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13. Epilogue


Thor was a successful young man of twenty two. He was now officially considered a professional boxer and was currently visiting Sweden, taking part in another competition. But today he had no fights and was hurrying back to the hotel after his training session, knowing that he was being awaited. The beautiful streets of Stockholm were letting him pass without any traffic jams today, which kept Thor's mood up. The radio was on, broadcasting something; the announcer sounded cheerful, but Thor's Swedish was too poor to really understand what it was all about, not that he really paid attention, since in his thoughts he was already in his hotel room.

The man at the reception desk informed him that his guest had already arrived. But Thor knew it already, though he thanked the polite man anyway.

As soon as he entered his room on the third floor, he was swiftly attacked with kisses and embraces before he knew it. Lean legs and arms were shamelessly wrapped around him and their owner was hanging on him. Thor's body was strong enough to easily support this familiar weight. The blond returned all the kisses fervently.

"Missed me, baby?" he murmured against the pale, thin lips. He expected some teasing in return, but it didn't follow; the answer was honest:

"Pretty much," the lips whispered and gave Thor another kiss before rubbing gently against his fair beard. The blond sighed contentedly. His Loki was finally with him again. They had been apart for more than three weeks, and Thor had missed his beloved terribly. Because of school, the younger of the two hadn't been able to go to Sweden together with his older brother, so both of them had been waiting for the first days of April when Loki's spring holidays began, so he could go to Stockholm, too, and spend the rest of the competition with Thor; and then they would be able to come back home together.

Thor inhaled the smell of his lover. Loki smelled of soap and shampoo, he was still slightly wet after taking a shower, and dressed in a bathrobe that was untied and open, hardly covering the naked body. Once the blond noticed it, which was pretty soon, his own fully-clothed body reacted, growing big and hard between the thighs.

"Looks like you've missed me, too..." Loki whispered, rubbing himself against Thor's hard groin with his own, still hanging on the older man and embracing him with all four limbs. Thor's hands were already under the bathrobe, caressing the younger man's thighs and bottom; the skin was smooth and slightly cool after showering. Loki let go of the bigger man and slid down onto his knees; his hands quickly unfastened the leather belt and unzipped the dark-blue jeans before tugging them down impatiently, together with the underwear that had already become too tight to be comfortable, so Thor sighed in relief as he was freed from his confines.

He quickly took off his leather jacket and t-shirt. Before he knew it, his hard member was taken into a warm mouth; pale hands were caressing his muscular thighs, making his skin crawl in arousal. He gently took wet, black hair in his hand. He was torn between the desire to close his eyes and look down to watch the way Loki's sweet mouth was pleasuring him, and the way the gentle hand was cupping his heavy testicles, making them tighten and slightly pull up at the pleasurable sensations. Being inside the warm mouth felt like heaven, even though he was taken only half-way inside it. The naughty tongue inside that mouth was doing amazing things to his hard flesh. And even though he was already used to be caressed like this, it was too good to ever grow tired of it.

"Loki... I won't last," he panted. But when the warm mouth let go of him, he wanted to whine in dismay. The kiss silenced him as Loki had got up on his feet and wrapped his lean arms around the strong shoulders. His tongue was pushed inside Thor's mouth and the bigger man eagerly met it with his own. The slim body was pressing hard against him and he was exploring the familiar angles and curves with his big, warm hands, completely absorbed in the sensation. Loki moaned into his mouth. Long ago it had become clear to the blond that his better half was very fond of his big, hard muscles, absolutely loved to touch them and to press and rub against them with his entire lean body. It was pleasant and flattering to be so loved both emotionally and physically.

Their arousals were rubbing against each other, and both young men moaned into the kiss. After taking off the rest of his clothes, Thor let Loki's bathrobe fall on the floor and slowly followed its path with short kisses from the nape of the smaller man's neck down to the crack of his bum. The faint burn scars there had long stopped sending jolts of pain through his chest, especially given that those scars could only be seen on closer examination. He kissed the cool skin of the swell of Loki's bottom and rubbed his beard against it slightly. The soft sighs of pleasure from above were only making Thor more passionate and determined to drag his lover, completely naked now, to the bed, which he did without thinking twice.

