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That year the tributes were dressed in black running shoes, black track pants, and white T-shirts with a black jacket over it.

The tributes who could eat did, then the 24 tributes are taken to a hovercraft where they are loaded on.

Warren, who was sitting in between Jay and Jupiter, looked like he might throw up again, so the two boys moved as far away from him as they could on the crowded hovercraft.

Jupiter and Mandy hadn't seen Beetee or Loam, because they were supposed to be getting them sponsors, but after they both had disaster interviews no one would probably want to sponsor them.

Warren managed not to throw up the whole hovercraft ride, but he dry heaved a couple times when a Peacekeeper gave him his tracker.

Then they are sent into 24 separate rooms to await their death.

Jason's stylist, Psych, who he was still extremely mad at, was in his room with him.

Jason noticed a piece of thick paper, cardstock it looked like, sticking out of his pocket.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Nothing," he replied in a tone that clearly said it WAS something.

"Well I'll be going any minute," Jason said. He held out his hand and Psych shook it.
Then Jason stepped into the tube patting the pocket of his track pants, where the cardstock was now located.

Someone says to Roxanne in a calm voice that she would be taken to the arena in ten seconds. She can't help but counting down. When she gets to zero there was still no movement, and she started to panic. What if it doesn't work! What if I'm stuck down here!

With a sudden whoosh the tube slid shut. Then there was a sudden jolt and darkness as she was taken up to the arena.
It goes up for about five seconds, and when she stops moving she's standing on a small grey circle. The first thing she saw was a big, looming castle.

It was cool in the arena with a slight wind. Heavy, dark clouds hang in the sky. There was a meadow scattered with pinecones with the Cornucopia in the middle. On all sides of the field was coniferous forest. In what would be the edge of the arena was a steep cliff face going up so high it disappeared in the dark clouds. Behind the Cornucopia was an ancient looking castle with words carved deep into the stone in large, intimidating letters:


Then the countdown began.