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"And this is a picture from when my mother decided I was old enough to learn how to bake" Kurt explained while pointing to a photograph in his album. It showed himself as a small three-year-old, covered in flour from top till toe, his mother hugging him from behind, both of them smiling at the camera. Neither Blaine nor Kurt could hold in their laughter looking at the photo, it was all too cute.

"Yeah, I haven't always been okay in the kitchen. But never tell Finn that though" he added as an afterthought. The giant wouldn't stop mocking him if he ever found out about the picture.

"I won't" Blaine promised, kissing his boyfriend on the cheek sweetly before taking another sip from his coffee. He hadn't expected Kurt to come over before school, despite it being Valentines and all, and especially not with coffee and old photo albums. It was a pleasant surprise though; he hadn't nearly seen the pale boy often enough since that incident with the slushie, and he missed him so, so much.

Blaine himself had his own surprise in mind for later that night; something he had concocted along with Sugar earlier that week, and he knew Kurt would love it. He couldn't wait for nightfall to come; it was just teasing him right now, being just within his reach.

Kurt turned the page, revealing a big, sparkling card fastened on the page.

"What's this?" Blaine asked intrigued in the card. It didn't say anything, it was only really a lot of different colored sparkles, sequins and small pearls fastened all over the piece of red paper.

Kurt smiled softly as he began to explain the card. "This is the first Valentine's day card I ever received. I was about five I think…

The room was far too crowded for Kurt's liking, kids running around everywhere, screaming and shouting on the top of their lungs at all times, much to the dismay of Kurt, the teacher and a few of the other children there. It had been like that the entire day, but luckily his dad would come pick him up fairly soon so he could get away from all of the noises. His kindergarten class wasn't usually this filled, but another teacher was ill so the two groups had been put together for the day. He really wouldn't have minded any other day, but it was Valentine's day, and he wanted to make a card for his parents, but the other kids kept disrupting him constantly.

He was almost knocked out of his chair when one of the bigger guys from his class was about to run past his chair but managed to bump into his shoulder on his way.

"Watch where you're going Kurt!" the boy, Dave, yelled at him, quickly getting off the floor.

"But it was you who knocked into me, Dave…" Kurt tried to explain to no avail, tears welling in his eyes due to the pain in his shoulder from the hard impact.

"Stop lying Kurt! And stop being a little girl sitting there crying! Boys don't cry, so you must be a little girl, right Kurt?" Dave mocked him, making more tears weld in Kurt's glasz eyes.

"I-I'm no g-girl D-Dave!" Kurt tried to sound strong, but it failed horribly. He hated fighting, and Dave always tried to tease him. He hated how weak Dave and some of the other boys could make him feel, and he was too scared to stand up against them. Usually his teacher would have stopped the bigger boy long ago, but today there were too many other children to watch so she hadn't noticed anything between the two boys.

"Yes you are! Boys don't cry, and they don't dress all girly like you do, and they don't sound as girly as you, do they?" Dave continued insulting him. Kurt really only wanted to hide and go home, but his daddy wouldn't come get him in like forever, so he just hid his face in his arms.

"G-g-go away D-Dave!" he tried feebly, not really expecting the boy to go off.

"You're such a girl Kurt!" Kurt only tried to hide further into his arms, finding a place where Dave's harsh words couldn't find him, but he wasn't successful.

"You're a girl Hummel!" Dave repeatedly threw the words in his face. Couldn't somebody stop him? Kurt though. His best friend Mercedes sure would have if she hadn't been home sick, and Kurt wasn't really friends with anybody else here, but he hoped somebody would help him.

"Hey! Leave him alone, you meanie!" Kurt heard a voice close by, and he peeked up carefully from his arms to see a short boy in a red shirt with a cute black bowtie around his neck standing really close to Dave, trying to force him away.

"Look Kurt! Is this your boyfriend trying to save you, huh?" Dave didn't back away at all, but rather tried to push the much shorter boy away from him, a feat that didn't work as the boy only walked right back even madder.

"I said go away! Or will I have to go get Mrs. Ferris?" the boy asked crossing his arms over his chest, challenging Dave. The taller boy looked between the two boys in front of him a few times before going away angrily to the other boys by the toy cars to play with them instead. Dave really didn't like Mrs. Ferris; she was always complaining at him, and he didn't want to deal with her right now, but he was determined to get back at Kurt as soon as that little kid went off.

"Hi, can I sit with you?" the boy who helped Kurt asked, having turned in his direction making it the first time Kurt could see his helpers face. He had big, brown eyes that looked really friendly and wild curls in a matching color that fell on the side of his face. The boy was quite cute, Kurt thought briefly to himself.

"Sure" Kurt whispered back, scared that this boy would taunt him too. He looked down at his half-finished card avoiding the other boy's eyes that he knew where locked on him. Maybe the other boy would get bored at him before he would tease him for something, Kurt hoped silently.

