Summary: The house was dark when they went back to it.

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Power Outage

By Dark Ice Dragon

Tao stretched, groaning as he did so, and Takeo just shook his head at that. The RK-5 had spent a couple of hours trying out new strategies and tactics, just in case something came up, and even Frankenstein had joined in as well for a while, overseeing how well they worked together, and what else they could improve on.

"Heh," Tao said, once he'd finished, "I can't wait to see..." The door that split the house from the lab was open, and everyone could see that all the lights were off – they'd been on when they'd went into the lab.

Shit. Had they been found out?

Without a word, Tao threw everyone their earpieces and they all put them in, preparing for the upcoming fight.

M-21 and Regis re-entered the house first, M-21's claws already out. There were no sounds of attack.

"It's clear," M-21 murmured. "We're in the living room."

Which meant he and Seira would go towards the bedrooms. Sharing a nod with Tao and Seira, Takeo double-checked his pistols. Just as they were about to leave the lab, Takeo paused.

"Ah, should we tell...?" If they really were under attack, Frankenstein would have to know that his house was going to be a battleground.

Tao glanced in the direction that they had come from, chuckling weakly. "I'll tell Boss if we do find intruders - if we worry him about making a mess..."

Haaa. Right. Making eye-contact with Seira, they left the lab.

There was enough moonlight streaming in from the windows that Takeo could navigate around the house, and Seira didn't seem to have any trouble either. They didn't run into anyone on the first floor and just as they reached the second floor, Takeo's earpiece crackled.

"Hey, it's a false alarm - the entire block's lost their power," Tao told them.

"The entire block?" Regis repeated.

Takeo glanced out the window, then sighed. "Confirmed." There were only a couple of lights visible from what he could see, and he assumed those were candles or torches.

"Heh, I think Boss has separate generators for the lab - it'd be a little suspicious trying to explain that electricity bill."

Y-yeah, it would.

"Well, then," Tao continued. "We should get back to the lab."

"You're not going to fix this?" M-21 asked, amusement clear in his tone.

"Nah - people'd ask questions if our house was the only one that had electricity."

Ah, that was a point.

"I think Boss' finished baking the nokcha cake now anyway - I can smell it."

Takeo flicked the safety of his pistol off, sliding the magazine out as well before tilting his head towards Seira.

She dipped her head in return, and together, they made their way back to the lab.