"I'm just saying, why bring your girlfriend here when you guys could go to the movies or to dinner or..."

"Listen Lemmy,Quit trying to make me change it cause I'm not going to," Ludwig said "She coming and that's that,"

"Great,just great," Lemmy said sarcassticly "What am I going to do?"

Just then Wendy walked in saying "Didn't you guys hear? Peach has an unknown disease,"

"Really?" Ludwig said

"Idea popping up!" Lemmy said to himself

Lemmy ran out of the castle and went towards Peach's castle.

"What's his problem?" Wendy asked

"I don't know," Ludwig said

When Lemmy got to Peach's castle he saw Mario, Luigi, Daisy and Yoshi outside.

"Lemmy Koopa!" Mario shouted "If you've come here to kidnap the princess, go ahead,"

"What?" Lemmy said

"She recking havok in that castle," Luigi said "Our only is if she leaves the castle,"

"Ok?"Lemmy said as he walked into the castle. Then he heard a loud AH-CHOO!

"Damn Toadstool," Lemmy said

"Lemmy, have you come here to laugh at me?" Peach asked

"Nope," Lemmy said "I've come here to be infected,"


"Listen it for a good cause," Lemmy said sticking out his hand "What are you waiting for, DO IT!"

"Uh...Lemmy, I don't think thats a good idea," Peach said

"Just sneeze," Lemmy said


Lemmy grabbed Peach and shouted" God damn it Toadstool, just sneeze on me,"

Without hesitation Peach sneezed on Lemmy's face

"Thank you," Lemmy said leaving the castle

"Crasy ass Koopaling," Peach said

"Let me guess, you got infected," Daisy said

"Yep," Lemmy said

"And your ok with that?" Yoshi asked

"Yes I am," Lemmy said running back to Bowser's castle

"Should we tell him the disease is life treatening?" Luigi asked

"Nah!" Mario said "I think its best we shut up,"

"Yeah Luigi," Daisy said "One less koopaling to worry about,"

Well that's Chapter 5 Hope you guys like it