"I really like your card" he heard the boy saying beside him, and Kurt couldn't believe the words spoken, nobody ever liked him or anything he did besides Mercedes. "Who is it for?" the bowtie clad boy asked him.

"It's to my mommy and daddy" Kurt told him quietly, careful not to say anything that the boy could tease him about.

"Cool. Do you wanna help me make one too?" the brown-eyed boy asked him happily, making the wall Kurt had built up around him crack a tiny bit.

"Okay. Who do you want to make the card to?" he asked the boy.

"Hmm" the boy hummed, looking up at the ceiling. "I don't know. We'll see." Kurt giggled softly, but turned quiet again when the boy looked at him, scared again.

"You have a pretty laugh" the boy told him matter-of-factly.

"Thank you. You have a pretty bowtie" Kurt answered, looking over at the boy who had a huge grin plastered over his face. Kurt couldn't help but smile too, and soon the two of them were talking vigorously while making their cards. They spoke of everything they could think of. Favorite movies, The Little Mermaid in Kurts case and Hercules in the curly-haired boy's. Hobbies, which traveled from music to sports to games. The boy told Kurt about his dog, Spot (hey, he was two when he named the puppy!), and Kurt told him about his family's old cat, Reina. Much too soon though they were interrupted.

"Hey Kurt! It is time to go home buddy." Kurt heard his father telling him from the open door.

"Okay daddy, I'm coming." Kurt began to pack up the things he had been using. Beginning to walking over to his father, he felt someone taking a hold of his hand. It was the boy he had been speaking to for the last hour, and he was smiling rather shyly at Kurt. He held his other hand behind his back, looking pretty nervous.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Kurt asked him worriedly. The boy had been so nice to him, helping him with Dave, now he wanted to help the boy in return if he could…

"The boy didn't say anything though… he just held out his Valentine's card to me. THIS Valentine's card" Kurt said, pointing to the card in the album. "He was so cute, nervous about it and all. I guess I was kind of shocked and didn't react and all, because he began to panic and tried to run away and hide…" Kurt chuckled briefly at the memory. "But I caught up with him, kissed him on the cheek, told him 'thank you', and gave him the card I was gonna give my parents…"

"The boy was so happy that you didn't hate him for giving you the card, and that you gave him a card of your own that he kissed your cheek back…" Blaine finished his story, looking down at the now very familiar card in front of him.

"Wha…" Kurt began confused, not understanding how Blaine could know the ending to his story, but was interrupted when Blaine got up from his bed and walked over to his closet. Kurt watched as his boyfriend rummaged through inside before finally stilling and coming back out with a big box in his hands. Blaine set it down on the end of his bed and picked up the lid. Kurt raised his neck to see its content, but he couldn't see much, the box was almost empty inside, only a bunch of smaller stuff on its bottom.

Soon enough Blaine had found what he was looking for and handed it to Kurt. It was a card, a Valentine's day card, crimson with silver and gold decorations all over. Kurt recognized it as a thing he had made in kindergarten to his parents, but he had given it to someone else. A curly-haired, bowtie clad boy…

"It was you…" he exhaled astounded, looking up at his boyfriend of almost a year. Blaine only nodded in response. Kurt was amazed. The boy who had saved him that day so many years ago, Blaine, the boy who had been his very first crush, Blaine, was now sitting in front of him, and he was Kurt's boyfriend.

Kurt looked up at the now gelled haired boy, so changed from kindergarten, but yet so the same, and Kurt practically lunged forward, kissing him passionately on the list. Kiss "Do you" kiss "know" kiss "you were" kiss "my first crush?" kiss.

Blaine broke away from Kurt's peppering kisses and gazed into his lovers eyes lovingly. "You were my first crush too" he whispered softly in Kurt's ear, making Kurt shiver with contempt.

Turning back to Kurt's soft lips, Blaine kissed him again, only more tenderly then before. They both sighed into the kiss, wondering why the hell there had to be school impending, they would both rather just bask in each other's presence.

Kurt let his hands run up Blaine's sides, to finally rest around the younger boy's neck, pulling him I slightly closer to his lips. Blaine's hands lay firmly around Kurt's waist, having pulled up his shirt just enough so he could create patterns directly on the taller boy's pale skin.

Kurt let his tongue trace Blaine's bottom lip affectionately, seeking entrance, something that was swiftly given to him. Soon both of their tongues were battling for dominance, neither of them giving in, but neither of them caring as long as they could be this close to each other.

Both of them craving air, they broke away from each other, panting. Resting their foreheads against each other, Kurt looked into the hazel eyes of his boyfriend. Seeing the clear love that lay within them he made a decision.

"Screw English!" and he lunged back to Blaine's lips, kissing him feverously.