I´m really happy with this short fic. I made it up on my math lesson :P And I hope U likes it too.

Very fluffy and WOLFSTAR as always ;)

"Mr Black! We have a lesson going on, shouldn't you be at your own?" hissed professor McGonagall at Sirius who had knocked on the door to her classroom during one of her lessons.

"Yes, but I have to say something to Remus" he said, breathless after the run.

"And it can´t wait?" she said with impatient in her voice.

"No! It will only take two sec" he begged.

McGonagall looked down at him through her glasses with a stern look on her face.

"Fine, make it quick"

In the classroom sat several students quietly reading in their textbooks. Sirius walked in and stood by the door and professor McGonagall had sat down at her desk. He looked over the students and found Remus sitting in the middle of the classroom next to Lily.

"Baby?" he called out.

Everyone, especially every girl, in the room shot their heads up to look at Sirius. Some in hope that it was them he had been calling for. Others wondered who of everyone in the room Sirius could have meant and looked around to search for the one to answer. The only one that didn´t look hopeful or puzzled were Lily, she only rolled her eyes and looked annoyed at Sirius for disturbing the lesson.

"Yes" said Remus who also looked a bit questioned and blushed when everyone turned to look at him.

"Do you have my divination book? I remember you read it last night and my lesson starts in five minutes" said Sirius, still standing by the door.

"Yes it´s in my bag" Remus answered and bent down to get the book from his bag on the floor.

Sirius smiled and walked over to Remus desk. He took the book from his hands and bent down, fully aware that every girl looked with envy at Remus. Sirius knew Remus didn´t liked when girls looked at him, he knew that Remus wanted him for his own. So he tilted Remus head up to his and kissed him softly on his lips in front of everyone.

"Thanks, I love you" said Sirius and stroked Remus hair before he walked back to the door. He stopped and turned to McGonagall who also had watched during the whole time.

"When does this lesson end?" asked Sirius.

"It´s a double lesson and it ends in one and a half hour" she said with a little bit of patience left in her voice.

Sirius turned to Remus again.

"You, me, on the couch at four" he said and walked out of the classroom, Remus blushing furiously but was happy that the girls now knew that Sirius was his.