Ch. 2


The last thing she was expecting was to be found by the dipstick. The sound of his voice made her jump, slightly.

"What do you want dipstick?"

"I uh… wanted to see if you were alright. It's not often that a ghost sits in the same place for several hours straight here." It was the honest truth.

"Well I'm fine. So you can go now." She spat back. Danny knew better. Her cuts and bruises betrayed her lie.

"I'm sure your cuts and bruises say the same thing too, right?"


"You don't have to tell me what happened but at least let me heal you ok?" Danny felt D1 close in with the pizza and drinks. "Get you something to eat and drink."

Ember thought it over. The cuts on her hands where still stinging not to mention the rope burns on her wrists. She was hungry. Being on the run for the past couple of days takes a toll on someone after the hellish week she's been thru.

"Okay, but anything funny and I won't hesitate to fight you."

Danny wanted to counter that and tell her that she'll rick being expelled from the realm for a week and left to her own devices and to the mercy of whoever did that to her but he didn't. It wouldn't have been right.


He put Ember's left hand in his left hand, covered it with his right, and used his ice powers to heal her cuts and that nasty bruise on her wrist. He noticed just how small her hand was compared to his and how soft it was. He did the same to her right hand. He worked his way up her arms to her neck and that freak bruise but not before noticing her figure. He knew she was a looker, but man, you notice things you don't normally notice during a fight with ghost rocker chick.

His touch, to her, was amazing. It was soft, cool, and firm, even without the ice powers. Could a man really be this strong and be this gentle at the same time? Her sense went to work as she let Danny do his thing. She closed her eyes and took it in.

"Are you done yet?" She noticed that he stopped at her shoulders for a while, her eyes still closed, trying to process what her feelings were telling her.

"Huh? Oh, no. Not yet."

Ember: Good, keep going dipstick.

Danny signaled D1 over and took the tray with the pizza and the drinks from him and absorbed his clone.

"I have some pizza here, if you'd like."

"What topping?"



"You want me to work on this neck bruise?"


Danny placed his hands near her neck and reactivated his ice powers. Ember felt this and nearly choked on her slice. It felt like a surge of electricity went thru her body and he was doing was healing her.

After 30 seconds of working on the bruise, it started to fade and the pain in her neck was almost gone.

"Whoever did that you did a real doozy Ember. It's gonna take one more go at that in couple hours to finish that up."

"Couldn't you have done it without stopping?"

"Yes, but I wanted you to finish eating first." Danny took a sip of his lemonade.

"You're welcome to stay if you like."

Ember was taken aback by this.

"Excuse me?"

"You can spend the night here. You'll get a room, a warm bed, food, and a shower."

"What about clothes?"

"Nothing like what you have on" Danny stated noting the tears in her clothes, "but they will cover better and be more comfortable." Danny finished the lemonade and set it down.

"I'll let you think it over. The door's open. Don't worry about the tray. When you're done, knock twice on it and it will handle the rest." Danny smiled, got up and walked back to his home leaving Ember to her food.

Ember: Who does he think he is? If he thinks he can get me, he's got another thing coming.

Small Voice: Ember, do you really think he wants to use you?

E: Why not? He just came over and healed me. He wants something.

SV: Yeah, he wants you back to 100%. Besides you let him heal you.

E: It felt good too… No! He's my enemy. I can't stay here.

SV: Ok, then where will you go? You can't go to Kitty and Johnny's, he'll have that place scouted and you can't go back home, I'm he's still there. Take Danny up on his offer. He won't hurt you.

E: But…

SV: No 'buts' missy.

E: Well, he is pretty cute. And I could use a good shower.

SV: There ya go.

"Will you be friend?"

"Go away Klemper."


Main house 15 minutes later

Danny is sitting in his living room, reading and listening to his stereo when there was a knock on the door.


When Danny opened the door, he found Ember standing there.

"Uh… I guess I'd like to take a shower."

Danny smiled and led her upstairs to the second floor guest bathroom. He showed her the adjoining room and told her that the realm would supply her something to wear until her regular outfit was mended.

"I'll be downstairs if you need me."

After a good shower, Ember went downstairs wearing black basketball shorts and white t-shirt that hung off her figure. She heard singing coming from the kitchen. As she got closer, what she witnessed threw her for a loop.

Danny was in the kitchen, playing a Michael Jackson mix CD. He was dancing to 'Thriller' (the wii version) apparently without a care in the world while waiting for a pizza in the oven to finish. When he turned around, he blushed and paused the music before the Vincent Price rap began.

"So uh… how was your shower?"


"How uh… much… did you see?"

"I started watching after the 'masquerade' line." Ember had a slight smile on.

"Oh." Danny couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

"Don't stop. You looked like you were having fun. Don't mind me."

"Well I can't now 'cause I have an audience."

"Don't tell me the hero has stage fright, now." She teased.

"You have no idea."

Ember's realm

Skulker peered over his two tied hostages. He waited three days for Ember to come back for her friends so he can finish the work he started, his revenge. Since Ember broke up with him, it's all he wanted. You just don't break up with the Ghost Zone's top hunter without a death wish.

"It's been three days since you've been here. I've waited patiently, now tell me, where is Ember?"

"We don't know! Even if we did, we would never tell you" Kitty spat in his face.

Skulker cupped Kitty's face in his metal hand.

"Even if you did, you wouldn't here. In fact," Skulker let her go, "Why should I keep you here anyways? I could kill you both and go find her myself!" Skulker laughed and pressed a button on his wrist pad electrocuting both Kitty and Johnny using his modified ecto-rope causing them to scream bloody murder.

"AHAHAHA! Scream, weaklings, scream. It is so gratifying to a hunter."

Skulker pressed the button again and stopped the surging electricity. Their skin could be heard sizzling faintly. Unknown to Skulker, Penelope Spectra, was flying by when she heard the screams. She stopped and looked in on Ember's place and saw enough.

I know only one guy that could help.

Spectra took off flying the 8 hours it takes to get to Danny's realm.