alternate ending

sam layed on her chest to hear her gentle breathe but there was none. she layed in his arms quiet and silent just like the world around them. elvis bowed his head allowing a few tears to fall down his face. shegra threw her head back and howled long and sorrowfully. sam sobbed even harder.

"i made a vow a long time ago." he kissed her. " to protect you." he pulled out that small sliver blade he had held onto since they first met. " and now i broke that vow to you by letting you die in front of me."

charlie charged forward. "sam! what wait dont! i cant have you leave me not like this!" he begged. sam turned to him and smiled softly. "i must...i must regain the one thing i sought to protect." he raised the blade and closed his eyes.

a hand caught his wrist clenching it tightly. "dont." begged a voice. penny held it back away from him. "samuel dont you dare." his eyes were still closed. " samuel look at me!" she snapped. the blade fell out of his hands causing his eyes to gaze on her. his hand relaxed in hers. "samual dont you dare take your own life in front of me look at me!" she hugged him. she could feel his hands start to creep down her.

"i made a promise to protect you." he whispered again. he pushed her away from him. "penny please tell me that your still with me." he begged closing his eyes. all of his strength was leaving him. tears that were once tamed are now being released. "penny come..." he collasped from shock.

her mind was bursting with fustration. "sam i am here look at me i'm here!" she yelled.

shegra began to step up but the look in her eyes told her to leave them. shegra motioned for everyone to follow her away from them. penny held his head. "sam open your eyes!"

"why should i have to see? i have nothing there to see anymore."

"sam thats not true and you know that not open them!" she yelled. his glassy blue eyes looked at her. his hand brushed a strand of hair out of her vision. "i am here im alive sam. i am here."

"penny i saw you die you cant be."

penny sighed. "then let this prove to you that i am alive." she kissed him long and hard. his eyes widened as he grabbed ahold of her. he returned it softly. "i am here." she whispered again.

sam took her into his arms and craddled her back and forth. his head rested ontop of hers. "penny i see now. i can see and feel you." the cold wind blew around them. something hard hit the back of penny's hand when she rested hers down on his lap. "sam what was that?" she asked.

he reached down into his pocket and pulled out a small black box. he smiled before readjusting himself. he held her hand in his. " Penny from the moment i layed eyes on you and from the moment that i rescued you from that fire i knew you were the one." he laughed. "well i'mma fool but will you do me, a humble man, the honor of becoming my bride?"

penny giggled quietly. "yes sam i will."

he carried her across the frozen tundra to charlie's house where everyone was waiting. elvis took her out of his and carried her up the stairs to bronwyn's bedroom. "suppose i'd better get to work." muttered shegra.

sam followed her but was stop by james. "will penny and sarah be okay?" he asked.

sam knelt down to his height. "yes they are in very capable hands james. i'm sure your sis will recover from her fever." sam followed them up the stairs where penny was resting. her wounds had already been treated. "wow she works quick." he observed.

penny laughed. "yes she does but." she moved over for him to sit down. "question is what do we do now?"

"we have to move forward and leave what we have in the past. the past cannot cloud our minds no matter what. and as long as i know your with me i know that my future will be bright." he added.

he took her hand. " you are the thing that i will continue to fight for even when we are both dead."

she leaned in on him. "sam were you afraid when we were back there in the tunnels?" she asked.

sam sighed. "i was a little but the way i saw you fight i didnt feel so afraid i knew you could take yourself. but when you nearly died when the volcano exploded i freaked out and thought that if i took myself to you me and you would be together."

penny kissed him on the cheek. "well your here now. and me and you will be together forever."

the end.