The boys are not gay in my story but they are very close and talk a lot of gay innuendos plus in this chapter they sort of go a step further but don't forget Jensen eventually meets Arandi and Jared meets Jade.

Cussing abounds too.


Jensen lay on his bed wide awake he had broken protocol again and this time the director had said it was out of his hands.

It didn't matter that they had gotten the disc that they needed, it didn't matter that Jensen had discovered information that had probably saved some CIA agents lives and a couple of diplomats.

All the damn center cared about was that he gotten them nearly killed even though he was the only one that had been shot and he was fine, his magic little vest had done its job and he was bruised to all hell but was very much alive thank you very much.

He had been taken off active duty for three days now and wasn't even being allowed to talk to Jared or Misha not that that would stop them so they must be mad at him too.

He sighed loudly and waited.


It was another three days before Jensen was called to the director's office. He found both Jared and Misha there both looking at him with a mix of relief and concern.

"You alright?" Jared mouthed.

Jensen nodded slightly with a smirk and feeling strange to be in the director's office in blue jeans and t-shirts.

"Agents." The director said as he entered his office.

"Sir." They all stood straight hands behind their backs and Jensen winced slightly at the pull in his chest.

The director sighed as he took his seat. "Agent Ackles, I know that all information and then some were retrieved from the mission last week and if it were up to me I would be satisfied with the week that you have been out of service but unfortunately I have someone I have to answer to also and they want more action against you."

Jensen felt his heart pick up and his hands were sweating but his face gave nothing away. He was pretty sure that he was going to end up in Iceland.

"Agent Ackles as of Friday morning you will report to the Agency.

Jensen stared at the director hoping for a punch line but none came. "The Agency sir but…."

"Agent it's the Agency or your position it's up to you."

This was Jensen's life he had started with the FBI and had moved with Jared to the Center where they were trained to be a mix of FBI and CIA and fucking James Bond but the Agency no one ever came back from the Agency but he could never just go back to being a civilian he was pretty sure that he would die doing his job.

"The Agency it is sir." Jensen said evenly.

"Agent Padalecki since you and Agent Ackles have been partners for years we are giving you the option of staying or following, we have learned from past experiences that when long term partners are separated the one left behind tends to become the one moving on and under no uncertain terms with that be allowed."

Without even looking Jensen's way or giving it a thought Jared replied. "I will go with my partner sir."

"Agent Collins…."

"I'm already packed sir." Misha jumped in.

"You are all good agents and I hate to lose you all at the same time and I hope that the Agency will teach you to be even better at what you do and how to follow the rules. I hope the best for you agents."

They were dismissed and headed out of the office.

"You both didn't have to do this, I fucked up there is no reason that you should be punished." Jensen started.

"You shouldn't be getting punished either what you did saved lives you should be getting a fucking medal not sent to the Agency."

"Jared please go tell the director that you and Misha changed your minds."

"Sorry Jenny you and I have been going steady for too long you can't get rid of me that easily." Jared smiled.

"I knew kissing you was a mistake." Jensen sighed.

"Oh please if that was you best." Jared rolled his eyes.

"Well if wasn't then why to you go home and whack off thinking about it." Jensen grinned ear to ear.

Jared blushed and stammered. "I did not."

"Hell I went home and whacked off and all I did was hear you two on my ear piece I'm pretty sure Dos Santos did the same." Misha smiled.

Jensen blushed now.

"You two would be hot together if you were gay." Misha added.

"We're not gay." Jensen and Jared both huffed at the same time.

"This is why I'm going with you, you two keep me sane and you're mostly human, crazy lunatic maniacal humans with a side of psychosis but still human."

"You realize that all the words you just used mean basically the same thing." Jared pointed out.

"I was trying to make a point." Misha said seriously.

"I consider myself a rabid wolf." Jensen threw in randomly.

"I thought you were the double rogue James Bond?" Jared asked.

Jensen pretended to think hard. "Rabid rogue wolf Bond that's me."

"Yeah double oh brother let's hit the bar." Jared snickered.

"Oh yeah there is a couple of bottles of tequila with my name on them." Jensen grinned as they walked out the door.


The three of them stumbled home together grateful the bar was walking distance. Agents for the center were assigned apartments nearby since they were basically on call twenty four seven.

"My place is the clos….. the clotse… the closet….oh hell it's right there." Jared slurred as he stumbled along.

"Your place sounds awesome." Jensen hiccupped.

"I can't fight this feeling anymore, I've forgotten what I started fighting for ….." Misha sang horribly off key.

Jensen shrugged a 'what the fuck' shrug and joined him while Jared laughed so hard he fell on his ass.

"You have the voice of an angel." Misha patted Jensen on the back.

