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"And she loves me oh so much," Iggy said

"Ok we get it," Larry shouted "You love her

"Yes I do," Iggy said "And She loves me,"

"I'd love to me this girlfriend of yours," Ludwig said "She sounds almost as good as mine,"

"Not as good better than yours," Iggy said

"In your dreams," Ludwig shouted

"I gotta get going," Iggy said "My girlfriend's waiting for me,"

"Yeah, whatever," Larry said

Iggy left the castle to go pick up his girlfriend. While on his way he bought some heart-shaped chocolates and roses for her. He was half way there when his girlfriend called him.

"Iggy?" she said

"Britney, I know I'm late. I'll be there in 2 mins," Iggy said

"Um… yeah, I can't make it," Britney said

"Why not?"

"Um…I have this test to study for," Britney said

Iggy sighed and said "Ok,"

I'm make it up to you I swear," said Britney "Love you,"

"Love you too," Iggy said hanging up his phone

The next night Ludwig was getting ready to go on a date with his girlfriend. Iggy already went on that make up date his girlfriend promised him. He was about to leave the room when his phone started ringing


"Ludwig?" a female voice said.

"Hi cutie," Ludwig said " I was just leaving,"

"Ludwig, I can't make it," she said

"How come?" Ludwig asked

"Going to the movies with my parents," she said "Sorry,"

"Oh ok, No problem" Ludwig said "I have a song to finish anyways. Love you,"

There was no response. All Ludwig heard was the dial tone.

"Something's not right," Ludwig said to himself. "First Iggy's girlfriend cancels on him now mine did the exact same thing. Something's weird is going on

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