It was a misty day, the sun hung low in sky and a baby's cry ripped through the frigid air of the morning.

"It's a boy! Bilmey Amelia! We're parents!" A man yelled.

"I'm not blind John, I see him.." Amelia said breathlessly.

"Malorn, that's his name! He'll be a great pirate!"

"If he lives that long, John.."

John looked out the window at the raging crew outside the door.

"Nah, he'll totally live." He said.

"Listen little Malorn, your Daddy is going to try and kill all the baddies outside. Wish your ol' man luck!" John said flashing a thumbs up at the new-born.

The baby laughed and grabbed his thumb. John pulled his thumb from his son's grip and grabbed his musket, "See you later, little Malorn" he said opening the door and taking off towards the crew.

"Don't worry Malorn; your father will be back." Amelia said stroking the baby's tuft of black hair.

A loud scream of pain rang through the air and Amelia's breath caught in her throat.

"JOHN!" She yelled.

Amelia quickly put Little Malorn down on the bed and covered him with blankets.

"Be good." She said.

A figure kicked down the door.

"Surrender now, captain." It said mockingly. Yet another scream rang through the air that morning.

-Five hours later-

"Your clawing its eye out Grimbold!"

"Oh shut up SharpClaw."

"You're hurting i- Great job! Now it's bleeding AND won't shut up!"

Two bears dressed in thick clothing stood over the newborn baby shouting insults at each other that weren't exactly appropriate for the baby's ears. Another bear approached and picked the baby up.

"It's quite the Flat-Face cub, I'll give it that." He said patting his head.

"Should we sacrifice it to the Gods, my king?" Said GrimBold

"Of course not, this Flat-face is just as much a gift as our own perished cubs. Now, who scratched his eye out?" The king asked.

Grimbold and Sharpclaw pointed at each other in unison and the king growled.

Grimbold winced and pointed at himself, "It was an accident my Lord."

The king fitted an eye patch to the baby's bleeding eye and smiled.

"I deem you adopted son of The King Of Grizzleheim." He said smiling and brushing the hair out of the baby's face.

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