Loki's aroused body was arching and writhing slightly, as the older man was playing with his nipples and navel, gently nipping at them, sucking on them and circling them with his tongue, which never failed to make the younger man whimper and moan. The blond sucked on the alabaster skin hungrily: Loki's thighs and between them, his stomach, chest and neck. His kisses were merciless and nearly bruising, and they were bringing the younger man to the state close to ecstasy. While Thor's mouth was busy with his neck, the younger of the two reached down blindly, took Thor's big, rock-hard erection into his hand and started tugging at it lazily, making the bigger man moan. The hand was holding the blond's arousal tightly, but barely moved. Thor's entire being was begging for some friction, so he eagerly thrust into the offered hand several times, groaning and closing his eyes in pleasure and holding Loki's thin wrist with his own hand, while moving his strong hips back and forth into the tight grasp. And then he couldn't take any more and moved closer to the smaller man's ear.

"On your hands and knees..." he growled quietly, but imperiously. Loki gasped softly and shivered at the sensual order, his member twitched (as Thor didn't fail to notice), and he turned onto his stomach before he was up on his knees, his head on the bed, so his bottom up in the air for being taken. As much as he didn't like to be commanded and would've rather done everything the other way around, there definitely were exceptions, and Thor knew it very well. He rubbed the small hips and sides of the younger man with his hands, gaining a mewl as a reward. They'd had more than enough of foreplay for lovers that had been apart for quite a while and couldn't wait to become one.

"The side pocket of my bag..." Loki murmured half-consciously. Thor knew what he was talking about. One of the two still not unpacked bags that belonged to his brother was right near the bed (most likely, left there deliberately). In the side pocket, among Loki's toiletries Thor found the tube of lubricant and unscrewed the lid impatiently.

"Open up..." was another low, lust-filled, imperious growl that Thor emitted, which made Loki moan and comply. He reached back and spread his own white cheeks apart for Thor, exposing the tiny hole between them even more. His back arched wantonly. While the blond was kissing the smaller man's back and rubbing one hand against the milky-white thigh, his lubricated thumb pressed and slowly slid into the tight little hole exposed to him so kindly. The younger of the two gasped at being penetrated and his muscles were slightly clenching around the thick, blunt thumb that only pushed in deeper stubbornly, making the younger man cry out and let go of his spread buttocks, grasping at the now rumpled sheets under him instead. Thor felt dizzy from the acute desire to shove his painfully hard erection into the pulsating orifice.

And he did, only a couple of minutes later, when Loki was ready and very eager to have him inside. Thor was entering his lover slowly, though Loki was so impatient that somewhere along the way he was carefully and slowly moving back to impale himself on the hard, thoroughly lubricated flesh. When Thor's member was fully inside, he gave himself a moment of rest, knowing that he was too close to his orgasm at the moment and wanting to save it for at least a little later. Loki leaned back to press his back against the muscular chest and turned his head, making it possible for Thor to capture his lips in a gentle kiss, enjoying the sight of the green half-lidded eyes with the fluttering eyelashes and the slight flush that looked so beautiful on the fair face.

But a minute later the gentleness was gone. Loki was on his knees, his chest pressed against the wall at the headboard of the bed. His arms were stretched up and also pressed against the wall. Thor was behind him in the same position, his hands were covering Loki's and he was thrusting into the smaller body like there was no tomorrow. The younger man's head was thrown back onto the blond's shoulder. His moans and cries of pleasure were becoming louder. Thor didn't now how much longer he was going to last, but he didn't want to slow down; couldn't slow down. Groaning and panting harshly he kept driving his lover and himself insane with the speed and power of his thrusts. And only when he saw his brother's hand travelling down to his groin, the blond let go and with a low moan came hard into his lover's clenching bottom, pressing hard against the sweet curve, aware that Loki was coming as well, into his hand, with a small shriek.

Thor closed his eyes, holding his lover even tighter now and getting his breath back. He felt so whole right now...

They were resting against each other, feeling lazy after their lovemaking and just desiring to be close to each other. Loki's hand was leisurely playing with his brother's long, blond hair.

"I really missed you," he murmured, apparently allowing himself to show some sentiment.

"Yes, I gathered that much," Thor frowned playfully. "Who was teasing me with all those naughty text messages? Huh?" he accused with a small smirk. Loki responded with a pretentiously innocent smile, and the blond shook his head. "You'd done everything to make sure those three weeks without you were hellish for me. Who was wailing and sobbing into the phone for a good hour and purposely made me feel like I was a traitor because of leaving for this competition, even though you already had your tickets to join me later? Not to mention that it was four in the morning."

"It only happened once. And it was just... a moment of weakness," Loki replied, unaffected by the soft scolding.

"Uh-huh," Thor frowned again, but kept smiling. "It rather looked like you were angry, lonely, upset and capricious, and made sure I felt bad, too; to keep you company, so to speak."

