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Note: I have a habit of using honorific, so I'll always use "-sama" and "-san", because I like to keep anime in the world of anime... even though this is fanfiction D: Also, I'm not 100% confident about the positions, and my grammar so I apologize before hand :)

Chapter 1:

The castle was on fire, not a single scream could be heard, as every single person were silenced. The bodies of the king and queen of Konoha laid lifeless in a pool of cold blood in front of Sasuke, with his brother staring back. Never again will Sasuke forget those eyes, blood shed eyes stained with hatred and despair. Those words echoes in his head every night, his voice like poison, eating him alive and kept him restless for the past 10 years. Sasuke's legs couldn't move from sheer horror, all he could do was brace for the worse.

"My foolish brother...If you want to kill me...curse me! Hate me! And live a long and unsightly life...Run away...run away...and cling to your pitiful life."

"Sasuke-sama, Sasuke-sama!" Sitting by himself in an empty room filled with useless books and documents, Sasuke pinched his glabella from all those frowning.

"What is it." He let out an exhausted sigh. His private advisor, Ebisu cleared his throat, obviously quite upset being ignored.

"Do you understand what I have just said?" he asked.

"Yes, Whatever..." Sasuke replied with a grunt.

"Sasuke-sama! please pay attention, you cannot live your life our like a child, you'll be ruling this land soon!" Ebisu started nagging, and when ever he nags, he'll start from history of the Uchiha family.

"Your father, our brave king fought courageously against the enemy, slaughtered everyone without mercy, carrying only the determination to protect this land-" He was interrupted with a knock on the door.

"Come in." Just in time, Sasuke thought. Who knows when Ebisu will stop this time. Kakashi, Sasuke's assistant and tutor entered the room with books and stationery as well as a smug under his mask.

"Sorry to interrupt you important meeting, but it's time for Sasuke-sama's lesson, if you don't mind, Advisor Ebisu." Kakashi gestured Ebisu to leave the room.

"Very well. We will continue this another time. Excuse me." Ebisu gave Kakashi a glare before exiting the room.

"I think Ebisu's starting to hate me for interrupting again." Kakashi chuckled under his mask.

"Whatever." Sasuke laid back against his chair with his feet rested on the table. Kakashi made his way over to the young prince, with that grin still attached to his face.

"But Ebisu does have a point you know," he tapped Sasuke's feet with a ruler.

"You will not be a prince forever, Sasuke-sama. It's time to prepare to be a king. You'll turn 16 in less than a week away." Brought up as a spoiled prince who doesn't care about anyone, Sasuke assert his eyes away from Kakashi's from guilt. Since the day the rest of the Uchiha's were killed by his own brother, Itachi for the throne. Sasuke was saved in time by Kakashi and his army. No one knew if Itachi had survived the fall and escaped Konoha, or if he is still alive, out in hiding. His body was never retrieved, but who knows, maybe it was eaten by the crows, they suspected. Since the massacre, Kakashi has been the closest thing to family for Sasuke, everyone single one of his blood relatives died in Itachi's hands.

"Whatever, just start the lesson." Sasuke gave his arm a good stretch, he had been sitting on that chair for a good few hours, listening to Ebisu's report.

"Before that, there's something you should know." Kakashi set the stationery and books on the table before pulling out an envelope.

"Look through this before I make copies." Curious, Sasuke scanned his eyes through the paper.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Sasuke's eyes popped opened as he read through the letter, cursing too.

"Oh~ were you not informed about this? Sa-su-ke-sa-ma?" Kakashi spoke playfully.

"I have no intention of inviting all these women into my castle! and to think I would marry one?!" Saske scrunched up the letter and threw it aside like it was none of his concern.

"Sasuke-sama, you know very well that it is the rule. The prince of Uchiha must marry a woman by the age of 17, and he must have a fiancee by the age of 16, that's barely a week away." Kakashi sigh with frustration. No matter how hard he tries to persuade Sasuke to do something, he'll stubbornly refuse.

"I'm the last prince of his country, I can change the law." Sasuke spat.

Kakashi felt like pulling every strain of his hair, trained to act calm and composed in front of people, he grinned.

"And as the last prince of this country, it is your duty to continue the royal bloodline." Sasuke felt chills up his spine when Kakashi spoke, as much as he hates to admit it, Kakashi's right.

"...fine." Sasuke agreed reluctantly.

"Very well, I shall send out the invites."

Konoha's morning market has always been lively, everyone greeted each other with a smile on their faces. Through the crowded streets, Hinata tries to squeeze through hundreds of people.

"E-Excuse me, P-Please let me pass." she mumbled, too scared to offend anyone if she spoke in a louder voice.

"P-Please let me through!" her body were crushed, forget about protecting the groceries, she can barely keep herself in one piece. Hinata forcefully pushed (in her own way) through more crowds who ignored her, but failed as she was pushed back instead.

