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"How do I know...?" Hinata pondered. Why did Sasuke suddenly brought this topic up all of a sudden? Now that she thought about it, how did Sasuke know about her parent's grave?

"W-Why wouldn't I know where my parents were buried?" Hinata stared back in shock and confusion. Nothing was making any sense.

"That place where I found you, only members of the royal family knows about it and yet, you were there." Sasuke wanted to pry out more about her past, it was really getting into his nerves.

"B-But it can't be, I-I had been visiting them for as long as I could remember!" Hinata tried to explain herself. She wasn't lying, she had been visiting them since the day she could remember.

"I want you to tell me everything about your past. Every single detail." Sasuke glared back into her eyes, she was terrified, she never knew much about her past, the only memory she have were the times she spent with Kurenai. She thought hard again.

"S-someone told me, that was where my parents were buried." Hinata could see the intensity in Sasuke's eyes.

"Who?! Who told you?!" Sasuke grabbed a hold of her shoulder and shook violently, he was so close to finding out the truth about her.

"I-It hurts, let me go."Hinata winced in pain, but Sasuke didn't even budge.

"Tell me." Sasuke shook her even more.

"I-It hurts!" Hinata screamed. Sasuke finally let go, desperation took over him and his body had a mind of his own. Hinata backed away slowly, she was starting to feel unease and terrified of him, but somehow she couldn't just run out of the room and leave him alone.

"S-Sorry." She was reluctant to get close to him and kept a distance. Sasuke fell back into his chair tiredly.

"No. It's not your fault." he muttered. The room went silent, Hinata could only hear her own heartbeat and Sasuke's breathing in the presence of the room. It wasn't long until Sasuke spoke again.

"Do you know of my family history?" Sasuke asked.

"N-Not in particularly." Hinata answered. Sasuke thought for a moment, there really isn't a point hiding anything from her if he wants to know the truth.

"I wasn't the first in line to the throne. My brother, Itachi was. 10 years ago, he murdered the whole family except me." Her blood ran cold from Sasuke's story and gasped in disbelief, how could someone murder his whole family, was it even possible!?

"I-I'm sorry for your loss...b-but, why are you telling me this?" Hinata poured him with more questions.

"I just thought you might want to know the reason I'm acting this way, that's all. It's getting late, we should get some rest." without a word, Sasuke mummified himself under the blanket. He was confusing himself, why would he even bother explaining himself to her? He is the prince after all.

"K-Kurenai-sensei, p-please tell me more about my past!" Hinata requested in the middle of the lesson the next morning.

"What is this about all of a sudden?" Kurenai chuckled.

"W-Well, I-I just wanted to know more about it, that's all." Hinata sat back down.

"The past is the past, there's no point dwelling in it." Kurenai continued to flip through the books.

"B-But, I'm starting to feel curious...why don't I have any memory of my parents or when I was younger." Hinata gripped onto her dress. Not only does she was to know about herself more, but the main reason was still to help Sasuke, since he was so desperate to know.

"There's nothing more I can tell you, you were found by me by the riverbed 10 years ago covered in blood, I assume you were attacked by a wild animal." Kurenai avoided eye contact with her, but Hinata didn't seem to notice.

"The Uchiha massacre happened 10 years ago." Kurenai dropped her book.

"W-Who told you about it? No one was supposed to tell you about it, let alone mention the massacre at all, it is forbidden!"

"S-Sasuke-sama told me." Kurenai looked terrified, as if she just saw a ghost.

"K-Kurenai-sensei?" Hinata reached out to her.

"I-I'm fine. Let's end out lesson for today, we'll continue tomorrow." Kurenai hurriedly packed her bags and left the room, but accidentally ran into Sasuke without looking.

"P-Pardon me." she apologizes and left quickly. Sasuke was confused for a moment, but brushed it off.

"Oi." He called out to Hinata.

"Y-Yes?" Hinata jumped a little.

"Pack your bags." Pack her bags? Is Sasuke kicking her out of the palace already?

"A-Am I-"

"We're heading out to the country of wind, so go pack." And he left immediately. Hinata pondered to herself, she has never travelled to a different country before, she was quite excited, but more nervous.