"Well, you chose me many years ago, remember? Now face the consequences," Loki teased and ended the banter with a sweet, disarming kiss. And what, just what, Thor could say to that? He felt really content...

It suddenly occurred to him that they'd been lovers for about one year now.

All of it had started with a kiss, the one that almost eighteen years old Loki had given Thor one day. Before that the blond had only kissed his brother like that in his dreams (those that had made him feel really ashamed upon waking up). He had interrupted the kiss, shaking his head 'no', not even able to say how wrong it was of them to do anything like that; he couldn't speak. Loki had given him a hurt look and stormed away before locking himself up in his room and refusing to talk to anyone. It hadn't begun all of a sudden. Before that kiss there had been careful touches and stolen glances... for months; in other words, there was the sexual tension that both of them had been secretly feeling towards each other.

When Thor had tried dating some young woman, Loki had become frighteningly cold about everything and rather aggressive towards both Thor and that woman, as well as many other people. It had been typical of Loki to make sure Thor forgot any girl that he was interested in (or any girl interested in him) even when she was there, for example sitting between them and distracting Thor by talking about something that Thor found interesting, or setting up something that would hold the blond's attention on Loki, and Loki alone, and cancelling his dates. It was normal for him to make Thor's girlfriends (potential or actual ones) feel like a third wheel, unneeded; an annoyance that should kindly fuck off and leave them alone (except for Sif, whom Loki liked (not that he would ever admit it openly), so he'd made sure she stayed in Thor's life... as a friend, a best friend). Loki had done it before, because of jealousy, and it wasn't a secret that he was manipulative.

But after all their trials there had been nothing like that anymore. Loki was cold and unforgiving when he'd found out about that woman. He simply felt betrayed and treated the blond as a traitor, and definitely made him feel like that.

Not that the older of the two had really wanted any relationship with her. He'd just wanted a distraction, but it didn't work anyway.

Thor had tried blaming Loki's transitional age, just as reluctant to get at the roots of things, as back then, a year or so earlier, when Stefán had fallen from stairs and broken his arm.., a couple of weeks after Loki's return to school, the return that had been immensely hard for him emotionally. Later Stefán had been insisting that his fall had been just an accident. Loki was smaller and weaker than he, so no one had suspected anything. And when Thor had been carefully watching Loki's reaction at the 'news', he was seeing the blank expression that betrayed nothing. The blond had decided to just let it go and never mention it again.

In their complicated relationship he'd really wanted to remain just as blind and deaf.

But that kiss had changed everything. When they had finally decided to talk about it a few days later, both agreed that what they felt was wrong; but the very same night they ended up in the same bed, rubbing against each other fervently and kissing each other so madly that there had been a feeling that the world had come to its end. Loki's eyes had been red and his eyelids swollen from crying after their earlier conversation (yes, the one where they had decided (or rather it was Thor who had decided) that nothing except for brotherly love could ever be between them). It had broken Thor's heart that he had been making his brother suffer so badly (and himself in addition). Loki had confessed that he couldn't help it, that he felt like he wasn't whole without Thor, that without him he was alone, no matter who was by his side, that he simply couldn't imagine himself with anybody else, that it hurt him to even think about Thor with anybody else and that it had always hurt him. Thor couldn't help but remember the almost forgotten, buried inside his subconsciousness, conversation with his brother from one of those odd dreams he'd had almost two years, or so, earlier:

"We... we will never part."

"We won't."

"Promise me," a demanding, but deeply desperate whisper...

"I swear."

"I will hold you to that, you know... You can't take it back."

He couldn't take it back... Not that he'd intended to, even if dreams were just dreams (weren't they?).

They hadn't had a beautiful start of their relationship; everything had been awkward at first, and each one of them had been nervous for their personal reasons. But later it had started to feel right, as if it should have always been this way, like they had been made for each other.

What could they do if neither of them could imagine themselves with anyone else? What could they do if they felt perfect together like the two pieces of a puzzle? Like soulmates...

After the horrifying tragedy that had happened to Loki a few years ago, it had taken them time and each other's closeness to overcome it. And it had made them even closer.

No one knew their secret so far, even the closest people. But someday they would find out. And, no matter what reaction followed their revelations, Loki and Thor would face it together. Most people would undoubtedly find their relationship perverse and strange. But it didn't bother Thor. He knew that really strange things existed and happened in the world, much stranger than two people loving each other.

He pressed himself closer to his one and only love, feeling that he was falling asleep peacefully, despite the fact that it was only a late afternoon.