"You should hear me when I'm not up to the gills with tequila." Jensen giggled.

Jared struggled to stand up falling twice while Jensen and Misha held each other up and laughed at him.

"Fuckers." Jared hissed.

"You're drunken." Misha laughed.

"Let's get inside before they call the police on us." Jared shushed with a finger to his mouth.

"We are the police dumb shit." Jensen groused as he stumbled along.

"We're agents." Jared corrected.

"With lots of guns so if we bother someone they'll just shoot us themselves."

It took three tries to get the door open and Jared stumbled inside his apartment nearly falling again.

He waited for Jensen and Misha to walk in but they didn't and he stuck his head out to find that Misha had Jensen pinned to the wall kissing him while Jensen tried to shove him off.

Misha what are doing?" Jared asked.

"I want to know what those fucking pouty ass lips taste like too." Misha whined.

"Misha we are not gay." Jensen sighed in frustration.

"I know that but we are drunk which is even better." Misha giggled.

"I don't have drunken gay sex either." Jensen growled then he raised an eyebrow thinking. "No, no I'm sure it's only been drunken het sex."

"One taste of me and you'd be so gay." Misha offered before falling on his face on the living room floor and that was all she wrote for him.

"Light weight." Jensen said going around him.

"It was the power of the lips that made him swoon." Jared giggled.

"He can't kiss worth a fuck." Jensen said absently swiping at his lips. "You outdo him by a longshot Jay."

"Thanks….I think." Jared scratched his head.

They both fell back onto the sofa sitting shoulder to shoulder.

"I'm sorry Jay for getting you into this." Jensen sighed.

"Hey the whole reason we got three sheets to the skunked was to forget about that." Jared pointed his finger in Jensen's face.

"Three sheets to the skunked?" Jensen frowned.

"You know what I meaned."

They sat leaning against each other for a few minutes.

"Jen why did you take those bullets?" Jared asked quietly.

Jensen sighed. "Dude you're just like family man it's my job to protect you."

"If you hadn't been wearing the vest you would be dead and then what?"

"Well I was wearing my vest so here we are Jay."

Jared grew quiet for a moment.

"If it means anything at all Jen if I was gay you'd be the one." Jared whispered.

Jensen lifted his eyes to meet Jared's with a fond smile. "You'd be the one too…..three four Jared would beg for more five six he'd suck dicks."

"Fuck you." Jared groaned.

"S'what I'd be doin' alright." Jensen drawled. "Seven eight he wouldn't walk straight."


"Right again." Jensen giggled. "Nine ten he's begging again."


Jared forced his eyes open and regretted it; the bright sunlight coming through the window made his retinas scream and he clamped his eyes shut. His stomach protested and he made to sit up only he couldn't and opening his eyes slightly he found the reason to be Jensen curled up against his chest between his legs.

Jared began to panic but calmed down because besides being shirtless the rest of their clothes were still on and Jared doubted that if anything had happened they would have taken the time to put any clothes back on.

"Hey sleeping beauty I need to piss." Jared groaned when he realized his morning wood was poking Jensen in the ribs.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful Jay." Jensen huffed and then realized where he was and what it was presently poking him hard in the ribs.

He sat up way to fast and putting both hands over his mouth he ran for the back patio barely making a bush before his inner exorcist took over right down to the pea soup.

"What the hell did I eat that was so green?" He groaned and his eyes felt like someone had poured sand in them, his head pounding.

"You ate a lot of pistachios and you ate guacamole with chips and…."

"So not helping." Jensen heaved and bent over again.

Jared rubbed his best friends back until Jensen straightened up again breathing hard, sniffling, and his eyes red.

"How are you not throwing up Texas?" Jensen groused.

"Dude you drank like a bottle and a half more than I did and you added four Coronas." Jared offered.

"Fuck." Jensen groaned again plopping into a lawn chair.

The sun was way too bright but he didn't want to move.

Jared gave him a bottle of water and Jensen rinsed his mouth and then slowly downed the rest of the bottle along with a couple of ibuprofen.

Jared sat in another lawn chair.

"So how was I?" Jensen smirked.

"Best I never had lover boy." Jared batted his eye lashes. "We still had our pants on Agent Ackles."

Jensen smiled wickedly. "Hey Jay you have something on the side of you lips." He stood up and leaned into Jared's space until their lips almost touched. "Don't have to take your pants off to suck dick baby boy."

Jared's face burned and he wiped madly at his mouth while Jensen sauntered away laughing hard.


Jensen let the spray of the hot water spread all over him, his body still ached from being shot and now the way he had slept had added to his misery not to mention the fact that although he had collected more numbers than his cell phone could hold he hadn't been laid in months.

"God Ackles when did you become such a whiny bitch." He berated himself.

