Chapter 3: The Movies

Percy strolled around the apartment, kicking old clothes aside and just generally being rather grumpy. He was bored out of his mind, no camp until 8:00, (the time was 11:32 in

the morning) and had no plans for the day, unless if you count playing video games and wandering around. For about the 100th time, he got out his phone and scrolled through

his contacts, seeing if there was anyone he could go do something with. He hovered over Annabeth's number, and then pressed the call button. He pressed the cold phone

against his ear and listened to the droning sound of it ringing. Eventually, Annabeth did pick up, and about time to, Percy had nearly been sat there a whole 5 minutes!

Annabeth's soft voice came through the phone, making Percy feel as if a giant weight had been lifted of his shoulders. He quickly decided what he wanted to do, then asked her.

"Hey, you wanna go catch a movie or something? I've got nothing else to do until camp." Percy said into the phone. "Yea sure, you wanna come to me or I come to you?"

Annabeth replied. "Nah, I'll come to you, see you in about 10 minutes!" Percy then hung up and got changed into some suitable clothing, hoodie and jeans. He quickly shouted

to his mom he was going out for a bit, then opened the door and went down the stairs to the door that led outside. He walked through the busy streets quickly, squeezing

through mobs of bustling people on their way to things they had to do. He walked up the stairs of Annabeth's apartment building until he reached her flat. He rang the doorbell

and stood back. Annabeth opened the door, smiling. Percy couldn't help but smile back, as he locked hands with her and walked to the cinema. They chatted and laughed the

whole way, like they were in a world of their own. They decided what they wanted to watch then Percy paid for the tickets at the counter. They bought popcorn and drinks then

proceeded to the movie. Throughout the film they would occasionally hold hands or maybe share a quick passionate kiss. The film was about two people lost in the jungle,

though that sounds bad it was pretty good for 5 bucks each. After the film finished at 2:00, they went into a burger place and had lunch. Afterwards they took a walk in the

park, talking and laughing all the way. "Aww, Percy look at that racoon!" Annabeth would say. "Racoon? I thought that was a tortoise!" Percy would joke, making Annabeth

crack up. They then were forced to say their goodbyes until camp, and Percy couldn't wait.

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