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Author's Notes: This story was requested by 6747. This story will mostly be from Carl and Sophia's POV.

Story Notes: This is a 'coming of age' story of Sophia and Carl. It will start before the show and continue up to and beyond the current season. Sophia will not be turned and a few others will die, but not necessarily in the same way it was done in the show or in the comics.

Children of Destiny: By islashlove

Chapter 1: Enter, Carl Grimes.

Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes sat by his friend and partner, Shane Walsh, as the sheriff's car raced towards the local hospital. Rick's wife Lori was in there having their first child and he was in a rush to get there. By the time the two men arrived, the baby had been born and they were shown to Lori's room.

"Hi, there Rick," Lori said and then she caught sight of Shane, "and Shane, good to see you too."

"Lori," Shane answered as Rick made his way over to his wife.

Rick was too focused on his new born child, to notice the tension between the other two adults in the room. The sudden crying that filled the air brought Lori's attention back to her husband.

"Rick, met your son."

"A son, we have a son!"

"Yes, Rick," Lori laughed. "We have a son."

"Do you have a name for him?" Shane asked which reminded them that he was there, too.

"Yes, Shane, we had chosen a boy's and girl's name."

"Betty, for a girl, but since he's a boy, Shane, met our son, Carl," Lori said keeping eye contact with Shane.

"He's beautiful, Lori. Congratulations, Rick, You have a beautiful son."

The first seven years of Carl Grimes' life was a normal one. He went to school, watched TV and played with his friends. His mother adored him, his father protected him and his Uncle Shane watched over him.

It was just after his eighth birthday when his perfect life started to change. At first, it was small things. His dad had started working longer hours, his mum becoming more protective and his Uncle Shane was coming around more often. Then the fights started; only, to Carl, it was always one sided. It was only his mum doing the yelling and his dad, well…his dad, just sat there and took whatever his mum threw at him. Carl couldn't help but think that his dad was a coward.

Over the next few years, Carl watched his parents drift apart. His dad stayed away from the house as much as he could. But when he was at home, Carl watched as his dad tried to talk to his mum and he watched his mum push him away.

With his dad away so much, his mum had become even more protective of him and Carl slowly became a mummy's boy who allowed himself to be pushed around. After all, just about all his life he had watched his dad being pushed around by his mum and never once fought back or raised his voice in defence.

Then, by his twelfth birthday, Carl's family life had settled down. And with his dad always away, Carl became more and more withdrawn. So, when his mother was waiting for him to get out of school one day, Carl didn't think anything about it. But, he definitely wasn't ready to be told his dad had been shot in the line of duty.

Carl was devastated, but at least his dad was still alive. The weeks turned into mouths, then all of suddenly, they weren't allowed to visit. Carl wasn't allowed to go to school or play with his friends. All Carl was told by his mother was that there had been an 'incident' and everyone had to stay inside.

Then, one day Uncle Shane turned up in a panic. Carl tried to listen in while the grown-ups talked, but he only caught bits and pieces and then Shane was gone. So Carl bolted back upstairs to his room before his mother saw him.

Carl laid down on his bed trying to work out what the adults had been talking about, when his mother suddenly came barging in. Without a word, she started to pack clothing into a small back pack for him.

Carl kept on asking her what was going on, but his mum just kept on mumbling to herself that they needed to be ready to go as soon as Shane got back. But when Shane did get back, he and Lori got into a fight. The next thing Carl knew, his mum was loading him into Shane's car and they were heading out of the city.

He watched from the car window as the nearly empty streets went past. Suddenly, a man walked out in front of the car and Shane slammed on the brakes. Carl sneaked a peek around his mum to see the man. He looked sick, very sick, and his mum and Shane looked very worried.

Suddenly the man lunged at the car, making Carl and everyone else jump, but instead of getting out of the car, Shane speed off with the man holding onto the bonnet. As Shane turned a corner, the man slid off. Carl watched as the man rolled down the road coming to a stop in front of a group of people.

At first, no one moved. Not the group, not the man and no one in the car. But then, the man stood up, which caused a woman in the group to turn around. Carl could see that the woman, too, looked sick. As the two of them started to move towards the car, the rest of the group joined them.

Carl heard Shane curse under his breath and then he revved up the car, threw it into reverse and then took off. After some more encounters with a few more groups, they were out on the open road.

After about an hour later, Carl got up the courage to ask where they were going. His mum looked at Shane and then Shane explained that they were all going to Atlanta, where they should be safe, but the car become very quiet when Carl asked about his dad.

Shane told Carl that he was sorry, but his dad hadn't made it. That by the time he had gotten to the hospital, it was already overrun by the sick and there was nothing that he could do.

They all sat in the quiet as Shane drove along the highway. That was until they came across a traffic jam. Pulling up, Shane climbed out to find out what was happening. Lori and Carl also climbed out to stretch their legs. As they stood there watching out for Shane's return, another car pulled up. The man who was driving climbed out, swearing.

Carl noticed a woman sitting in the front seat, he also noticed, that she looked scared. Behind her, Carl could see a little girl who would have been about his age. She had a sweet face and a bob-style haircut.

Carl didn't know it yet, but this girl was going to become his best friend and down the road, she was going to mean a lot more to him than his own life did.

That this girl whom Carl suddenly had the urge to protect, was going to be his destiny.

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