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Pairing: Scott/Isaac - purely bromance though, guys.

About: Scott and Isaac deserve a drink.

8. Scott and Isaac are drunk part 1

Scott had decided that he deserved a drink. He had fought a evil alpha, a kanima, and helped take down an alpha pack. He defiantly deserved a drink. A shot of whiskey, or something, just so he could feel the burn of it going down his neck. He knew it took a lot to get him drunk - that ruled Stiles from being drinking his drinking buddy. Stiles didn't really know his own limits, let alone Scott's and Stiles knew everything you need to know about Scott. So that totally ruled out Stiles. Though Scott was very sad about that.

Boyd was the next one he could think of. But then Boyd was probably to busy sexing it up with Erica then to actually have a drink with Scott. So the big guy was ruled out as well. Scott was vastly running out of options - he didn't know what to do.

Jackson wasn't even a thought. Scott knew that the guy still had a vendetta against him, even if they were both in the same pack and that they fought together and everything. Jackson was still the same asshole from high school, still the same jackass he had always been. Stiles had fallen prey to his nice guy act, but Scott wasn't fooled. He could still see the evil glint in the guy's eye every time he looked at Scott, and then at his claws. But Scott wasn't scared - okay, he was a little, but this guy had bullied him since 3rd grade, you can not expect him to not be scared. So, Jackson was a no no.

Lydia and Erica were out - and he wasn't being a sexist or anything - but he wanted a man drinking buddy, someone who he can share his girl problems with. Allison. Oh, that was another reason why he should be drinking and having whiskey - Allison. His girlfriend who he shared a room with in the Hale house, the one that was an Argent while he was a werewolf.

So that left Isaac - Scott was even going to contemplate Derek because a) he was way to growly to be a 'buddy' and b) he is in love with Stiles' ass, and that would be so awkward for Scott. And he had ruled out Peter because, well, Peter was Peter and a raging psychopath, whatever Derek said in defence for his uncle.

So Isaac. Scott dialled the boy's number, and said boy answered on the third ring.

"Yo, Scott," Isaac's chirpy yet low voice sounded through the phone. "What's up?"

Scott cleared his throat. "Nothing, just wondering if you wanna come get a drink with me."

"Really?" Isaac's voice held surprise. "Why not Stiles?"

"Because Derek's probably - you know what? I'm not even gonna say it," Scott said. "I'll meet you at the bar in say...ten minutes?"

"Sure," Isaac replied. "See you soon."

Scott was now sure they were going to have a great time. Isaac didn't have girlfriend, and didn't have to rush home to look after a baby or anything. Well, Allison had to look after Scott, but that was different, all right? He wasn't as dumb as everyone actually said he was - well, he was, but you know...

He climbed into his car and sped off towards the bar. Isaac was already there when he arrived, and Isaac had already gotten him a beer. He was a very happy guy.

"Yo," Isaac said in greeting.

"What's your obsession with that word?" Scott asked.

Isaac shrugged. "It seems a cool word, you know." he nudged Scott with his elbow. "Shut up, all right? Drink."

Scott was now a little pissed. Not in the anger, 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' way, but in the 'Oh, look, there's pigs flying in the sky, oh wait that's stars' way. Isaac was too, and he blabbering on about Scott being his man. Something bromancey and something Scott had lost interest in quickly.

" is my man, you know?" Isaac slurred. "Ya know?"

Scott nodded. "I know, man, you is my man too, ya know? I woulda do anything for you."

"That's-" hiccup "-so nice. Fanks, Scooooottt!" Isaac said.

Scott's mind got an idea. Stiles! "We shoulda go see Stiles-" hiccup "-yeah, my man?"

"YEEAHH!" Isaac said. "To the-" hiccup "-batman mobile!" HICCUP!

"Noo, noo, no," Scott argued, drunkly reaching for his man's arm. "We gotta, ya know, surprise him-" hiccup "-so let's go!"

It was going to be a long night if they ever made it to Stiles'...

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