"You better leave me some hot water." Jared called out.

"I just got in here and these apartments have awesome water heaters." Jensen yelled back and he grinned slyly to himself. "Besides I need a good ten minutes to tame the dragon."

"Jensen don't you dare jerk off in my shower." Jared yelled banging on the door.

"But Jay I'm so fucking horny or do you want to help me with that?" Jensen grinned picturing Jared's red face and agape mouth.

"Dude you better aim at the fucking drain!"

Jensen let out an exaggerated moan and listened and he could see Jared's shadow passing under the door.

The thought of his best friend listening to him rid of himself of blue balls had him instantly hard and kind of freaked out but what the hell right. It wasn't gay unless they actually touched each other.

Jensen wrapped his hand around his hardness propping himself with the other hand against the tiles tilting his head down, he began the long firm twisting strokes that would get him where he needed and he moaned for real.

"Jensen you really are doing it?" Jared asked from the door.

"Hell yeah." He gasped. "It's good Jay."

"Fuck Jensen if you weren't my best friend I'd kill you for this."

"Why Jay because you're hard listening to me." Jensen moaned louder. "There is a door between us we can't see each other or touch each other so it's not gay, do it Jay get off listening to me."

Jensen eyes fluttered closed because the thought had his belly burning hot and his hand moved faster.

He could hear that Jared had taken his advice. "Jensen this is like phone sex and gay people have phone sex."

Jensen rolled his eyes. "Jared I love you to death man but I will never ever be with you like that."

"Not ever?" Jared asked sadly.

"For the love of God Jay if we were the last men on earth or we ended up cell mates then you'd be my bitch is that better?"

"I can live with that." Jared sounded more cheery.

"Good now..." Jensen stopped the heat rising when he heard Jared moan and say his name. He went over the edge in the next moment gasping at the orgasm that ripped through him. "Fuck Jay." He moaned trying to keep himself from hitting his knees.

The waves of delight washed over him and he tried to catch his breath, he couldn't remember ever having a self-hand job be so intense.

"We are going to never speak of this." Jared said breathlessly.

Another gasped moan startled them both.

"Fucking Misha." They both groaned together.


It's funny the things you do and say when you're horny as hell because once the moment has passed and you have to face the person it gets a little awkward.

Jensen felt flushed once he stepped out of the bathroom and couldn't meet Jared's eyes.

Jensen rationalized with himself that he and Jared had known each other forever and this was nothing hell they had made out with girls in the same car a couple of times back in college so this was just more of the same.

He guessed that Jared would come up with the same conclusion and when Jared stepped out of the bathroom they grinned at each other and went off to get breakfast.

Misha had gone to his own apartment to clean up was back waiting and smiling as if he knew the secret of the universe.

He began to say something.

"Misha I swear you ever mention this to anyone and I will post the pictures of you and Adam online." Jensen threatened.

Misha blushed and stammered. "How did you get pictures?"

Jensen grinned. "I'm a fucking agent ain't I?"

They had breakfast at nearby diner and then headed to each apartment to pack their essentials the next day their whole lives were being turned upside down.


The three agents drove their personal vehicles to their new quarters.

Since Jensen was a motorcycle fiend he had loaded his stuff in Jared's huge truck.

Reaching the gates of the Agency they handed their paperwork to the gate guards.

After fingerprints and retina scans they were given large envelopes with orders and their new apartment keys.

Jared and Jensen were next door to each other while Misha was across the way.

The orders stated that they would be visited soon after arrival in their apartments so unloading what they could they each headed to their apartments to wait.

Jensen busied himself unpacking happy with the layout of the furnished apartment. Every room was a bit bigger than the last apartment and these apartments included a guest room which he hoped was a good sign and his bedroom was huge.

The bathroom was a dream and the shower was one of those with multiple massage shower heads.

"I can get used to this." He muttered.

Walking back to the living he froze when he saw the two masked men standing waiting for him.

"Security isn't as great as you would think." One of them said. "Get on your knees hands behind your head."

"If I ever get on my knees pal it ain't going to be for you." Jensen smirked.

"I wouldn't be so cocky pretty boy."

"First you want me on my knees now you're talking about cock what the hell dude I'm not gay."

The men came at him and Jensen smiled. "Home sweet fucking home." He hissed.

Jensen ducked down moving into a hand stand kicking his legs out and knocking both men on their ass.

Back on his feet Jensen stood ready for more whipping his elbow back with all his strength at the third guy trying to sneak up on him.

A fourth slipped the garrote around his neck and Jensen instantly brought up his arm and ran up the wall flipping over the man and shoving his head into the wall hard knocking him out.

Jensen spun around ready for the next man when he saw the Taser gun pointed at him; he gritted his teeth and waited for the pain.



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