halt and panting heavily.

"Hey…there you are. Sorry. He snuck out when we weren't looking."

"It's fine, Jane. You can leave him with us." Loki stood and took Sebastian's hand.

"If you're sure…" Loki nodded and Jane made her way back to the waiting room.

Loki looked down at Sebastian. "You know better than to run out like that, young man." Sebastian dropped his head back to look up at his father.

"I wanted to be with you and daddy."

"Then come meet your brother," Tony called, beckoning them both over with a tilt of his head. Sebastian dropped Loki's hand and ran to Tony, laughing when Tony scooped him up. He settled the little boy on his hip then held out a hand to Loki. Loki stepped forward and let Tony tug him toward the window.

"Which one is he?" Sebastian asked leaning against the glass, pressing his nose to it.

"Get your face off of that, you silly boy. There, Anthony." Loki pointed at one of the bins.

Tony chuckled softly. "I see him." He had to blink quickly, forcing the tears that stung his eyes back. "You see him, Bash? Second row, third one over. Baby Boy Mortensen-Stark? Wow, that's a mouthful."

"We haven't filled out the birth certificate, that's all."

Sebastian looked at his dads and asked, "What's his name?"

Tony glanced at Loki and received a nod to go ahead. "His name is Jameson Anthony Stark, Bash."

Sebastian turned back to the window and waved. "Hi, Jameson!"

"He can't hear you, darling. Come here." Loki flapped his fingers at Sebastian and he leaned forward until Loki could take him in his arms. "Let's go see how your mother is doing."

"But I want to look at the baby," Sebastian protested. He pushed at Loki's shoulders so he could look him in the eye. "I'm a storebror now, pappa. It's my job to look out for him. Mamma said so."

"Did she?" Loki asked on a chuckled. "Du kommer til ågjøre en utmerket storebror, min kjære."

"I thought we agreed no more Norwegian," Tony complained lightly. "I don't like not knowing what you're saying. You could be calling me dirty names for all I know."

"I wouldn't do that, darling. Not with Sebastian in the room," he added with a smirk. "I only told him he was going to make an excellent big brother."

Tony grinned and pinched Sebastian's cheek. "The best." Sebastian lifted his chin and smiled cheekily, and it struck Tony how much he looked like Loki. He looked back at his newborn son and felt a nervous excitement at the idea of seeing himself in miniature form in the future.



"Sif. Are you coming?"

"Yeah…go ahead. I'll be there in a minute."

"Are you all right?"

Tony's smile couldn't get any bigger if he tried. "Yeah, I'm awesome." He curled a hand in Loki's sweater and pulled him down for a quick kiss.

"Eww…" Sebastian scrunched and made a choked noise in his throat as his fathers pulled apart. "That's gross. Kissing's gross."

"And how would you know?" Loki asked lightheartedly. Sebastian pressed a finger to his lips and giggled.

"I don't know…"

Tony laughed once at the same time Loki gasped. "He's so been kissed!" Tony shouted, pointing a finger at the blushing little boy.

"That sneaky little girl! It was Anastasia wasn't it?" Sebastian hid his face behind Loki's hair, his cheeks burning bright pink. "I didn't think I'd need to have this talk with him so soon, but I've clearly underestimated Anastasia Barton," Loki said to Tony.

"I think you mean Anastasia Stark. Or do you think she'll make him take her name? Sebastian Barton. Yikes."

Loki groaned and pressed a hand to his forehead. "I'm too young to be a father-in-law already." Tony chuckled and pushed them toward the hall.

"Go see Sif. I'll be there in a bit." Tony watched them go, chuckling quietly to himself as Loki continued to press Sebastian, asking when this happened and Sebastian only continued to laugh shyly and hide his face.

He turned to the window again and pressed a finger to the window, trying to get his son's attention. He pulled out his cell phone and took a few high quality pictures of little Jameson and sent them to everyone. He slipped it back in his pocket and just watched the baby as he lay in his bin, blinking and looking around like a lost soul. "Hey, baby…" Tony tapped his fingers against the window. In his head, he was making promises to the newborn, vowing to be a better father than Howard, to always make time for him and never leave him wondering if his fathers loved him.

"Daddy, come on! Mamma wants to see you!" Sebastian disappeared as quickly as he had appeared and made Tony smile.

He glanced one more time at the baby, and swore he looked right back at him and gave him a little smile. Tony had read through enough books—thirty–three of them to be exact—about babies to know he wasn't really smiling at him, but it warmed his heart anyway.

Tony pressed his fingers to his lips then the window and with a small smile curving his lips, he headed off to join the rest of his family.