Love in Brawl

Chapter 2: Fox Fight

Please note I do not own any other characters in this story other than Kevin.

Upon a cluttered desk Ludwig work with the frustration "No no no NO!" he shouted swiping all of his papers and books off his desk. The loose papers wafted in the still room as Ludwig slammed his head upon the desk. The eldest koopaling was trying to compose another great symhonies, but this one wasn't like the rest he wanted it to be special. He wanted this one to be solely for Violent. Every time he tried to write a note or a chord it never seem to fit with the way he felt "Darn this feeling of love it has screwed up my composing abilities. I won't give up that easily maybe a stroll around the halls will do me some solace from the writers block my love gives me," as Ludwig's words shot from his mouth his phone began to ding wildly. The composer searched frantically cursing under his breath of his childish outburst that had brought him difficulties in his search. Looking on the side of his desk the phone lit up again and Ludwig snatched it up seeing a text message "Hi Luddy! I was wondering if I could come over if that is okay?" the words brought joy to Ludwig's heart as he tapped frantically in response telling Violent to head on a light heart Ludwig leaps from his chair and out of his room. As he walked through the hall he told the servants that he was expecting a guest and he would be in the game room with his siblings. Taking the turns he pondered whether or not he should try and threatening the others into not embarrassing him, but he knew that would be futile maybe even cause more embarrassment than he wanted. Taking a deep breath he stopped in front of the game room's double doors and with a slight push the door open upon the scene. Most everyone was sitting in front of the television watching whatever was flipped through the mass of koopaling brawled over the remote for the television. Ludwig sighed and thought it be best not to disturb them watching them attack one another without blame is quite enjoyable. The only ones that weren't in the brawl was Roy, Wendy, and Junior. While Roy attacked his punching bag Junior was painting a crude design on Wendy's shell while she was painting her face. Then it happen the double doors opened and the snow owl was standing there with a gracious grin on her face. Violent wore a casual style today her violet hair tied back into a pony tail she wore a purple tank top with ripped skinny jeans. Waving lightly she saunters over to Ludwig, but before she could reach her boyfriend Roy step in with a sly smile he flexes a bicep "Hey sweet thang ditch the zero and get with the hero!" Ludwig slapped his face hard feeling the rush of embarrassment was now going to commence. Though Violent was taller than Roy she leaned down to his eye level and spoke with a sweet voice "For that to be true Roy, I haft to ditch you to get with Ludwig," with a smile and a wink she left Roy stunned. Turning to Ludwig she gave him a peck on the cheek "Hey sweet heart I need to use the rest room I will be back," Violent said and walked off. Ludwig smiled at Roy's bewilderment only to be interrupted by his father bursting through the door "Everybody into the throne room NOW!" He roar with such anger it made everyone jump. Ludwig raised a finger in protest "I don't care what you are about to say Ludwig either we go or you get thrown," Ludwig didn't bother challenging his fathers words he simply got up and left.

Kevin held his wrench smiling happily this was his first ever showdown and he knew what was going to happen "I will ask one more time," Fox's voice echoed through the intercom "Release the prisoners or I will fire!" Kevin felt the rush of adrenaline kicking in his heart started to race this was something he was itching for. While the months past Kevin began to learn the ins and outs of magic forming his own style Kevin had always wanted to try it out this was the perfect time. "I do not believe you have any authority here Fox McCloud I suggest you leave or I will," Kevin's muscles tense drawing the energy around him he only stop speaking because Fox was about to two charged their attacks, but Fox was the first to release. The bright green laser shot through Kevin the king showed no signs of pain he didn't even budge. "How can this be I hit him directly?" in Fox's confusion he didn't notice that Kevin was standing right above Fox the king's after image fooled the pilot easily. Kevin wielding his wrench high in the air he slams it hard on the glass canopy of the plane. Fox raised his arms above his head trying to protect himself from the raining shrapnel of glass on him. Kevin leans forward trying to slam his fist into Fox's face, but the fox was too crafty leaning back he watch Kevin fall into the cockpit and threw an uppercut into Kevin's belly. Kevin winced in pain as the punch struck him hard clutching for straws Kevin's hand lands on a lever "No don't pull that," Fox cried Kevin glanced down and smiled. Pulling the lever the canopy of the ship flew off knocking the weapon out of Kevin's hand. Kevin held on for dear life as the pilot's seat shot both Kevin and Fox high into the air. The air was rushing by the to as the seat shot skyward the two began their aerial assault on each other. Trading blows Fox was beginning to panic he was trapped in his seat with limited mobility and limited to add power to his strikes Fox knew he was going to be out before they hit the ground. The chair reached it's apex of it's ascent and now gravity was demanding them to come down, Kevin struggle to keep his grip he flew off the seat while they reach the top of their climb. Fox smiled wickedly he knew that this was his moment lifting his robotic leg Fox reared back and says "Sorry this ride only seats one!" planting his foot into Kevin's king flew off the flying chair he scowled as the parachute deploy and Fox mad a slow safe decent Looking around Kevin sees the wall becoming closer "Spiderman I could really use that one right now!" he said in mock hope with a mid air somersault Kevin plants his feet upon the wall and starts to slide down like a ninja. His smile went inward knowing he just saved his behind while looking cool.

