"Love. The importance of it, the need for it, the sheer power of it cannot be overestimated. We are helpless without it, we are weaker, we are poorer… we are less.

Love is family, wherever we may find it, it is friendship and goodness. It is the root of kindness, to strangers… to brothers and sisters. It is hope, for a better future, for a fairer world.

Most importantly… love is the right of every soul, put upon this lonely earth… and yet it is a responsibility in the same turn… it is earned and fought for, it is won and it is inherent.

Love is a choice. It leaves no measure for selfishness, it has no leave for pride. Vengeance and retribution, jealousy and suspicion cannot face it, cannot exist in true love's presence. Choose love."







Klaus grasped the case of cigars he had left in order to stow away safely before the wedding guests happened upon them, a lame excuse known to his brothers, as he congratulated himself on his prowess in escaping the sedate party, celebrating his brother's final night of bachelorhood.

In truth, he had reached his limit. His time away from Caroline could never last any length of time at all, so much time had been lost, and there was no time to waste, there never would be again. As he smiled to himself, thinking of surprising her, he turned the corner and spotted his sister coming along the passage way, a reticule hanging from her wrist. She stopped in his path and crossed her arms over her chest as she narrowed her eyes at him playfully.

"Well, smile you might Nik, always so selfish… but you'll not spoil our fun tonight, more than Caroline can lay claim to a deck of cards" she said with a triumphant smile, swinging the pink satin reticule before his face.

"Why, my dearest sister, why anyone should try to spoil your fun, I confess I do not know… but I can hardly be to blame, when I have only just left the company of the groom to be and your husband."

"Aha, so… it is the little imp who bares the blame, I suppose I can hardly be surprised… she is much more irresistible than you, no offence meant brother"

A laugh broke out from the sitting room to their right, and Klaus stepped past his sister.

"I pray, I do not wish to be blamed by Katherine for stealing not one, but two card bearers, so, pray, go on" he said with a grin as he started up the nearby grand stair case, leaving his sister attempting to swat him with the bag of cards, before giving up and turning back to her waiting party.

He took the stairs two at a time, as always his step quickening in anticipation of seeing his ladies. He reached the top landing and started along it. Reaching the nursery, he quietly opened the door, and poked his head around the door. Empty. It was oddly deflating as he looked for a sign of his wife or daughter, yet there was no sign of either. He turned on his heel and started toward their bedroom. If he knew his daughter, there was no place she'd rather sleep than in her mother's old bed… than one. In her mother's current bed. He reached the door and gently turned the knob, hoping not to wake them as he entered the dark room quietly, finding the room surprisingly bright, the light of the moon washing the walls a ghostly white.

Next, time seemed to stop, and to flash past all at the same time. The empty bed, the sound of his daughter's tears falling, the rough grunt of the stranger's curse and the whimper from Caroline as the pistol pressed into her forehead, the cold click of the metal in the barrel.

It all rushed in on him, overwhelmed him all at once, almost brought him to his knees. To come so close to a life worth living, a life he had almost grasped, one which, for one shining moment had almost been within his reach. The most sickening thud in the silence that followed was Klaus's realisation that no matter how he fought, how he tried to be a better man, his past, his crimes, his regrets would always follow him, and hurt the ones he loved the most.

"Close the door… now… then get your hands up" the voice floated across the white washed space. He followed the instructions, disbelief lodged in his throat. He felt the door click quietly shut, sealing them from the rest of the house.

He slowly raised his hands, already thinking of what might be used a weapon, should the opportunity present itself.

"Now Mikaelson… unless you want to accelerate the evening festivities with your pretty little wife here" Klaus felt a fist clench his heart as his eyes, adjusting to the pale, silvery light from the window saw Caroline clench her jaw as the shadowed man caressed her palm neck, a column of marble in the moonlight.

"Who are you?" he finally brought himself to ask, his blood starting to rage in his ears, anger starting to build, fear, frustration… terror so bone deep, it almost struck him dumb.

"Who am I? I shouldn't have expected you to know, I suppose… tie him up" the man spat, his voice turning dangerously low as he threw a rope at Caroline's feet, stepping back, pistol still trained on her.

