What if everything you've ever known was merely a dream? The Cullen's lose the battle with the Volturi and all of them are killed, but instead of waking in hell as most of them predicted they awoke in various hospitals across the United States and the U.K as humans. Each one had experienced a traumatizing event that placed them in a coma, and throughout their time asleep they came up with the world of 'Twilight'. In reality, vampires, werewolves and shape shifters don't really exist, but the Cullen's, who have no recollection of their human lives, don't know a world without these fictional creatures. Now they must fight to find their old mates, and their old family, before the world of Twilight is lost forever.

In Collaboration with Audibug15, we bring you,

'My Shattered Reality'

Rating : T

Vampire/Human : Human

Canon/Non-Canon: Canon Couples, AU

Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer


I'd like to say I prepared myself for this moment, but I would be, to no surprise, lying. How can one prepare oneself for such a horrific sight as this? No bloody image, no mutilated body, could ever prepare me for what has happened today, though in reality I should have been ready. I should have been able to stomach seeing my parental figures burning beneath a pile of flames, for I had known it was coming all along, did I not? We knew this would happen, every single one of us, yet we still decided to fight, to protect those we love. I suppose I can at least say my mother and father died for a reason.

They died for each other, as did Alice and Jasper.

Once Carlisle was decapitated by Aro, Esme lost her will to fight. She was so traumatized, so stressed over the death of her husband, that she followed him into his fiery grave. Without a second thought she succumbed to death's call and allowed herself to burn away, just as her mate did.

When Jasper was killed, Alice went limp and permitted her own death by one of the Volturi's minions. She lost the will to continue on, for what is there to live for when one's love is lost forever? How can I, a man who almost did the exact same thing, condone her actions and mourn for her death with an angry fist when she deserves to die and see her love once again?

The fires roar around me like an African plain covered in golden colored lions, all ready to embark on their final hunt. They are hungry for souls and for meat. Those fires, those resting places for my loved ones, will turn anything; even a man made of marble into nothing more than a pile of ash. I've seen it, how they turned my loving mother and sister into nothing. Nothing. Specs in the wind, soon to be forgotten. They have become nothing.

What will become of us now, with our leaders dead and our best assets gone? What front do we hold now against Aro's forces without the future on our side? Even the wolves are dying, Seth, Leah, Jared, all of them dead. What do we have now?

Oh Alice, why did she have to go so early? We still needed her and her rare talent, which could have won us the battle if she had been stronger.

If all of us could have been stronger we might have had a shot.

But in truth, isn't this all fate's workings? Once Carlisle stepped foot on this barren field he was dead, as was his wife and his children. You cannot cheat death once he has made up his mind about you, the only thing you can do is wait and accept it once it comes, which I suppose is what I'm doing now. I'm as good as gone; I can feel it in my bones. My time is here, and although I am willing to go calmly I wish to kiss my wife one last time before I leave this world forever. More than anything I want her to be aware of my doubtless and unconditional love for her once I'm gone, and although I promised her eternity together this year would have to be enough.

My mind flashed to my parents and siblings relationships. How lucky they were to have so many long and happy years together. How surely I envy them, for they would always have something I could ever have: a love longer then a lifetime.

They deserved it, Edward, you don't. Never forget whose fault this is. You murdered your family, not the Volturi. You play the blame game, but there is no one left to play with you, for everyone is dead. Even you are dead.

My thoughts betray me, but in a way they are comforting. They assure me that although I have been selfish and idiotic in my decisions I will still be able to find a somewhat peaceful death, and if it is not it will still be death, and that, in the end, will suffice. It always does.


A sharp scream penetrates the hasty and violent battle, and the sound, such a loud and booming noise, causes everyone, even our enemies, to slow down and stare in a mixture of shock and horror as my oldest sister, the lovely Rose, is decapitated and dismembered by a large and dark colored werewolf, who I instantly recognize as Sam. I can gather from the dog's thoughts that the death was supposed to be Jane's, not Rosalie's. The girl's jacket catches fire quickly, turning her body into a bonfire fit for a feast. I can see, through the hazy red and orange curtains, Rosalie's golden locks begin to burn and melt under the flame's relentless heat. Her eyes, glazed with venom, ignite, charring her golden orbs until they are black as night. The smell is ghastly, but oddly familiar. The smell of burning bodies sits on this field like a fog.

