"We'll be on in 15, Graysons hurry up," The Ringmaster announced,

"Will do! Ok Dicky, are you ready to watch tonight's show?"

"Yes Daddy," A small boy with black hair said as he looked up at his acrobatic father.

His mother and father were a part of a circus group called The Flying Graysons. He would be in it too in about 7 years, you have to be at lest 13 before you can join, that's the Haly Circus rule.

"I got a front row seat for you little Dicky,"

"Am I close to Lenny the Lion?"

"Right behind him,"

Dick Grayson gave a little excited screech with a bounce.

"Stay here while Daddy gets ready ok?"

"Yes Daddy."

As his dad walked into his dressing room, Dick sat on a creaky bench by the door.

"Hi Dicky!" A tall man in a tan uniform came up to him, he was the lion tamer.

"Hi Mr. Jackson!"

"Well how are you today?"


"Well are you going to watch tonight?"

"Yes, i get to sit behind Lenny the lion!"

"Well Lenny will be very happy,"

Dick gave a little giggle.

"Look what i got for you Dick,"

He pulled out a long black cape, the boy's mouth dropped in surprise,

"Just like the super heroes!"

He slipped it over his head. Dick held onto the ends and flapped like a bird while he stood on top of the bench.

"You look like a bird there," The tamer smiled.

"He he he!"

He flapped his cape as he jumped off the bench and ran around the lion tamer. Then his dad's door opened.

"Nice cape there Dicky,"

"Mr. Jackson gave it to me!"

"And what do you say?"

"Thank you Mr. Jackson!"

"Thank you" His dad nodded.

"Anytime, have fun little bird. I'll make sure to spot you in the audience!"

"Bye!" Dick waved his cape around as he said goodbye.

"10 minutes!" The Ringmaster yelled,

"How 'bout you go get Mommy little bird?"

"Ok! Whoosh!"

He ran all the way to his mother's dressing room as he flapped his cape,

"Mommy! Mommy! Look what i got!"

Mrs. Grayson opened the door,

"What is it baby?" His mother asked

"Look what i got!"

She smiled, "Nice wings little bird," She ruffled his hair, "Did Daddy tell you where you were sitting?"

"Uh hu,"

"Ok well lets go see Daddy little bird"


She couldn't help but laugh as he skipped ahead.

"Darling! You look stunning!" Dick's father said while hugging her.

"Oh! Wait! I forgot my hat!" Mrs. Grayson cried.

"I'll get it Mommy!"

"That's very kind of you but-"

"On in 5 people!"

"Ok Dicky but come right back do you hear me?"

"Yes Mommy!"

Dick raced back to his mom's dressing room, when he opened the door he saw a bunch of pictures of him and his dad hanging on the walls, then he spotted the binoculars and the pictures of robins. He and his mother would go bird watching at the different parks they visited. His mother's favorite birds were robins. She loved the colors and beauty. Then he spotted the tall white hate with red marks across it. He picked it up off the model and "flew" out the door. On his way out he saw the Ringmaster walked out of the circus tent. Dick was a very curios boy so naturally he fallowed. as he got closer he could hear him talking to someone. He peaked out of the side of the tent and looked.

"What! I payed you yesterday!" The owner looked frustrated.

"Do you want protection or not?" Two dark figures stood in front of him.

"This is outrageous! You should be paying me for protection! I could tell the police about you!"

"But you know better then that don't you Mr. Haly?"

For a second he looked caught off guard but then said,

"I'm still not paying,"

"Bad move circus freak, your going to wish you hadn't done that,"

Before Dick could see what happened next a hand touched his shoulder.

"What are you doing back here little bird?"

His mother looked worried,

"Nothing Mom, I got your hat."

"Thank you Dicky, let's get you seated, after this we'll go get some ice cream."

"You promise!" He had completely forgotten about the two dark figures and Mr. Haley,

"He he, yes."

"Wait wait wait, where are you going?" Flash said with a chuckle,

Batman looked very serious at him, by the way, he wasn't laughing.

"You heard him," Superman gave him a stern look.

"I know it's just, well, he's the LAST person i would think of to go to the CIRCUS! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Flash started busting out laughing,

"Why is that so funny?" Batman replied.

"It's not like he's going there to have fun, it's an undercover mission to find Zucco." Wonder woman said,

"But why him? Doesn't he HATE clowns?"

Batman walked up to him,

"Why not me? It's my town and my villain so if you have any more questions then please, I'm all ears,"

Batman just glared at him till Flash had to look away, Batman then turned to the others and nodded before he went into the tele porter and left.

"Wow," Flash gulped, "For a guy who doesn't have super powers he has better laser vision then you ever will." He said gesturing to Superman.

"Little bird! I was so scarred something happened to you when you weren't in Mommy's dressing room."

Mr. Grayson scooped up his son and tickled him till he was crying with laughter.

"Ok Dicky, your seat is number 46, you know what that looks like?"

"Daddy!" He started to giggle, "It's a 4 and a 6 Daddy."

"I know i know i just want to make sure, you be good now. I'll be watching you from right up there," He pointed up at the trapezes.


"Good, now run along!"

"Be good lil bird!" His mother called,

"Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!"

He then raced to his seat,

Batman changed back into Bruce Wayne as he walked out of the bathroom, Better get a ticket, He thought. He dug in his pocket and pulled out his wallet. I can't believe all i've got on me is 15$. So much for billionaire, at lest i don't have to worry about someone mugging me. Bruce pulled out 5$ and walked up to the ticket booth.