Caroline bit her tongue until the cooper of her fear stained her tongue, the torrent of words, the mad urge to dash for her daughter almost uncontrollable, she ground her teeth, and raised her chin defiantly.

"No" she said quietly, and turned her cheek, yet did not shrink back as the man raised a hand against her. He paused there, before slowly bringing his arm down, and running a rough finger down her cheek.

"What fire… I like that, I do… some men don't, but I quite enjoy… extinguishing it… yes, indeed" the man said, and Klaus moved forward, rage pulsing through him, until, suddenly lightening quick the man was sitting beside Ellie on the window seat, his arm gathering her in close. She whimpered in fear, and both her parents froze, their mouths stretched in protest.

"Now, where were we… tie him up… now… on that chair" he motioned to the rope, casually resting the pistol on his knee, the end facing Ellie, who was staring at them both, tears running down her ruddy cheeks.

Caroline, frozen in fear, stood rigid and trembling, unable to tear her eyes from her daughter.

"Caroline… sweetheart" Klaus called softly, waiting for her attention to shift to him, which is did, at length, her eyes carrying the image that had seared it's way across her soul with them.

"Caroline… do as he says" he said, coming slowly into the room, and waiting patiently as Caroline looked back to the man for permission. He nodded, smiling now, enjoying having them both obeying them.

"And make it good Caroline…" he added. Caroline felt as though her joints had been unhinged as she turned around and stumbled toward her husband. His face was white with tension and shock, his expression looking into her soul and reading its terror as he swept her face as she walked over to him. She stood before him, unsure of what to do. He slowly sat down on the chair set out, placing his hands on the chair arms, seeing the trembling of Caroline's' fingers as she gripped the rope.

"Here you are love, tie it at the wrist" he murmured softly, his heart shattering as her cloud of blonde curls brushed his face, its fragrance taking him to their time in the sunlit meadow of the afternoon.

He gulped as he felt her fingers scrambling to tie the knots, and pull them tight. She was so close, and so afraid, and all he wanted to do was to hold her, take away her pain, and make the world safe for her again, and yet, all he could do was watch

"Get over there, on the bed" the rough voice commanded, and Klaus felt his heart stop in that moment. There was a rustle of silk, as his wife sat gingerly on the edge of the bed, the pulse in her neck beating rapidly, her eyes looking feverishly about the room, and over to Ellie and he watched as the shadow stood from the window ledge.

"Who are you? I demand you tell me why you are doing this… what right have you?" Klaus shouted in anger, as the man stopped in front of him.

"Why, Lord MIkaelson, it upsets you doesn't it? Something out of your control? Of course, your entire life you have had everything…. Everything I should have had… everything father should have given to me… you weren't even his bastard, and yet - our lives were quite different" the man mused and his barely recognisable features suddenly fell into place. Klaus stared hard at him, the rain of his memory shrouding him, the misery of worry of Caroline and the baby, the memory of his father's blood on his hands, surprisingly hot and sticky, his sister's ashen face.

"You… the detective that worked my father's death… Vaughn"

"Our father's…" the man corrected, smiling then, a manic mask, so clownishly gleeful that Klaus felt his blood run cold.

"Nice to formally meet you, brother… I suppose I could call you that, though we don't actually share blood… we share family…I've waited a long time" he said, standing swiftly, whipping around and pointing the pistol at Caroline who had been working her way over to the door.

Reaching her in two long strides, he grabbed her by the chin, and spoke into her face,

"I thought I told you to wait on the bed… "as he finished, he pushed her backwards by her chin, and she fell back, landing heavily on the mattress, and Ellie let out a shrill scream at it, her sobs starting up again.

The next instant, he was atop of her, pinning her arms down.

"Now, Mikaelson, let me show you how it's done." He grunted, leaning his face in, as Klaus looked frantically to Ellie who was staring at the scene on the bed in horror, her little mouth working soundlessly.

"Ellie sweetheart…. ELLIE!" he shouted, and was relieved when she finally looked to him.

"My love, we are going to play a game, and mother is going to hide first… so you must close your eyes and count… as far as you can…." He said urgently, his eyes pleading with his daughter to accept his words, to play along.

"You don't want to break the rules, do you?" he cajoled, and saw her finally screw her eyes up and start to count loudly.