As she hurried to her room to pack, she stumbled upon Sakura. Like the shy girl she is, Hinata was reluctant at first to greet her.

"Hinata?" Sakura called out to her.

"G-good morning, Sakura-san." Hinata smiled politely back.

"Morning, did you just finish your class with Kurenai?" she asked as Hinata simply nodded back.

"T-The class had to end early. W-what about you, Sakura-san?" Sakura was holding onto a heavy basket.

"I just came back from treating Naruto's wounds. That idiot fell off the cliff today." Sakura ranted.

"N-Naruto-kun's hurt!?" Hinata gulped in worry.

"It's nothing big, just a few scratches. Like they say, idiots can't die that easily." Sakura chuckled to herself.

"I-I guess so." Hinata sigh with relief.

"Um, S-Sakura-san." Hinata looked up shily.

"Hn? What is it?" Sakura smiled back.

"T-thank you."

"Hn?" Sakura giggled.

"N-Nothing. U-Um…right, I was wondering if you could help me p-pack my belongings, i-if it's not too much to ask." Hinata requested.

"Pack your belongings? Are you going somewhere?" Sakura raised an eyebrow.

"W-Well, the thing is, Sasuke-sama told me that we'll be travelling to the country of wind tomorrow, a-and it's my first time travelling to another country. S-So I was wondering if y-you could help me with packing." Hinata asked shyly, she was worried Sakura might laugh at her, or even snared back at such ridiculous request, but Sakura simple agreed happily.

The journey should only take a day to arrive by carriage. Hinata didn't have much to pack, so she only brought a few of her personal belongings with her, but also a few potions and medical care just in case. Sasuke on the other hand has his maids' pack all his belongings in several luggages, how many clothes do a man need to wear in 3 days? It also seems like this trip was just the two of them, Kakashi was excused to take over Sasuke'hs paper work temporarily while he's away. The two left the castle before sunrise, Hinata was so excited and nervous she couldn't get a blink of sleep.

"What are you? Still a little kid?" Sasuke sat across her in the carriage with his arms folded.

"I-It's my first time travelling." Hinata blushed in embarrassment.


"U-Um…" Hinata hesitated.


"W-Would you like some orange?" Hinata offered.

"I'm fine." Sasuke turned away.

As Hinata started peeling off the skin as her soft lips kissed her fruit, she suddenly looked so seductive to Sasuke. As much as he' was trying to look away, his eyes were glued to her. Those long thick eyelashes, rosy pink lips suckle on the juices of the sweet fruit. Sasuke felt the heat rose to his cheeks uncontrollably.

"Um, S-Sasuke?" Hinata called out to him, he was glad she did, who knew what he'll do to her if she didn't.

"What is it now?" he pretended to sound annoyed.

"I-I just wanted to ask, w-why are we going to the country of wind?" Hinata asked.

"It's politics, you don't need to know." Sasuke wasn't in the mood to answer any questions. Hinata thought maybe it's best to stop bothering him, and she continued eating her orange.

"Stop that."

"S-Stop what? " Hinata asked, her fingers brushed her soft lips after swallowing

"That." Sasuke pulled her arms away from her lips, with the loss of balance from the rocky road, he fell towards Hinata. His left arm was supporting his body from crushing the petite female underneath him, and their face just less than an inch away. Sasuke could smell the sweet orange breath from her, it felt somehow irresistible to him. Hinata froze in position, Sasuke was too close to her face. This was the first time she'd seen his face this close. He was indeed beautiful with very captivating eyes she felt nostalgic towards and couldn't look away. It felt like his face was getting closer and closer to her, she could feel his breath on her cheeks.

"You missed a spot." Sasuke whispered into her ear. His fingers brushed past the corner of her mouth, she had some juices of the orange stained by her lips. Sasuke quickly moved back to his seat.

"What a messy eater…You really are a kid." He mocked. Hinata took a long breath out, her face fiery red from embarrassment. The rest of the road trip remained silent till they arrived to the country of wind.

"Welcome, to the country of wind." The duo was greeted by a young man with red short hair and very dark eyes.

"We will be in your care from today, Gaara-sama." Sasuke returned with smirked.

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