Hey everyone! The 76th Hunger Games is a story me and a friend made. This is mostly her's but she gave me permission to put it on my account. So please Review! Enjoy!


Plutarch Heavensbee is dead. So is Katniss Everdeen. The gun shot in District 2 hit a weak point in Cinna's otherwise perfect armor, killing "The Mockingjay" immediately. Soon afterwards the rebellions in the Districts one by one died down. With the loss of their Mockingjay, they felt there was no reason to keep going. And so, when the next summer came around, the 76th Hunger Games were a go.

"Well sir, here is the list of tributes for this year," said the head gamemaker Mikah, holding out a sheet of paper to President Snow.

Snow scanned the list with a bored look in his eye. "And the arena? It is ready, I presume?"

"Yes sir. And this year's arena will be the best yet. The Gamemakers and I have created an arena that will remind Panem that no matter how many times they rebel they are still going to die in the end,"

Snow nodded in approval. Mikah started to head out the door, but Snow interrupted. He held out a piece of thick paper. "Do you know the stylist from District 5?"

Mikah nodded. "Well, if you see him, give him this."

"Of course, sir."

Chapter 1 ~ Reapings, District 1-2

District 1

Quidley Barnes never really wanted to be in the Hunger Games, but his father said as a man of District 1 it was his "duty", which pretty much meant there was no getting out of it.

So he trained. He did exactly what his father said, and was a good little Career but at night he usually went to the family's large library for some late night reading.

The next thing he noticed was someone yelling at him from somewhere in the house.


That would be his sister.

He started to say, "In my room genius," when he realized he wasn't. He quickly picked up his fingerprint clouded glasses and started to run to the kitchen.

Stupid! Stupid to fall asleep in the library! he thought.

He came into the room, still half asleep. "I'm right here" he said, in what he hoped was an annoyed voice.

His father looked up from his coffee. "It's your day, son!" he exclaimed. "You are 18 years old now, and I think you're ready. Of course I thought you were ready six years ago, but you know, your mother insisted... So what do you say when the escort chooses a name?"

"I volunteer as tribute."




Sapphire Rubyon added the finishing touches to her makeup as her older sister Jade knocked on the bathroom door.

"Are you done yet?"

Jade was 19 years old, a year older than Sapphire and oddly happy she'd never had to be a tribute. Well everyone knew she was just jealous the 75th games were her last year and she hadn't gotten to compete because of the Quarter Quell. She'd deny it if you asked her, though.

Sapphire came out of the bathroom and her younger sister, Cyan jumped on her.

"You're going to be the best Career ever. I'll sponsor you, and everything!" she squealed.

"Yeah, thanks, kid," she said. Sometimes Cyan seriously annoyed Sapphire. When she was a glamorous Victor she would have to disown Cyan or something.

Mr Barnes pulled Quidley's tie tighter. "You're going to be the best man in the arena. And you know what I always say..."

"May the best man win," he finished in a monotone. "Listen Dad, I got it. Now can I go already?"

At the reaping, the first thing the potential tributes had to do was give the Peacekeepers a sample of their blood.

"This is inhumane!" Quidley snapped, pulling his arm back. After six years he still hated the fact that the Peacekeepers take their blood. Of course he would be seeing a lot more bloodshed soon...

The Peacekeeper sighed. "It's mandatory, kid,"

District 1's escort was a weirdo named Jetson who for some reason enjoyed speaking in "slang"

"Sorry guys gotta pick a girl first, nothing personal," he said

Before he could even pick the name, however, a voice came out from the eighteen year olds girls. "I volunteer!"

Quidley groaned. This girl was just like all the other District 1 girls: girly, giggly, and completely obnoxious.

Now it was time for the boys. Again, before he could even get a name out a voice said casually, "I volunteer as tribute."

Sapphire looked at her future ally, who was now making his way to the stage. He stopped at the microphone. "And since the idiot" he said, referring to Jetson,"forgot to ask me my name, it's Quidley Barnes. Otherwise known as the 76th Hunger Games victor."

