DED: Danny, Ember, Danielle

A/N: Dani is not yet born. Takes place after PP. Danny isn't dead but does have his own realm, which is quite large. Lots OOC stuff for my characters. Sorry. Couldn't help it.

Ghost Zone. Mid afternoon

It's been two years since Danny saved the world from the Disaster-roid. As a gift, the Ghost Zone gave Danny his own realm that he could create for his tastes. And so he did. A three story 6 bedroom main house with a very large kitchen, living room and dining room. The basement to the house is split into a home theater and a training/battle arena with gravity settings. There's a large park, and beach, and 30 foot waterfall in the woods surrounding the mountains at the back of the realm. Cujo and Wulf also have their residences here as well. It's one of the few places where ghost's aren't allowed to fight but can come to find a place to relax and just spend to just get away. Besides, who really wants to fight someone who pretty much has an open realm, where ghosts can chill, and whose owner is growing into one of the most powerful ghosts ever?

Danny is in the training arena with Pandora and Frostbite. 2-1 combat. Seems unfair but with his clone, D1 , Danny can quickly made it even. After two hours of intense practice, it's a good time to call it an evening.

"Child, you're skills are quickly improving." Pandora, the Greek goddess, said breathless.

"Yes, Great One. You are becoming much stronger with your ice attacks. I loved how you made that sword too. You must teach me one day." Frostbite, 8 foot tall yeti with a see-thru ice arm, said smiling.

"Thank you Pandora. And one day I will Frostbite. After a good day's rest I'll come to the Far Frozen and we can spend the whole day making swords." Danny laughed. "Ow, it hurts to laugh."

After cleaning up, Pandora and Frostbite left for their homes thru doors that Danny linked to their realms. He had a door for Clockwork's tower as well. He would have one for Fenton Works but since he can teleport and the Fenton Portal is only a 30 minute flight away, he decided against it.

Danny walked outside his home and stretched. He could sense where Cujo and Wulf were. They were in the mountains doing whatever they do. Wulf somehow saw Cujo as a son and decided to keep an eye on him.

I'll check on them later.

There were several ghosts out today that were either in the park or by the beach. Danny left them to their business as long as they didn't try any funny business. Sparring was allowed but the moment it got real rough, they would have to stop or be expelled from the realm for a week.

He was about to walk back in he felt a ghost sitting by itself just on the edge of the park. Danny decided to go see what's up and he called up D1. His clones look like him in ghost form but instead of a DP symbol it was D and number on the chest. But in battle, it would be changed to the DP symbol.

"Yes boss?"

"I'm gonna go check out that lone ghost. A slice of pizza and lemonade please."

"You got it."

Danny walked off toward the lone ghost only to find the last ghost he'd expect sitting on a bench. He could see that there was a hand-shaped bruise on her neck and her hair was shorter than normal. Her clothes were torn. She looked a mess.



Better bring a couple more slices and an extra drink.

On it!


She didn't know where else to go. She had nowhere else to go. Her realm had HIM. He was waiting for her to return. She barely escaped and now here best friend and boyfriend were in danger. This was the only place she could find. Phantom's realm. Her enemy's home was now a place of retreat.