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December 24th 1989...

Harry Potter was a haunted boy. Not because of ghosts or anything. But because he often had the haunted look of loss in those emerald green eyes of his. It is often said that the eyes are the windows into one's soul. If this is true, than Harry Potter's soul has suffered greatly. After being left on the doorstep of his Aunt and Uncle, Vernon and Petunia Dursey. Harry Potter's life has been nothing but miserable. He has been constantly forced to do all the chores even though he was only seven. His cousin however, didn't have to lift a finger. Harry rarely got anything other than bread and water. He often went to sleep in his cupboard, yes the place where they made him sleep, hungry and depressed.

Harry liked to draw. It was one of the few things he didn't get punished for. He thought maybe the Durseys saw this as something normal and not weird. That changed however, when Petunia noticed one day that Harry had made several drawings of a girl in the park. This wouldn't have been to unusual, except for the fact that she was surrounded by blood and dead bodies. When questioned about the girl in the picture, Harry stated that he had a few dreams involving the girl.

Petunia had freaked and burned all of Harry's drawings and art supplies. This still didn't stop Harry though. He began to sneak crayons home from school and use it to draw pictures on the inside of his cupboard. He wasn't worried about his aunt or uncle finding them. They would never disgrace themselves by poking their heads in his bedroom.

Things changed one day however, as Harry made his way home from school.

Harry kicked a can off the sidewalk as he made his way towards home. 'Home, what home, the Dursey's hate me.' He mused.

Harry tried not to think about his relatives. He often wondered if the Dursey's would be happier if he just up and left. He glanced up and noticed that he was nearing the park soon. It was only a block from his number four.

Not really wanting to spend any more time with the Dursey's then he had to. He headed for the park. At least there, he could have some peace and quiet in order to study. This was another thing that the Dursey's tried to beat out of him. Since Harry discovered reading, he had fallen in love with it. The Dursey's saw his intelligence and quickly decided that is was part of his freakishness. He played dumb when they were around, alone however, he often delved into the world of fantasy to escape from the harsh world he lived in.

As he stepped onto the neatly, trimmed grass of the park, he noticed that there were no birds singing. It seemed strange to him, birds and squirls were usually all over the park this time of day.

He shrugged it off and stepped around a bush to head towards the swingsets. He paused in his tracks however, when he noticed a girl, about his age, sitting on one of the swings. She was swinging back and forth while singing some sort of song.

He watched her from the side of the bush, studying her in detail. She had long, flowing red hair. She had on a blue, summer dress. Harry couldn't quite make out her eyes, but they looked green like his from a distence.

Suddenly realizing that staring from the bushes might not be the best idea, Harry made his way towards the swingset.

As he approached, the girl looked up. He felt something churn in his stomach as a somewhat familiar emerald gaze met his own.

"Hello, would you like to swing with me?" The girl asked.

Harry smiled. "Sure, I'm Harry by the way. What's your name?" He asked.

"Lily." She beamed.

Harry slid into the swing next to her and kicked off. Soon the duo were laughing and chatting away like normal children. After what seemed like hours on the swingset. The duo found themselves sitting on a bench, chatting together.

"So, what's your favorite soda?" Lily asked.

"I'm not allowed to have soda. My aunt says 'Soda's for important little boys'." Harry said. While he did leave a few parts out of that statement. Manly the one where his aunt had said Soda was too good for a freak like him. He felt that Lily didn't need to know that.

Lily frowned. "Well that's no fun," She nibbled on her lip. "Well, what kind of books do you like to read?" She asked.

"I'm not allowed to read books at home.. but I do sneak into the library and read. Madam Lovell doesn't mind. She says a boy with my intelligence will go far in the world."

Once again Lily frowned. "Well, if you ever want to read in peace you're welcome to come and visit me at my home if you want," She paused for a moment, seeming to reflect on something. "I have to go home soon. Would you like to come to my house tomorrow and play?"

Harry nodded enthusiastically. Then, to his surprise, Lilly rushed forward and hugged him. Harry felt a warm sensation spread throughout his body. No one in his life had ever hugged him. This was a totally new sensation to him. Harry wrapped his arms around the girl and hugged her back.

The moment seemed to last forever before Lilly released him and stepped back.

"I'll see you tomorrow Harry." She waved and dashed into the bushes. Harry, momentarily surprised, sprinted after her. As he came through the bushes he got the shock of his life. The girl had vanished into thin air. He shook his head thinking maybe that he was just imagining things.

He decided that putting off the inevitable was only going to prolong his torture by the Durseys.

As Harry walked away, little did he notice a pair of emerald eyes watching him.

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Harry gave a deep sigh and stepped into the house of number four. He had barely taken a step before Dudley cliped him in the knee, causing him to stiffle the scream in his throat.

Vernon came around the corner and smiled at Harry. "Guess what your teacher told me today BOY!"

Harry gulped. This wasn't good, his uncle was too smug.

"Your teacher told called. At first I was confused. Why would a teacher be calling while on holiday. But then she began to praise about how we were raising such an intelligent little boy. Why, she said that you may even be able to skip ahead a grade at the rate your going."