The End

N/A: As promised, I decided to write what had been planned for this story originally. It's short and not detailed, sorry. If it was the main ending I would've made it in my usual manner, but since it's not...

It might ruin your mood a bit after the good ending.

The Alternate Ending


Thor killed the monster and saved Loki out of the hospital, but at the entrance doors he realised that he couldn't leave, no matter what he did. Something was keeping him inside. He put Loki down and practically pushed him out of the building. The smoke slowly cleared away inside the hospital, so it was safe now. Loki absolutely refused to leave, but Thor angrily convinced him to. They didn't understand what was wrong, but, obviously, it was only Loki who could leave.

Standing at the opened entrance doors Thor was watching his little brother walking away, turning back his tear-drenched face every few, unsure, steps he made. The pale sun was shining down on the boy, and Thor desperately wanted to be out there with his baby brother. The parting hurt them both terribly, but Thor knew that Loki had to be away from this place, even if he wanted to be selfish and keep Loki to himself forever. It broke his heart as he kept watching Loki leaving, unable to follow him, no matter how much he desired to. He kept standing there, inconsolable, long after he'd stopped seeing Loki and feeling him via his empathy, as well, which felt like his heart had been torn out of his chest.

And then, feeling empty, he walked upstairs and sat down on the rooftop; he closed his eyes, letting the pale sun warm his face soothingly.

In the morning Ingibjörg entered their hotel room, as usual. She found Loki sitting on his bed. He looked like he was starting to come to his senses; in the beginning of the way to the complete consciousness. She thought that Thor was still sleeping, but she knew he had a training session this morning; plus, she could see that Loki started reacting at something, so she decided to wake Thor up... Only to find him dead in his bed.

Later it was established that he had let a hard blow through to his head during his latest fight, and had been having a haemorrhage of the brain that nobody had had an idea about. So he had died in his sleep (he had been fighting the monster whilst dying in reality, and the life had left him completely at those entrance doors. He had already been dead by then, so he couldn't go with Loki).

Loki slowly regained consciousness, and when he learned that Thor was dead, he was absolutely devastated. It was hard to imagine his condition as after surviving a nightmarish torture back in the morgue, he 'woke up' only to find out that he had lost Thor for good. That led to a serious depression, because he didn't have his rock to lean on.

Thor was buried when Loki's mind wasn't working properly yet, so, for his own sake, Frigga and Odin decided that it wasn't good for him to be there during the funeral. But later, after visiting Thor's grave, Loki felt especially empty and alone, and had nothing to hold onto (they'd had a bond, after all). The more conscious he became, the worse it hurt. He only had Frigga and Odin, but it didn't help, even though Thor's death had been a deathblow to all of them.


About ten years later, when Loki was already a grown-up man, he was a more or less successful business man, but his personal life was nowhere near being settled.

He'd had a very few people he'd been going out with, but it hadn't worked, so he gave up on it completely without any regrets. At first he had been too traumatised and had been having his flashbacks for a long time, so he wasn't interested in any physical closeness. Plus, nobody was enough for him emotionally. He kept feeling lonely, anyway. And then... almost every night, in his sleep, he had been feeling himself resting inside the warm, muscular embrace, so any lover had become a third wheel, an annoying one. Loki didn't want those 'strangers' anywhere near him and, rather harshly, made it clear to the last one of them, even though the rudeness had probably been uncalled for. Almost every night Loki had felt warm, loved and secure; something that he never felt whilst awake.

And then he started having very vivid dreams. They were all about that abandoned hospital. He found himself outside of it every time, but was too afraid to enter, before he started seeing Thor behind one of the windows, looking at him. Thor looked older now, as old as he would've been in reality if he was alive. Thor smiled at him every time, encouraging him to enter, and one day Loki did.

Since then, Loki had been visiting that place pretty often. It was safe. There were only Thor and he. Some dreams were hazy, some unnaturally vivid, but Loki didn't care, as long as he kept coming back there to Thor; to talk, to make love, to become whole... It made him happy, really happy. Gradually, he'd become rather detached from his real life though and started abusing sleeping pills until one day, when he was thirty seven, he didn't wake up...


The End

N/A: I decided against this version, because at some point I realised that I couldn't make myself kill Thor. I've spent so much time in his head, giving him his ordeals to overcome (which he did as a hero he is) that I've warmed up to him enough to leave him alive and with Loki. I'm getting soft...

Anyway, thanks a lot for reading, reviewing and adding it to your favourite stories! It is now complete.