"Bitch!" he heard Vaugn shout, and the sound of a ringing slap reached him as Caroline managed to draw blood, and was punished for it. Klaus began to pull at his restraints, swearing as he felt the harsh knots remained ungiving.

"Stop! Unhand my mother… now!" Ellie had stood up, her little face red with exertion she was glaring at Vaughn, her hands in fists as she ran around to the side of the bed.

"Ellie, don't!" Klaus grunted, as he started to attempt to stand up and slam down on the chair, the reverberation humming through him as it refused to break. Ellie was climbing up on the side of the bed now, pulling at Vaughn's legs and coat, screaming all the while, her face turning redder by the moment, hiccuping with swallowed tears, her little arms and legs working furiously.

"Piss off, brat" Vaughn snarled, swatting backwards and brushing her attempts off. She landed on the floor, her breath knocked out, as she gasped her panic down.

Klaus stood, hobbled to the chair, his blood roaring in his ears as he took in the nightmarish scene. Every cell of his body urged him to act, to protect, but he didn't know how. He staggered over to the wall, turning his back and the chair toward it, and threw himself backwards, hitting it hard, feeling his bones and teeth rattle at the collision.

Caroline continued to avoid his reaching fingers, even as they wound into her hair, and wrenched her head this way and that, his stinking face on her neck and mouth. She felt almost completely detached from her body, her mind with her daughter, her senses full of her, her sobs, her difficulty breathing, her fear. Caroline could taste it, and it was choking her.

"That's better" Vaughn hissed, as she stopped struggling, the strength going out of her arms, the build-up of tension and stress that had been coiled in them since she'd found Ellie's empty bed, or perhaps before then, take over.

"Don't get any ideas about reassuring me, only to take me surprise, missy… won't happen…" Vaughn was breathing in her ears as she lay passively.

"I'm not going to hurt you" she whispered, so softly he almost didn't catch it.

"Oh, really? And why is that?"

"I don't have to" she said, as he leaned back finally and took in her face, her utter calmness, her sudden lack of fear.

"And why is that?" he asked, his husky voice matching her whisper.

"Because… She has me" the voice came from behind his shoulder, and he groped for the gun, forgotten in the bedclothes and his lust, his sudden overwhelming desire for a taste of the life he should have had, the life he had always wanted.

He lunged forward, going for her throat, but was too late, as he felt Klaus's arm swing round his head, and the rough bite of the rope on the skin of his throat. He was then falling backwards, his legs slipping out from under him, this knees hitting the floor hard, as he went down. Klaus stood behind him, his forearms taught with strength and a hardly contained rage. Vaughn registered Caroline slowly sitting up, her eyes burning brightly as she stared defiantly at him, holding her arms out for her daughter, who had climbed up the bed and fell into them.

Vaughn face turned a deep red, and then started to be tinged a faint purple. In front of Klaus's eyes, he could barely make out his wife on the bed, stroking Ellie's hair, could barely hear anything but the scream in his ears, one he hadn't heard since the battle shots were firing, and the men falling beside him, since he was running into that fire with emptiness in his heart, a man who had nothing to lose.

"Klaus…. Klaus! Stop… you're killing him" Caroline's voice called to him through that fog, lingered at the edge of his lucid mind, the part of him that had worked so hard to come back, to be a man again, to become a father, and a husband. She pulled at his arm, as Vaughn lost all control over his legs, and sagged ever further down. His grip barely weakened as she tugged at him.

"Klaus, don't do this… please" she was begging, her beautiful eyes too close, and too immediate to ignore.

"He deserves to die…. He hurt you, he tried to –" he choked on the words, his grip tightening, his mind counting, his mind that knew all too well the number of seconds needed to end a man, counted down another black mark on his soul.

"Daddy?" Ellie was called, her face reddening again, tears starting to fall as Vaughn started to make the ugliest noises.

"Caroline, remove her, both of you must leave… now" he said, his voice rough with the force he was exerting.

"No" the words was quiet, solemn, but its surety was final. He glanced to her then, and saw her, really saw her in that moment, as she went back to the edge of the bed and sat, gathering her daughter into her arms, they looked at him then, two blonde angels, asking him to answer for his wretched soul.

