"RAAAARG!" Keroro walked into the place where he heard a noise that sounded like someone yelling in frustration. It was someone yelling. It was Giroro.

"What's wrong?" He walked closer to the screen Giroro was on. There was a picture with the words GAME OVER and a picture of a burnt grey pegasus.

"This game's rigged! Watch!" He hit PLAY and started shooting muffins at another horse. The black one was shooting green circles, and it wasn't long before GAME OVER appeared on the screen again.

"Oh, I saw...someone...playing that game earlier. They won." Giroro grabbed Keroro by the neck and started shaking him around.


"If you insist..." He was gone for about a minute before returning with...Tamama?

"So, Tamama won the game?" Giroro started cracking up at this thought. Tamama winning against himself? The idea was just so impossible! "Alright, I'll play your little game. Just pray Tamama doesn't come crying when he loses!" He poked fun at Keroro's crush on Tamama. Of course he wouldn't tell the Private if Keroro kept his promise and didn't tell Natsumi. The two sort of had a competetion to see who would get their loves to kiss them first.

"Okay. That sounds easy!" Giroro winced at how confident he was.

"Alright, lets get started." He started up the game again and lost within the first thirty seconds. "See Keroro? I'd like to see your little cr-I mean Private beat THAT!"

Tamama hadn't noticed the obvious hint dropped by Giroro. "Okay." Tamama had no hint of nervousness on his face. AT ALL.

He started up the game. Giroro crossed his arms and closed his eyes in confidence. He's going to lose within the first ten seconds. I just know it. He heard a swoosh sound and opened one eye. He hadn't lost one life yet. What? Impossible!

"It's really easy. See?" Half of the black pony's health was gone, and only one life lost the next time he looked over. Frog. I've been beaten. BY TAMAMA! He closed his eyes in defeat. There was a hint of confidence left as he know that the game would only get harder from here on.

"Well, that was easy. I guess I win, Giroro!" Giroro slowly opened his eyes and looked at Keroro. The fool was smiling and blushing, probably impressed by Tamama's gaming skills. Tamama still had no expression on his face. He opened his jaw wide in shock.

"I'm gonna go eat food. Do you have any cake?" He asked Keroro, not noticing the blush on his face. Keroro snapped out of his trance.

"Oh! Yea, Natsumi just made one yesterday."

"Yay!" The tadpole hopped up the stairs to the kitchen. Keroro smirked at Giroro before leaving, mocking him. "Do you want to play Wolf Punch afterwards?"

Those two were meant for each other. Giroro shook his head. If only Natsumi would ask him to play a video game...

Yea, this was originally just going to be a Tamama VS Giroro oneshot with no KeroTama, but I really like the pairing, so this story will probably continue. I'll just take things that I do that could be romantic in a way and put KeroTama or GiroNatsu in it.

My friend called me Tamama on the bus. He IS my favorite character, and it was really funny because this douchebag who we will call "Anthony" kept calling my name (And saying it wrong!) She said "Don't talk to him, Tamama, he didn't say your name right!" I have to put up with him alone after my friends get off, so that just sucks.

Sorry if Keroro was a little OOC, but can't we all see him eventually fanboying about Tamama?

Also these games are real games, go on Equestria Arcade for the first one (It has a picture of a grey pegasus holding a muffin canon) and the second one, Wolf Puncher, just search it up on the internet, and you'll find it.

Feel free to suggest any little things that would be romantic, GiroNatsu OR KeroTama, or both. I have one planned for KeroTama and a heater (You know, because it's WINTER!)

See you guys soon! Like, really soon. Like, tomorrow, or next week, or maybe tomorrow.