Finally reaching the ground Fox begins to unlatch himself from the ejected seat tossing aside the straps that kept him secured Fox rises readying himself for the next assault. Kevin slid down the wall watching cautiously at his adversary fumbling around with his belt "Great! I couldn't get into a fight with someone that doesn't use a gun," As Kevin's feet touched the ground he rushes at the fox who was now pointing a blaster at Kevin. The red light filled the barrel and Kevin's eyes narrowed, but not in anger for the pilot's choice in weaponry instead Kevin spied his wrench on the ground. Kevin was closing in on his weapon and Fox fired the beam shot out and with amazing luck as Kevin ducked to reach his weapon the beam shot over his head singing his hair. Without losing speed Kevin kept his mad dash to his opponent and swung his mighty weapon at Fox. The two weapons clashed together, but only Kevin's weapon stayed in his hand. The the pistol slid across the ground Kevin reared back and was about to strike the pilot down when another explosion shook the castle. The two fighter looked towards the castle seeing a large glove flying off to the distance, but Kevin's heart sank as he saw what the odd glove was grasping "Bowser!"

Bowser rushed his kids into the throne room hoping none of them would try anything stupid or even question his motives he made sure all of them were accounted for taking in a deep breath he decided to tell them what was going on. "Alright you little brats listen up! We are being attacked I need all of you to stay here for your own safety do not! I repeat Do Not! leave this room until either me or Kevin come for you," the koopalings gasped they never thought they would get attack though they were always the ones attacking this was unfamiliar to them nodding in agreement they decided to heed their father's word, but Ludwig was increasingly worried. Bowser ran out before Ludwig could say that Violent was in the castle. As Bowser rushed through the main hall he saw Violent turning the corner with his massive size stopping came to nothing more than tripping over Violent. The two tumbled around on the floor Bowser was muttering apologies as he help the poor snow owl up. Then it happen the doors burst open the sight of a massive glove entered the palace "Master Hand?" Bowser said in confusion as the glove rushed at the king he was pushed backwards by Violent. Her efforts to try and keep the king did not come without a price the giant glove swooped her up and in his fist he began to shock her with a fury of black lightning. The screams filled Bowser's ears with terror knowing he couldn't be responsible for the demise of his eldest s son's girlfriend he drew in a deep breath "Let her GO!" He roared spouting a magnificent burst of fire that struck the glove. Master Hand felt the agonizing burn releasing Violent from his grasp he quickly flicks Bowser across the room. Bowser was sent flying skipping across the ground his sudden flight came to a sickening stop as his body slammed into a pillar. Almost as quickly as Bowser stop he felt the glove wrap around him and with a mighty squeeze Master Hand sent the same black lightning through the koopa king. Bowser laid limp in the glove's grasp and with a burst of speed the glove flew through the roof and off into the horizon.

Author's Note

Oh No! Bowser has been capture by the mighty Master Hand. Where was he taken and why?

Also you might have notice that I said Fox has robotic legs this is an actual fact all members have their legs amputated so that when in zero gravity combat the blood doesn't rush away from their heart and kill them instantly. It is just the super nerd thing that I know that makes me feel awesome! I hope you all enjoyed and please drop a review or message me a question I won't bite I might swing a wrench at you... Maybe..