So I really want to write an awesome Merle/OC fanfic. I hope you all like it

Whisper x


Merle's vision was hazy as he heard his name being called. His head and chest hurt, he was hungry and his stump was infected and numb. Numb from hurting so bad.

"Merle, oh my god what happened to you?" the voice said again. A woman spoke. He slowly managed to open his eyes fully, not able to focus right away, looking around and realising he was in a bed, a nurse over him. He looked to his side and saw her. The woman who had called his name. She was a brunette, he could see that with his fuzzy vision. As his eyes adjusted more and more he saw her more clearly. It was Lottie. Charlotte Anderson who had lived in his town.

Lottie was younger than him, younger then Daryl. She had moved to the town when she was seventeen. She moved alone and was looking to make friends. She looked old enough to get into the local pubs and bars, not that anyone cared enough and she quickly made friends with one of the locals. She wasn't looking for his kinda fun but after a few drinks, a few shots and a lot of dancing, Merle Dixon bedded her.

It had been her first time. She felt ashamed and Merle felt a complete prat. It was all very akward but after a few days she bumped into him at the bar again. Once again, they ended up at his small shack, fumbling with buttons and lace.

It became a regular thing. Who would of believed that Merle Dixon had a fuck buddy.

"Merle, your safe okay, a few of the guys found you passed out. They brought you back here, I help Dr Nichols here…guess it's a lucky day for us both huh?" she said with a smile.