"Excuse me,"

Bruce turned around to see a small boy wearing a cape tugging on his pants.

"Can I run ahead of you? It will only take a second."


I have a job kid, scram, He thought but those big blue eyes seemed to say something, I can't do that, this means a lot to him,

"Yeah...Go ahead."

"Thank you!"

The kid raced up to the booth, looked at the man then ran inside. Bruce then walked up payed for the ticket then went in. When he saw the boy run up to the front of the seats he cracked a smile at those big happy eyes. It lasted for a few seconds before someone started talking in his ear.

"Clark to Bruce, are you in?"

"Wa- Yes yes I'm in,"

"Ok, make sure you look out for anything suspicious,"

"I know what I'm looking for Clark,"

"Ok ok i won't bother you again just make sure you-"

"I got this,"

"But what about-"

"Goodbye Clark,"

He shut it off then took his seat for the show,

Dick Grayson clapped as loud as he could when Mr. Jackson bowed and walked out with the lions.

"Now, what you've all been waiting for! The best acrobats of this time! Preforming without a net is

The Flying Graysons!"

"Yay!" He yelled.

He looked up at his parents who were waving, but Dick knew they were waving at him. They grabbed their ropes and swung across. He knew something was wrong when they let go too early, he saw them try to grab at the other rope but couldn't reach it and started to fall. Everyone gasped in shock as they smacked into the ground,

"Mommy! Daddy!"

Bruce saw the lion tamer leave,

"Bruce you there?"

"Barry! Are you trying to blow my cover?"

"No but i've been dying to ask this question!"

"One second,"

He got up and went outside,

"What is it now Flash?"

Before he could answer he heard a bunch of screaming from inside.

"Got to go, "

"But wait i-"

Bruce ripped off his shirt and pulled up his mask then ran inside the tent.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

He saw a small boy running across the stage towards two bodies laying in the middle.

"Help! Someone help!" The Ringmaster was yelling as everyone started to run out of the circus thinking if the stayed long enough something might happen to them.

Bruce saw an emergency truck pull up, the little boy was picked up and taken away.

"NOOO!" He cried, "MOMMY! DADDY!"

Pain weighed down in his chest as he saw that was the boy who was so happy to see his mother and father preform and asked if he could cut him in line.


The boy broke away from the security guards and ran over to his parent but before he could the Ringmaster grabbed him,

"It's over Dick, they're gone,"


He was picked up again and taken inside,

Bruce couldn't leave, that was the boy's parents. They died right in front of him. It wasn't fair, It isn't fair... He then saw the boy break away again and started running out of the tent.

"Stop him! He's only 6! He needs help!"

He had to find that boy and help him before he hurt himself or anyone else, Batman jumped up and glided out of the tent and raced after the boy.

Bruce had been chasing the boy for about an hour till he was out of his sight,

"Calling Bruce to Clark do you copy?"

"Isn't the best time Clark,"

"But you've been out there for three hours, the circus is only 2,"

"Well maybe i've found something,"

"Have you?"

"Got to go Clark,"


When he turned it off he could hear a small sobbing, Bruce fallowed it down an ally. As he looked around for the boy he saw the small black cape the kid was wearing sticking out from behind a dumpster,


What am i thinking? i don't know how to talk to kids, why am i not leaving this to the cops or a therapist? He thought for a moment then thought of the answer, Cause he's 6 and his parent's died right in front of him and i want to make sure he doesn't make my mistake.

"Kid, uh... you back there?"

The little boy stopped crying and looked around the dumpster,

"Yeah" He said in a small cracked voice,

Ok now i have to help him.

"Um, are you ok?"

The kid started to cry again, Great job Bruce, you made a little boy cry, Bruce tried to think of what to say then,

"It's all my fault!" The kid wailed,

That's when instinct kicked in,

"No no no it's not your fault," Bruce sat down and scooted closer to the boy.

"B-but i should have told them...I should have told someone about them..."

"About who?"

"I don't know!" He started sobbing,

"Shh shh, it's ok,"

Bruce reached out and held onto his shoulder, He's obviously too scarred and shocked to explain, i have to confer him.

"Look i'm sure it wasn't your fault they died,"

He just looked away and went on crying, Bruce sat next to him with his back against the wall.

"My parents died too you know,"

At that the boy stopped crying,

"T-they did?"

"Yep, and it really was my fault,"

"What happened?"

"Well i don't really like to talk about it-"


He could see that the boy really wanted to know, that this might help him calm down. He took a long sigh then began the story,

"A long time ago my parents took me to the opera, see i had a big phobia of bats-"

"A-a phobia?"

"Means i was scarred,"

"Oh, i'm scarred of bats too,"

The boy scooted closer to him and wiped his eyes.

"Yeah, so there was bats in this play and i got scarred and ask my dad if we could leave, me and my parents left then a man wanted our money. My dad was shot trying to protect my mom then my mother was shot. It was all my fault."

Long pause

"B-but you didn't know, you didn't know that they would be killed. It's not your fault."

"Did you know your parents were going to be killed?"

"What? No i didn't,"

"Then it wasn't your fault ether,"

The boy stopped talking then cuddled into his arm and closed his eyes. Bruce was shocked for a moment but then he sorta liked it. He liked this boy. He wanted the boy to stay there. Bruce pulled out his hand and brushed it over the boy's hair as he fell asleep.

"Clark to Bruce, Clark to Bruce are you there?""Yes yes i'm here,"

"When are you coming back to the WatchTower Batman?"

"I'm on my way,"

Bruce looked back down at the boy,

"Can i bring a friend?"