"Caroline, don't ask me for this… I cannot leave him unpunished" he said, and saw the resolve only harden in her eyes.

"Niklaus Mikaelson… I am not leaving, I shall not, If you wish to jeopardise our family, if you need your vengeance, your pride to be slated, above all else, then… I wish Ellie to know who her father is… that he is a man without mercy, and that ultimately, he loved violence and revenge, more than her" her words were a cold shower over his red hot anger, and he looked at her disbelievingly.

His hands loosened marginally as he stared, locked into a blue gaze of total honesty. She saw him for all he was, she knew the battle that raged in him, one that had been there since he could remember, calling for anger and violence, asking that the world validate his belief that nothing good may ever last for a man like him, a man that had only ever been a disappointment to those who loved him. He stared that truth in the eye, he saw himself, through her eyes, his wildness, his hunger, and the murder in his eyes.

He felt Vaughn take a breath and immediately tightened his grip once more, the man letting out a long gurgling sound.

"I cannot show mercy to this man… "

"Yes you can, you can choose to, you can choose to be better than him, better than your father… you can be a better man, the one you have always feared you couldn't be. Be him now, choose to be him… or lose him forever" she said softly.

"How… how could you forgive this?" he asked, letting out an incredulous laugh, as his hands loosened once more, and he saw her moving toward him, her pale dress flowing over the dark floor, long unbound hair raining over her shoulders, her slight hand touching him arm, stroked the strained muscles there as she looked up into his face, her heart so wide open, he felt as though he could drown in their encompassing blue depths.

"For no one is ever so lost, that they cannot be found."

He closed his eyes, as her words sank through him, and there they waited, in silence. Caroline finally asking him to prove that he had become a better man, Ellie watching her father, her hero, who seemed desperately sad, as did her mother, and waited to see what was right and what was wrong, in a night that had been filled with confusing and unpleasant games, that she just wished would end.

In that long moment, Klaus faced the ghost of the man he was, and realised that he was just that, a spectre, a shadow of a bitter and desperate soul who no longer lived, who only haunted this world in his memories. For, to be redeemed, to be worthy of her, something he now realised he had spent the majority of his years upon this earth attempting to achieve, was to be a better man, even when it cost him everything to do it.

Slowly, he let his grip loosen from the rope around Vaughn's neck, and the man fell forward, choking in small shallow breaths, through a bruised throat. He stepped back, stumbled almost, and felt Caroline's arm go around him, as Ellie jumped off the bed and instantly latched onto his leg, her hug as tight as a vice.

"Ellie, run and get your uncle Kol, Stefan and Damon." Caroline was saying as Klaus stared at the man rolling limply on the floor. He felt an indescribable lightening in his chest, like the flutter of a humming bird, fragile and feather light, it felt a lot like hope.











"If I may, I would like to make a toast, I promise decorum – Elijah, in earnest, I do not think our esteemed guests could take another display of dazzling wit after our dear brother Kol's heartfelt words." Klaus paused as the assembled party laughed, the chink of glasses, and soft sound of candles burning gently joined the sound of the crickets signing, from beyond the soft glow of the dinner, set outside, spectacularly next to the lake, which was glistening in the reflected glow of firelight and stars. He took a sip of water, and waited for quiet to continue.

"Love. The importance of it, the need for it, the sheer power of it cannot be overestimated. We are helpless without it, we are weaker, we are poorer… we are less.

Love is family, wherever we may find it, it is friendship and goodness. It is the root of kindness, to strangers… to brothers and sisters. It is hope, for a better future, for a fairer world.

Most importantly… love is the right of every soul, put upon this lonely earth… and yet it is a responsibility in the same turn… it is earned and fought for, it is won and it is inherent.

Love is a choice. It leaves no measure for selfishness, it has no leave for pride. Vengeance and retribution, jealousy and suspicion cannot face it, cannot exist in true love's presence." He paused then, and lifted his glass, the sparkling liquid glowing in the light and raised it, turning to his brother and his new wife.

"My advice to you, and it has been hard won, is to choose love, choose each other, tonight, and tomorrow, next week, and next year. Choose to love each other, above all else… everyday… and do not cease for anything in this world" he finished.

