Chapter 2

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October 31st, 1981... Godric's Hollow.

"Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird. And..." Lily paused in her lulaby to Harry. She walked over towards the window with Harry in her arms.

A storm had been raging for the past two hours. A storm that Lily was sure, wasn't natural. Lily turned to Harry, a smile on her face. Her son was everything to her. A lot of things had been ruff the past couple of years, with Voldemort on the rise of course. So many of her friends have died. Even her parents were not spared the Dark Lords wrath. She still remembered beleving that they had been safely hidden, only to find that Voldemort had found and brutally murdered them. James was not so fortuante either. Both his parents were murdered as well. Though, the strangest thing did occur when she thought about James grandfather. Charles had held up inside his manson for nearly two days before the Dark Lord finally got through and murdered him. It was strange, because up until that point, no one had been able to stand toe to toe with Voldemort except Dumbledore. A knock on the door got her attention.

"Lily, is Harry having trouble sleeping?" James Potter asked as he poked his head in the door.

Lily smiled at James. If there was one certainty in life. It was the fact that James Potter loved his family.

Smiling Lily nodded. "I think it's the storm. It seems to really raining something fierce out there," Lily paused to lower Harry back into the crib. She tucked his favorite blanket over him. It was the image of a Dog and Stag playing together. Seeing that he was once again asleep, she turned to James. "Any word from Dumbledore on the Kiltucks? They had a son and daughter only a few years older than Harry."

"I'm afraid not," James said shaking his head. "The order has been quiet lately. I've got a bad feeling Lily," James pulled his wife into a hug. He kissed her head before lowering himself to her ear. "I want you to know Lily that no matter what. I love Harry and you. You two are my life. Without you, I don't know what I would do."

Lily tightened her arms around James. "Nothing's going to Happen James. He won't find us." She said, her voice breaking.

The sound of a Hammer striking steel caused the couple to jump apart. "Someone's triggered the wards." James shakingly said.

Without another word, James ran towards the door. He paused to look back at her. "Lily, If... If something happens. Take him and run." James turned and bolted through the door before she could reply.

She turned and flicked her wrist, causing her wand to slid from its holster into her hand. She quickly summoned a blanket and nappies for Harry.

"Twixy." She called. A moment later, a rather odd looking creature was standing in front of her.

"What can Twixy do for Mistress Lily?" The Elf asked with a bow.

"I need you to fortify the door with your magic." Lily said quickly.

Twixy looked horrified. "But.. But its not be enough to hold bad wizard misses."

Lily paused momentarily and looked at the elf. "I know Twixy. I just need to buy enough time to save Harry," She held up a hand to stop Twixy's protests. "There's not enough time. I can already feel Jame's magic leaving his body. We only have a minute at most. Once you're done, leave here and await for word on where Harry is taken."

The little Elf trembled. "Can Twixey not take baby Harry?." The elf asked. Lily shook her head. "I need to complete the spell first. Once I do, it will protect him from this monster." The little elf, with tears in her eyes, nodded and vanished with a pop.

Lily turned and placed the assembled nappies, blankes, and toys to the right of the crib. She pulled a knife from her back pocket. And, after taking a deep breath, sliced her hand open. She dabbed her fingers and began to draw five sets of runes on Harry's head.

A loud boom was heard as the door shook from the impact of magic. This caused Harry to wake. He began to scream. Lily quickly tried to sooth him but to no avail.

Another crack was heard and the door fell away. Lily turned to see a cloaked figure in black standing in the entrance.

"Stand aside foolish girl. I promised to spare your life for my servant. Lord Voldemort always keeps his word." Voldemort stated.

"Then you're going to have to break that promise." Lily fired a 'Reducto' at him only for him to merely swat it aside.

"I guess you're right. I will be breaking that promise. 'Avada Kedvra'"

As the green light speed towards her. Lily took one last look at her son, who was staring up at her curiously.

8888888888888888888888888888 888

The first thing Lily Potter felt was the sensation of drowning. As the world swam into clarity around her, she realized that she really was drowning. Everything around her was pitch black. She clawed upward, trying to find someway to break the darkness surrounding her.

Eventually, her hand broke through and she quickly pulled her head free. The first thing she did was take a large gulp of air, before coughing violently. It was some time before she was able to pull the rest of her body out of the hole she was in.

She lay there for several minutes, gasping and grimcing as spikes of pain coursed through her body.

She opened her eyes, only to close them again. She opened them again and stared at a tombstone with her name etched onto it.

"What...What?" She tried to say. She realized suddenly, that something was very different.

She looked down to notice that the clothes on her were several sizes to large. She grabbed her face in her hands and noticed that her face was small. Noticing a puddle off to the side, she crawled over to it. The full moon was high in the sky as she stared at her reflection. Or rather, her reflection of herself from when she was nine.

'How... how was this possible? What's going on? Where was her son?' Dozens of these thoughts rang through her head.

A strong gust of wind caught her attention as she turned to see something being etched into the mud by some unseen force. Only two words appeared.