He turned to Sapphire. "Memento Mori."

Sapphire Rubyon was not having a good day so far. It was finally her year, where she was going to volunteer, win, come back to District 1 and be a Victor, and all while looking super hot.

But then there's this Quidley guy. He was the most annoying person that Sapphire ever had the misfortune to meet, and he was going to be her ally?! All he was going to do was get in the way. She told herself, the first chance she got she was eliminating him. It made her feel better...A bit...

District 2

Andi Allrod splashed mud onto her two younger sibling Patten and Emily.

"I got it on my reaping dress!" Emily squeaked.

"Aw Em, the Reaping is stupid. No one really cares about it anyway," she told Emily.

"Dad does," Patten pointed out. "And I'm going to be an awesome Career just like he wants,"

Andi stiffened. "No, you're not-"

She was interrupted by Emily's crying. "D-Dad's going to kill me," she sobbed. "He wanted me to look nice for my first reaping," she sobbed.

Then Mr Alrod stormed out, spear in hand. "WHAT IS THIS!" he bellowed. "IT WAS ANDI'S IDEA WASN'T IT-"

"The Hunger Games, and everything to do with it are so dumb!" she interrupted. "Me and the twins are going to go to the reaping exactly how we are. And look it's 10:45! Let's go guys."

She took Emily's and Patten's hands and dragged them in the direction of the town square, fuming.


Achilles Thornton wiped the sweat off his face with a towel. His Dad looked down at the clipboard he was holding.

"Well done, Achilles, eighty pull ups in fifteen minutes."

He grinned, a new record, that was always great.

"Remember Achilles, you're volunteering today."

"Uhh Dad, how could I forget? I've been preparing for this day for nine years." A pained look came across his face. "But Mom..."
Mrs Thornton had no idea that her husband was training their son to be a Career behind her back all this time. She had always been against it since her younger sister Camira died in the 52nd Games.

"I'll tell her after you're gone, son. For now though, let's keep her happy and get down to breakfast all right?"

"Alright Dad," he began to leave but his Dad stopped him.

"Achilles, in Greek mythology, your namesake was a great hero. He bathed in the River Styx which made him practically invulnerable. Except for his heel. He got shot by an arrow there and died."

Well yeah, Achilles knew all about that story. The naming of the Achilles Tendon and whatever, but Mr Thornton wasn't done.

"You're a great warrior Achilles, but every warrior has his weak spot, take care you find yours."

As Andi found the sixteen year old girls there were whispers of "Congratulations" coming at her from all sides.

She got her best friend Anna and asked in an undertone, "What's up?"


"What did I do?"

Anna looked surprised. "You didn't hear? Your Dad bribed the Capitol into rigging the reaping so no matter what, you'll get chosen."

She couldn't believe it! Before she could even let out an angry yell the escort, Java, started to talk.

"Okay, I never thought I would see this day guys! The 76th Hunger Games! I totally thought the rebels would like win!"

One of the Peacekeepers in the crowd gave an uncomfortable cough. Java was known for being talkative...and dying her hair crimson.

"All right girls, you're first!" Andi was so sick she couldn't even look at the reaping ball, knowing every slip of paper read "Andi Allrod."

"Andi Allrod!" Java squealed.

She walked up to the stage. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, if anyone dropped a pin in the District 2 town square.

Achilles had heard stories about her, of course. She was 16, a couple years younger than him.

Java called a boy's name, "Zach Jaxon,"

"I volunteer," he said softly. Louder dummy, he thought. "I VOLUNTEER!" he bellowed. "I'm Achilles Thornton," he told the crowd.

Don't look at Mom, don't look at Mom, he thought desperately. But stupidly, he did anyway. Her face was a mix of betrayal and confusion, and he felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. Guilt. He found Mr Thornton's face in the crowd, and he nodded to say, You did the right thing Son.