A hear a small gasp leave my mouth as I race forward, my feet crunching beneath the snow frantically.

Not this, not now. Not Rosalie.

I lean over my sister's sweltering remains, the sweet and sickly scent particularly strong as the dark ashes from the fire began to stain the snow a murky grey. I covered my nose and stared into the flames, wondering how anyone would be able to recover from something of this magnitude. Especially Emmett. I glance over at my brother, taking in his slanted eyes and menacing scowl. His eyes are centered on Sam, his hands balled into fists at his side.

It's just another death. It's happening all around you. Grow up and get over it.

But it's not just another death. True, Alice, Esme, and Carlisle were all very dear to me but Rosalie had always been very special to me, even if we didn't exactly show our love outwardly. She was my first sister and because of that she would always hold a place in my heart, a place no one else could hold. She cared for my wife and my daughter dearly, and although she didn't appreciate Bella at first, she too grew to love the young girl. She was an extraordinary woman and she most certainly deserves a more suitable burial then this, but for the moment it would have to do, for a battle still rages on without her.

I spot Sam again, a few feet away. His breathing is ragged and worn, causing him to whine and paw at the ground pitifully. He didn't understand, not yet. He thought he had done us a favor, he thought he had killed the Volturi's most potent and powerful weapon, Jane. His ignorance and stupidity was infuriating.

"You killed her, Sam. That wasn't Jane; it was Rosalie, my sister and Emmett's wife. You killed her on accident," I explained evenly. Something inside of me wasn't allowing the anger I was feeling over Rosalie's death to flow out and be expressed in violence as I wanted it to be. I wanted to feel the red hot anger I had felt when Aro pulled Carlisle's head off, or when Jasper's arms were snapped off, but I couldn't. I physically couldn't.

"An accident," I repeat. Emmett gives me a slight nod and begins walking toward Sam who stands his ground firmly.

My sister's death was an accident, a simple misunderstanding stemmed from an irrational thought. Sam had become overworked and was starting to become a bit delusional. He should have sat out the rest of the battle, but he thought he could make it. He wanted to make it, and win against the men who had caused so much turmoil not only within the Cullen house but within the wolf pack as well.

It was an accident, nothing more, nothing less.

I can see Sam's realization flash before his eyes, like a blind man seeing for the first time. He stares at the remains and with a slight and solemn nod of the head he allows himself to be killed by Rosalie's vengeful mate, who crushes his spine and organs with one quick and painless squeeze. The wolf falls over in the arms of my brother, who easies him to the ground with surprising composure. Sam wheezes one last time, his lungs gathering his last breath, before falling still forever. Emmett looks at me, his mouth slightly curved down in a frown. There are no sobs tearing from his chest as Esme, or screams echoing from his lungs as Alice, but a steady and pulsing anger is evident in his thoughts. He has avenged the one he loved more than anyone, and that for him is enough.

He doesn't need a fancy exit. He doesn't need to throw himself into the flames and curse the world and his luck, no all he needs is to die, and that, on this day, is easy enough. I even offer my assistance, for I feel pity for him, but a member of the guard beats me to it, and dismembers him quickly and efficiently. My brother's body burns alongside his wife, his arms forever entrapping her in a vise-like embrace. I know at that moment that they are happy and that they no longer need me, for they are gone from this world. I pray they have left for the same new world together.


I know that voice anywhere. Bella.

I turn around and race toward her screams; desperately hoping time would for once today be on my side. Surprisingly enough it is.

Aro's hands grip my wife's neck, creating a faint pattern of cracks over her porcelain skin. I can tell she put up a fight, but being a new born she was no match against a vampire as old as Aro, at least not alone. She was foolish to go into the fight alone, but her vigor and confidence is quite commendable. She's comes out stronger than anyone would think, it's her gift.

