Chapter one

Penny looked outside of her prison cell at the moon behind her. The only comfort she had recieved was from the light that touched her soft skin. She reached out to pull in onto her but only to grasp the cold, lonely air. The icy breeze chilled her making her feel numb. Her only thing keeping her warm right now was her jacket which provided little comfort to her. Gray ashy tears fell down the sides of her face as she cried into her hands.

Her nose touched the grey cuffs that had her chained but she wasnt fastened to the floor. She had been torned away from her family because of someone who she had grown up with and trusted all her life who soon betrayed her. Painful flashbacks of what she went through with him still echoed gravely in her very heart. She could hear the threats and smell the foul stench he had carried.

She looked to the picture in a locket that the love of her life had given her. Her hand shaking touched the small photograph in it.

" please...sam...hurry." she grunted. Her body began to spassum from all the painful shocks and fluids going through her. She screamed out loud in pain as her brain began to haze in and out. She fell to the floor with her hands right out in front of her. She felt her self gasping despartly as she tryed to force the oxygen back into her lungs. She coughed loudly and layed down on that stone cold floor in the moonlight. Her hand reached for the locket again as she fell into a coma-like sleep.

It was another beautiful day in pontypandy with the birds singing in the trees. Young penny morris woke up to those sounds and smiled quietly. Another day another year as a full member of the pontypandy fire brigade family. She smiled. She stepped outside and began her walk all the way from her house on the newtown road back torwards the fire station. The sun beat down warmly ontop of her soothing her tightened muscles from her long sleep.

Sam greeted her with a hug the minute she got inside. She looked past him.

" Elvis is late again isnt he?" She asked.

" hahaha yes and i was just on my way to pick him up." He laughed.

" well remember to hit him with the water hose?" She added teasingly as he left.

She sighed as she looked at her old fire tender. She knew that it needed some work considering that it hadnt of been starting nor working properly for the last few months. She got down on her dolley and scooted underneath it to work on it. The wires that controled all the mechanisms in the engine were frayed and damaged. Oil leaked down from the engine to her hand as she retracted it.

" well it looks like i may need to call shegra on this one." She observed pulling out her phone.

Her head suddenly began to hurt and so did her back. Painful memories that she had kept hidden all these years broke through their chains. She cried out and slipped down the side of Venus. She looked at the scars that were burned on her arm. I will never let you forget! Echoed the voice. She let her arm fall down to her side. She gazed at the wall for several moments.

" i have to tell sam sometime soon." She whispered. Maybe during his break?

She heard the fire engine pull in and two men getting out of it. She looked over the side of Venus and laughed silently at sam and elvis. Station officer steele came and tapped her on the shoulder.

" um penny can i talk to you for a minute?" He asked.

She nodded and followed him into his office. She sat down while he closed the door.

" now it's come to my understanding that you have had a rough past yes?" She nodded.

" well penny you can tell me."

She sighed and paused for a minute. " well it's kinda a long story sir."

He laughed gently. " dont worry we have all the time in the world."

" well it began along time ago."

Her flashback

See my dad was a very good man til the day my mom left him so he relied heavy on drugs and aclohol to get him through. He started getting very voilent and soon started to do domestic voilence.

I remember coming home and him beating me because i wasnt home on time.

" ow dad please stop!" She screamed.

Her dad lashed her again with the hot iron rod. " when are you ever going to start learning!" He screamed.

She squirmed away from him. " i told you my boyfriend took my out to the library and helped me with my homework." She sobbed.

He began laughing. " yeah thats right cry cry just like your mother did when she left!" He raised the rod up in the air again and hit her in the arm just as she got it out in front to protect herself with.

Her eyes were filled with tears. " i dont know why he would do such a thing! He...he had been my one and only family." She sobbed.

Station officer steele reached over his desk and hugged her. " so what happened to your boyfriend?"

" he...he found him and killed him. I know because when i got home he was laying on the floor dead. I never felt so empty inside." She whispered.

" i'm sorry it happened to you. But here i can guarantee your safety here." He smiled looking at her. " he will never reach you here not while i'm alive."

She nodded and wiped her tears. " thank you sir."

Sam walked in to find the two still in there. "Sir i was just wondering if i could take the rest of the afternoon off. My brother charlie and i are going fishing."

" haha go ahead sam. We have the station covered."

Shegra put the coals out in the burner. " there now i can finish packing for my trip." The young argentinan was planning on returning to her home country to celebrate the festival de sol. She smiled quietly to herself but growled when her phone rang loudly.

" black dragon smithry and crafts shegra acosta speaking." She greeted.

" why hello missss acosssta haaaave yooooou seeeen my daaaaaughter?" Asked the voice slurrly.

Shegra shook her head. " no sir i run a buisness not a day camp. And besides if your not going to buy anything dont call."

" stoooop meessssing aaabout and tell meeeee where she issss." It growled.

" sir i am telling you to get off the line please i am very busy and dont have time for crackheads like you." She snarled hanging up.

She muttered a spanish insult under her breathe and went back to getting ready. She made sure to clean the floor and the machines from all the coal and metal dust. She placed her equipment back onto the walls.

Penny knocked on the door to shegra's shop quietly. She waited for four minutes before the big metal door finally opened wide.

" ah penny glad you got me just in time i was just leaving." Said shegra as she turned to lock the door.

Penny laughed. " guess you can say that anyway ready for lunch?"

Shegra nodded. " sure oh and by the way i had a very interesting phone call"