'Find Harry'

Lily looked to the sky and nodded. She wasn't sure what was going on. But, she knew she needed to find Harry.

She walked over to a tombstone and sat down to think. 'What should she do first?'

She glanced down and realized that she really needed some new clothes. She jumped to her feet in realization.

That's it. She could go to the old manor house. The elves would surely help her in her search for Harry.

"Pixey, Twixey." She called out.

A soft pop revealed two elves standing before her, both dressed in brown coats with black trousers. "What can we do..." The one elf paused to look at her. "How is this possible? Mistress Lils be dead." The elf was starting to tear up. Lily realized she had to calm her quickly.

"I am Lily Twixey, but in a way I'm not. It's hard to explain. Please, if you can take me home I will try to figure it out... ok?" She asked.

Twixey nodded but Pixey was looking skeptical. "We will know if you's be telling the truth Mistress. The wards won't allow anyone not connected to a Potter by blood or Marriage to pass through the wards." Pixey said.

Pixey grabbed hold of Lily and with a pop. The three were gone. Unknown to them. After they left the graveyard. The grave Lily crawled out of refilled itself and was the same as it was before.

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The first thing Lily realized was that she had made it through the wards. They recognized her. The second thing she realized is that she hated almost all forms of wizarding travel. Once she hit solid floor, she was off in search of a bathroom to right herself.

Wiping her mouth, she returned to the den. "I hate Apparition no matter what the means." She mumbled.

She jumped slightly when Pixey appeared beside her with a pop. "Pixey has something for you. A dress of the finiest materials from China for you Misses." The elf said proudly.

Lily went to take the dress but the elf shook his head. "No, no Mistress. First we must clean you." Lily made to protest but Twixey had appeared and both elves marched her to the bathroom where a large hot, bubble bath awaited. The two elves proceeded to try and scrub her skin off. Thankfully, it didn't last very long. Soon she was standing in the den in her new red dress.

Pixey appeared with a tray and small table. The elf sat the table in front of a chair before setting the tray onto it. "We fix Mistress something to eat." The elf said. Lily nodded and was about to sit down when she suddenly got a strange feeling. "Pixey, can you bring me the Potter family tome?" She asked. The elf nodded and vanished with a pop.

Lily had begun to eat when a soft pop signaled Pixey's return. In his hands was very large tome. She pushed the table aside and sat the book down on the couch. She began searching through the pages. She wasn't sure what she was looking for, but as she searched, the uneasy feeling she felt was growing in intensity. Finally, she came across James being listed.

James Potter Married to Lily Evans Potter.

James and Lily Potter- Died October 31st, 1981.

Both Parents are survived by their children.

Harry James Potter and Lily Eve Potter.

Lily jumped back from the book so fast, the table and tray went sailing across the room. "How... how can this be?." She asked. 'What did this mean? How was this possible?'

The two elves stared at her strangely, before setting off to clean up the mess that she had made. Lily made her way back to the book. She looked down again at her name. It stated she had a daughter... no wait.. it stated that she was the daughter? She was so confused. The page suddenly turned to reveal four handprints. On each page there were a large one and a small one each. One was listed for James and Harry, the other, Lily and Lily. Lily, seeming of her own free will. First touched what should have been her own handprint. Nothing happened. She then moved her hand to the smaller handprint, which being the size of a toddlers, was a lot smaller then her hand. She touched the print with two fingers and it glowed.

'So... I'm the daughter? How is this possible? I know that I was married to James and had a son named Harry. I don't ever remember having a daughter.'

The pages began to turn violently before settling on a blank page. Lily gasped as writing began to appear.

Sometimes a mothers love is capable of great things.. use it wisely Lily, take care of Harry and yourself, show him happiness... show him love... stand by his side forever...

Lily looked up from the book. "WHO ARE YOU?" She yelled. Both elves came running into the room.

"Is Mistress Lily ok?" Pixey asked. She nodded. "Yes Pixey, I'm just a bit tired."

"Pixey will set up the master bedroom then for Mistress." The elf started to snap his fingers when Lily stopped him. "No Pixey, first we need to go get Harry."

Pixey nodded, but then hung his head low. "We's tried to find Master Harry... but haven't been able to. We asked Dumblesdore himself if he knew where Master Harry was, he said he didn't."

Lily tensed up. Dumbledore... he knew where her son was. 'But why would he put him with Petunia?' She asked herself. Then realization struck her.

"He's with my sister," She said aloud. She realized that the need to power her spell would have to rely on blood. And since she was dead... or.. well anyway. Harry would have to rely on being near her sister for the protection to work.

Lily also had a feeling that something awful was about to happen. "Pixey, what day is it?" She asked out of curiosity.

"It's December 24rd Madam, shall we set up the Christmas tree?" He asked.

She nodded. "Yes, buy presents for both Harry and myself. He will be here for Christmas," As the elf nodded she turned to Twixey. "I want you to take me to get Harry." Twixey nodded.

'I'm coming Harry, don't worry. I may not be sure of my exact realationship with you now... but I will still take care of you no matter what.'

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