I grab Aro around the waist and thrust him over my shoulder, his form landing on the ground with a successful thud. Bella, who had already recovered from her minor injuries, jumps up and grabs his ankles, flipping him over carelessly in the process. With his face firmly planted in the snow and Bella's knees pushing down on his back to keep him in place, I reach down to yank his head off, but before I can even reach the monster's neck I feel a pressure on my own neck and head. Hands, two of them, pulling me away from Aro at an incredibly fast pace. My resistance is small for I know my fate is sealed. I have nowhere to hide and nowhere to go.

Felix pushes me to the ground, grounding his hands into my shoulders as he readies himself for my execution. I can hear Bella in the distance, her screams like wailing choir bells as she watches in horror as her husband dies. I wish I could do something, assure her that everything would be ok without me, but it's already too late. My breath catches in my throat as I try to scream, to let my wife know I love her. My voice is muted not only by fear, but by acceptance. This is it, my time to go. I only wish I could tell her goodbye.

Felix's hands find my chin, his fingers pushing into my jaw line with a familiar ferocity. He is known to be the most feral of the Volturi, and the most menacing. I can now see why.

Pain wells up in my body as he yanks upward, my skull disconnecting from my neck, instantly killing me. Dying isn't nearly as bad as everyone says it is. It's actually, for a few seconds, incredibly peaceful, like a serene pond in the middle of springtime. Dying is easy compared to living.

The agony fades to a bleak numbing feel as the world turns bleak. A cool and murky darkness surrounds me like a frozen lake, and for the first time in years I begin to feel the cold. My teeth chatter relentlessly as I swim through the dark water. Then, suddenly, the surface comes into view, a bright light on the horizon. My bones ache but I force myself to make it, to swim faster, to break the surface. The light calls to me, beckons me. I need its warmth, its assurance. It's my only option.

My lungs burn with an unfamiliar need for oxygen, one I haven't felt in years. The throbbing in my ears causes me to swim faster, my body reminding my mind how little time I have left.

And then the surface breaks like a sheet of glass and I am free. I gasp for air greedily, my lungs taking in gallon after gallon of the precious oxygen. My eyes flutter open, but instead of seeing a darkly lit lake, I see a man with rectangular shaped glasses and a long white lab coat. The man is obviously human with thinning grey hair and a rather peculiar shaped mustache. His spindly fingers cling to a brown colored clipboard as he stares at me thoughtfully, his brown colored eyes wide with shock.

"Edward Anthony Masen," he says softly, adjusting his glasses awkwardly. I try to respond but my throat is dry and cracked. My lips feel terribly chapped, another old but familiar feeling. My body feels weak and worn as I adjust my achy from in the cheap hospital bed.

Wait, what? Doctor, hospital, chapped lips, what's going on?

"Hello, sir, I don't know if you remember me or not but I'm your doctor from a few months ago. You got into a terrible accident, one that was said to be too terrible for your body and mind to take. To let your wounds heal we placed you into a medical-induced coma, one that you didn't wake from when the time was right. You have been asleep for almost two months," he said, pursing his lips after his last sentence.

I stared at him with emotionless eyes before standing up swiftly. My strength failed me and I fell to the floor with a painful crack. My knees hit first, followed by my jaw, which snapped on impact. A groan of pain escaped my lips as blood dripped from my nose like a leaky faucet. My head swam for a second as nurses and doctors swarmed my sunken form. The same comforting blackness surrounded me again, but this time it didn't push me under the water as it did before. This time I stayed above the surface, my head bobbing above the water's edge. My lungs didn't burn with the same intoxicating pain, and my body didn't freeze with an impermeable chill. This time I was stuck, and there was no way to get back to where I actually belong.

At that moment I knew that my reality had shattered and that my life before was nothing but an impossible dream. Either that or I had ended up in hell. Either way I have a long road to get back home.