"I present this toast, to the bride and groom" he said, listening as his words were echoed, and glasses clinked.

Elijah watched his brother and knew that those were the words that he would remember him by, his brother, who had lost too much, and suffered too harshly, someone who had learned the truth of the words he gave them that night, a gift to carry him with them, all of them, always. Someone risen from the ashes, someone redeemed, and looking over at a glowing Katherine, he understood him completely.

"It's really quiet incredible, and yet so tremendously predictable… father having an illegitimate son" Rebekah said as her husband gently turned her around, their bodies occasionally straying away from the proper distance required for the dance.

"Where have they taken him?" Damon enquired, moving through then dance steps with ease, spying his brother and Elena dancing with Lexie and Jeremy off to the side, Stefan proving to be as poor a teacher as he was a participant.

"Just now he is residing in the local jail, however, the sheriff said that a doctor would be arriving to examine him shortly, he thinks he shows symptoms of illness, a brain fever he has seen before… likely contracted after he was sent to America" she trailed off.

"Lues" Damon enquired and she nodded, twirling under his arm.

"It certainly would explain a great deal, his fixation, his final breakdown… I suppose in a way, we ruined his life" Damon was saying when Rebekah shook her head sharply.

"No, our father ruined his life, by not acknowledging him, by letting pride and society stand in the way of doing the honourable thing, and providing at least for his family… we should leave the blame where it belongs" she muttered her heart strangely sad at the thought of the half-brother she would never know, despite all he had done.

"Indeed" Damon agreed, his eyes full of love for the strong, independent woman he had been most fortunate to win the heart of. He caught her eyes drifting over to the children at the edge of the dancing space, a wistful look in her eyes.

"Have you taken the preparation that Bonnie made for you?" he asked, feeling his awkwardness dispel as she fixed him with a smile, a small, secretive one, one made just for him. She nodded shyly, and he gripped her hand tighter.

"In that case, Lady Mikaelson, I suggest we retired, do you not feel a headache coming on?" he asked as they started toward the edge of the dance floor.

"Yes, quite, I must say I do… all this…erm… fresh air, it is really too invigorating.

"I'll say"

Katherine watched her father whisper something in her mother's ear, and how Mrs Pierce in a rare unguarded moment, let her head fall backwards in laughter.

"Will you still love me, when we are old and bored of each other?" she asked the man sitting to her right, and felt his hand instantly envelop her own.

"I cannot predict the future, I shall leave that Bonnie, however, I feel a fair amount of certainly that we shall never be bored, for you, Katherine my love, are anything but" he said, and she tore her eyes away from her parents dancing and turned to her new husband.

"They fight all the time, and manipulate each other, and withhold things, but… everything still works, somehow…" she said, gesturing to her parents.

"That is because their love for each other, and their love for you and your sisters, binds them… " he said, stroking a tendril of hair back that had fallen forward. She nodded a little, and turned and smiled at him.

"Katherine Mikaelson, I have loved you, from first I met you, with your outrageous laugh and your scandalous smile, and you optimistic heart, so naïve and so trusting. And I have waited for you, a lifetime, and I'd wait a lifetime more… for you are my world, soon to be home to three" he said, with the barest touch of her stomach. She smiled, a slow, lazy smile that spread across her mouth, her eyes glinting with her affection for the man before her.

"Should it not be I who should worry about boring you?" he asked teasingly as he took her hand on top of the table, his thumb caressing the back. She bit her lip to suppress the laughter the question invoked in her, settled for a shake of her head.


"I think that Ellie may be a resident in our bed, for a good long while to come." Caroline said to Elena as she watched Ellie following Jeremy around. Jeremey being a sensitive boy, waited for her, holding out his hand, and running with her after the fireflies in the garden.

"It's only natural, and completely understandable Caroline, though Ellie may surprise you children are remarkably resistant" Elena said.

"You may be right, and or her sake, I sincerely hope so"

"Anyway, most upsetting to Ellie would have been to see her father doing something… something she wouldn't ever forget… but, instead, he has remained her saviour, her knight in shining armour"

"Yes, I'd say the pure adulation and hero worship continues, unabashed" Caroline said with a reluctant smile.