Harry tried to back away, but his sore knee gave away causing him to collapse to his one good knee.

"You see boy, Dudley is the one that's important in this household. You're nothing but a good for nothing freak, If I had it my way, you would have been thrown into the garbage where you belong," Vernon kicked Harry in the ribs. Harry still wouldn't scream, he knew it would only cause the beating to become worse. "Now, I think we'll lock you in your cupboard for the remaining week. I think that will teach you not to corrupt the world with your freakishness."

Harry, on a rare occasion, spoke without thinking to his uncle. "But tomorrow's Chri..." He never got a chance to finish that statement as Vernon backhanded him.

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Later That Night...

Petunia woke with a start. She looked over to her husband and began to poke his large belly. "Vernon, there's someone in the house." She squeaked.

The fat man grumbled before rolling over and ignoring his wife. Petunia tried once more, but to no avail. She tried the phone, only to find out it was dead. She tried to poke Vernon again, only to realize that he was frozen. He was still breathing, but paralized.

She began to get out of bed when the door opened. Petunia looked up, ready to scream, only to freeze in total shock.

"Hello Petunia, it's been a long time." Lily said.

Petunia stared at the little red-headed girl. "It's not possible... you... you're dead!" Petunia shrieked. She began to back up towards the window. Her eyes darting around, looking for a way out.

"Oh, but it is very possible Petunia. For you see, I gave a lot to save Harry. I trusted the rat, what good that did me," Lily said bitterly before turning briefly to the side, her mind lost in thought for a second. But only for a second. Her emerald eyes once more focused on Petunia. "And then Dumbledore drops my one and only son off to you. YOU! The one who disowned me because I was different."

By now, Petunia's back was pressed against the wall. Lily stood calmly in front of her.

"What do you want?" Petunia said in a whisper.

"That will depend..." The red-head answered in response.

Despite her fear, Petunia looked down at Lily. "Depend on what?"

Lily was quiet for a moment before she spoke. "Did you ever physically beat my son?"

Her words stung like hot fire to Petunia. She shook her head, this had to be some strange dream. Her sister was dead. The image in front of her was long gone.

Her thoughts were cut short as her head was yanked down violently by her hair. Emerald eyes. Eyes that burned like green fire, bore into hers. "Answer me! Did you beat my son?"

Petunia didn't answer, she didn't have to. Lily, impatient with Pentunia's lack of response, dove into the womans mind. What she saw sickened her.

Petunia fell back agianst the wall and trembled. Her sobs could have been heard for miles. If it weren't for Lily's silencing charm.

"What are you going to do to me... to us?" Petunia sobbed.

Lily stared hard at the woman. "Nothing... Nothing because your time will come Petunia. It will come, and pray that when you are judged. You are spared the horrors of what I've seen," Lily looked at Vernon and flicked her wrist. The fat man rolled off the bed and hit the floor hard. She turned back to face Petunia. "You could have had a great life Petunia. Harry will grow to love and protect his family. When he becomes of age, he will inherit the Potter family trust. He will become one of the welthiest men in Britain. You threw that all away Petunia. And for what? To satisfy your fat husband and your disdain for me.? You sicken me."

Lily turned to leave, only for Petunia's voice to stop her. "Wait, how are you alive? Why are you a child?"

Lily looked at her sister. "Sometimes... the power of a mothers love can overcome even death itself." And with that, Lily left Privet Drive.


"Harry, are you ok?" A voice in the darkness said. Harry groaned, his head pounding.

As his vision began to brighten, he took in his surroundings. He was on a sofa, in front of a fireplace. The room looked as if it was fit for a king.

"Where am I?" He struggled to say. It was then he noticed Lily, who he had only met yesterday.

"You're someplace safe Harry. You won't ever have to go back to the Dursey's ever again." Lily smiled at Harry.

"But...What do you mean?" He struggled to understand.

"The Dursey's never saw how great you are Harry. But I do, I'm going to stick by your side no matter what."

Harry blinked at her. "But, I barely even know you. And where are we?" He asked.

"We are in one of your father's manors. It's been in the Potter family for generations. And as for who I am," She paused. She wanted to tell Harry the truth. But he wasn't ready for it yet. He wouldn't understand. "I'm your twin sister Harry. I was taken the night our parents were killed and raised to live abroad. But now I'm back to take care of you. And when our letter comes... we'll be ready for Hogwarts."

Harry blinked. "Hogwarts? Parent's killed... whahhh?" He asked confused.

Lily sighed. "Harry, There's a lot to explain. But, that can wait. For now, why don't we open our presents. It is Christmas after all." She beamed at him.

A/N: This idea came to me out of the blue. After being away from writing for a while. I found I struggled to get back into the flow with my other two stories. I often would pick up the pen, only to stare blankly at the page. This story seemed to write itself. While it is a Christmas themed story. I had thoughts of continuing it, possibly, all seven years. But I'm not sure. This is the first story in a long while I feel the energy from. So tell me what you all think :)