"Are you alright miss?" a pair of strong arms hooked onto her arms, preventing her from falling into the muddy puddle. Hinata looked up above her, as her eyes met with a pair of blue eyes, as bright as the sky, staring back down at her with a radiant smile.

"N-Naruto-kun?!" Hinata almost jumped out of Naruto's arms. The blond male only laughed.

"I seemed okay." Naruto was usually seen wearing his signature black (or sometimes blue) and orange attire, it was rare to see him in uniform. Hinata was so mesmerized by him, she almost forgot to breath.

"T-thank you for helping me." she blushed.

"Anytime, grocery shopping?" he looked over her shoulders at the crowd of people, Hinata shyly nodded back.

"I-I just need to get some flowers, b-but it seems that there's going to be a special o-occasion or something, b-buying flowers this time of month." Trying to stop stuttering was a challenge enough, but avoiding Naruto's gaze was a a little too difficult task for Hinata.

"Hmmmm, what kind of flowers were you looking for?" Naruto curiously asked.

"L-Lillies." she mumbled.

"Okay, leave it to me." Naruto brushed his nose with confidence and rolled up his sleeves, making his way through while screaming at the top of his lungs. Hinata bit the bottom of her lip and clinched onto her dress, worrying when his voice faded away in a distance.

"Got it!" she saw a bouquet of white lilies raise up in the air.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" Naruto was covered with bruises and dirt all over his face and uniform.

"I-I'm sorry about your uniform." she tried brushing off the dirt off him.

"It's alright. Here." Hinata felt a warm fuzzy feeling in her heart when he handed the fresh lilies to her.

"T-thank you." she blushed and offered to pay back the money, but Naruto insisted she keep it.

"Well, I better head back, or else Sasuke will be sure to slit my throat!" Naruto chuckled followed by a loud growl from his stomach.

"I-If you don't mind, p-please accept this. As gratitude f-for helping me." Hinata handed him an apple she bought just a while ago.

"Hehe, thanks, Hinata!" Hinata felt her head getting light from all that blushing.

"I'll see you later!" Naruto waved good bye to her as they parted ways, Hinata waved back with a small smile.

The same date every year, Hinata visits where no one else would visit. She placed the bouquet of lilies onto a tomb stone.

"Father, mother, I'm here to see you again." she traced the names of her parents with her delicate fingers. The death of her parents were vague to her, all she could remember was lying in a pool of her own parent's blood. Hinata was taken in by a kind lady named Kurenai. Hinata remembered having a sister, whether she was alive or dead still remains unknown, her body couldn't be found anywhere. Hinata prayed on her parent's tomb, she often tells stories to her parents about her current life, especially Naruto.

"Thank you for protecting me until this day." A strong gust of wind blew her basket of groceries over, causing the fruits to tumble down hill. Hinata acted quickly, she tried to get on her feet but tripped by the hem of her dress, she fell face first onto the grass. The apple didn't roll far, it stopped under someone's feet.

"Is this yours?" a voice approached Hinata.

"Y-Yes, S-Sorry." she quickly stood up and apologizes. In front of her stood a very tall man (Hinata's not very tall herself), everything about him reminds Hinata of a shadow, more precisely, the total opposite of the radiant Naruto. He was dressed in a different attire, some sort of nobleman, Hinata thought. He looked down at her, in some sort of foul mood, Hinata guessed. He gestured the apple in his hand, no longer wanting to hold on to it.

"T-Thank you." Hinata snapped out from her observation and accepted the apple from him. As soon as the apple left his palm, he snapped his arm back to his sides and attend to his horse, grazing on the nearby grass.

I thought I was the only one who knew about this place...

Hinata stared down at her badly bruised apple.

"Oi, Sasuke!" Hinata heard a familiar voice growing louder. Naruto came galloping on his horse towards them.

"N-Naruto-kun?!" Hinata was surprised to see him.

"Oh? Hinata? what are you doing there?" Naruto set his horse aside and got to the same level as them.

"N-Nothing, I-I was just doing some errands..." Hinata avert her eyes towards Sasuke.

"Hm, is that so...anyways, Sasuke! what are you doing? running off all of a sudden." Naruto gave a friendly nudge to his 'friend'.

"My horse went berserk and decided to lead me here." he spoke bluntly.

"Well, what ever it is, Kakashi-sensei said he wants us back before tea time, so let's go, I'll swap horses with you. See you later, Hinata!" This has been the second time Naruto waved good bye to her, Hinata felt quite content being able to see the one she loves twice. Sasuke was the first to leave the area, followed by Naruto nagging close behind. Hinata couldn't help but smile at the two.

I better return quickly!

"Who was that you were talking to?" Sasuke suddenly asked out of the blues on their way back tot he castle.

"Huh? you mean Hinata? she's someone I know...why? you interested?" Naruto laughed playfully.

"I'm not in the mood to play with you, moron." Sasuke snared.

Something about her is making me feel strange...

For the first time, Sasuke felt a disturbance in his ice cold heart.

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