"You know you need not stay, you must be quite exhausted, how you have managed through this day…"

"Katherine and Elijah have waited long enough, and anyway, I confess, it is though a great weight has been lifted. There is nothing waiting in the shadows, there is no one intending us harm" Caroline said, trying to describe the lightness inside her. She smiled instinctively at her friend as Bonnie joined them.

"Who would have thought our lives would turn out this way, it hardly seems real." Elena announcing, smiling at her sisters, her eyes lit with love.

"I think someone may…" Caroline, glancing at Bonnie, who merely shrugged.

"And I suppose you also know… about a certain proposal?" Caroline asked, satisfying Elena's curiosity. Bonnie merely smiled at her, before reaching into her reticule and pulling out a bag, and passing it to Caroline.

"What could it be? It is not my wedding day, do not let Katherine catch us…" she said as she pulled open the strings, and reached inside. Pulling out a garment, she stared at it a long moment, a baby's bonnet, in a pale soft blue wool. She stroked the material, her other hand drifting to her own abdomen, then looked up at her friend, the hope on her face clear, before pulling her into an embrace, her answering smile setting Caroline heart at ease.

"I am afraid to interrupt, but if I may, I believe a dance is needed, if you'd consent, my Lady" Klaus's voice pulled her around, and she found him standing before her, looking so very much like she had first glimpsed him in his formal best, standing above her, casually leaning on the balustrade of a grand ball room, a world away, and a lifetime ago.

She could remember the way his golden hair had caught the candle light, as he had raised his glass of champagne to her, the girl who had never been chosen first or noticed much, the girl without family or fortune.

She felt his hand slip into the crook of her arm, as it had so many times, as he led her to the dance floor. The band stuck up a waltz, and he gave her a formal bow, and offered her his hand, his blue eyes shining as she dropped into a slow curtsy, before stepping closer to him, feeling his hand draw her nearer still, settling on her lower back, as his full mouth quirked in his customary smirk.

He turned her, without words under the star light, and her mind couldn't help tracing their journey, skipping over all the steps that had brought them here, to be together, under and endless sky. A whirlwind of society parties, in a glittering London full of black carriages, silk dresses and moonlit mazes. The cool beauty of the English countryside, warm milk at midnight, and charcoal pages of pictures in the firelight. Her wedding, confetti colouring the street, and the way the light had filtered through the stained windows of the church, his hands gripping hers, the promise of his kiss. Westmere. The storm of the century, wet, windswept forests, Klaus's blood on the floor and the bitter taste of warm water boiled in a metal cauldron. His breeches scratchy on her bare legs, and his feverish skin as she had lain pressed against him, counting his heartbeats, the soft flicker of his breath against her fingers, meaning she wasn't alone. The darkness of being without him, and they night she had felt as though she had lost everything. Ellie. Light blossoming back into her life, the days suddenly taking on meaning again. A name on a death list in France, and then a glimpse of a hardened vagabond on fast departing docks, tearing her heart out. His devil horns gleaming back as he had danced with her, a soul returned to earth. Ellie pouring tea for her father, their blond heads bent in conspiracy at a children's table.

She spied Elijah dancing with Katherine, and smiled, thinking of how the years, taking their heavy toll, had changed them all so very much and yet, hardly at all. Yet, one person had changed, that she knew now, and would never doubt. The man before her had changed, he had become a man at peace with the beast within him, the devil in him, one all men carry, and some grapple with more than others. His beast, his devil, had been bestowed on him by a childhood of pain and suffering, by a tyrannical man whose cruelness and evil had left lasting legacy, the effect of which had been felt the previous night.

She felt him pull her closer, as though her thoughts were words to him, and she gently rested her forehead against his chin, propriety be damned. They danced on under that sky, surrounded by their family, bound together by more than blood. They had endured together, and suffered together, and now they laughed together and loved all the more. Tomorrow, she could not know, and yet, she knew she wouldn't be alone, that he would be by her side and it was enough.


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The reason for the interaction with Vaughn toward the end, is that I wanted Klaus to come full circle, to have learnt and grown from his past, for him to finally put Caroline and himself over his fears and blood lust, that devil on his shoulder.

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