The Aftermath

Summary: The Reaper war is over so Shepard must face the decisions she has made and all the live it affects. FemShep x Liara! 3 Ending Spoilers!

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Author's Note

Heya! I slightly changed the ending of Mass Effect 3 to fit the story a little better but most everything is the same. This chapter is all about my take on what Shepard and Liara were thinking on the final mission. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Commander Jaime Shepard was facing with the most difficult decision of her life, control the Reapers by becoming one of them, destroy the reapers but in doing so could destroy all synthetics, or add her energy in order to create a new DNA the catch was she would be absorbed. None of the options sounded ideal, she didn't want to destroy all synthetics but she did want to destroy the Reapers. It was an impossible choice and either way she knew she would probably die or be absorbed so the choice never affected her. It did however affect all species and everyone she loved. She wanted to set a good future for the ones she cared most about, all her friends, everyone she's ever known. She remembered the last time she parted with those friends, she made all of them stay on the Normandy despite their stubbornness. Liara and Garras were the most persistent. Garras argued that he was always charging into the impossible with her and Liara reminded her of the fact that she had chosen Shepard as her bondmate which meant they would always be together through all the challenges. Shepard backfired that if she lived and either Garras or Liara didn't survive she wouldn't be able to complete the mission or live with herself. Reluctantly they agreed to stay behind but it was torturous seeing Shepard go at it alone. She wouldn't be alone though she had all the species at her back. She also promised Liara that she would do everything in her power to come back alive. After the tough goodbyes Shepard left charging off into battle without her trusty teammates. Now, here she was… one way trip to the Crucible saving the galaxies once again. She barely had enough energy to walk aching all over she just wanted to be done with it. After watching Anderson die right in front of her really drained her. She couldn't take any more lives lost. She heard the Catalyst say something but her eardrums were ringing. It was all a little too much the Catalyst in the form of the kid that haunted her dreams, Anderson dying, and The Illusive Man killing himself (even though she didn't like him much). Before she thought she would go crazy she decided.

"You're saying I can destroy the Reapers, save Earth, and in doing so destroy all synthetic life? Geth, VI's, and Mass Relays?" Shepard thought about Legion, all geth, and EDI could she really just kill them? But the chance to destroy the Reapers and save Earth was very tempting.

"Yes, it is probable that all synthetic life will end… and yours."

Shepard knew going into this mission that there was a slim chance of her going back. For once, Liara… I can't keep my promise to always come back.

Shepard nodded to the Catalyst then started to limp slowly to the bright blue beam where the controls were. She raised her gun with her arm shaking, she fired two shots into the controls and a great shockwave engulfed her. I hope I made the right choice.

Liara starred out the Normandy window down at earth as a blue light moved across the surface. She didn't know what it was but she felt a sadness fall over her, a single tear slipped down her face and fell onto her fist. Over the intercom she heard Admiral Hackett update Joker on Earth's status. He said everything was still intact, that Shepard destroyed the Reapers, but he explained that the Crucible had been destroyed with Shepard and Anderson still inside. She felt Garras wrap an arm around her but everything went numb. Shepard was gone. Goddess… she's gone. No she can't be… she promised to come back. Every memory Liara had of Shepard started rushing back the first time they met, the first kiss, the first time Shepard came back from a suicide mission how she felt so relieved and happy… she just wanted that to happen this time too. Shepard would spot Liara from a mile away and run to embrace her. Now, all of those hopes were shattered. Everyone knew going into this mission that not everyone would make it back and Shepard made sure the entire Normandy crew made it out alive.

Liara silently slipped away from the despaired crew she had to go to the only place where a little piece of Shepard still was, the Commander's room. Liara stood in front of the door for a moment hoping she wouldn't break down the second she took one step in the room without the one person who should be there with her. Before she could, however, the Normandy shook violently. Liara raced to Joker as fast as she could without bumping into everything in her path.

"Joker what's going on?!" Garras yelled at the pilot while he held himself up on the seat in front of him. Joker's hands moved quickly across the controls of the Normandy. He was driving manually which meant EDI was malfunctioning. "EDI! Crap not good! The mass relay is shutting down! We're being sucked out!" Joker continued to try bringing EDI back online. The VI's body was in the seat next to him but she wasn't responding and the body was limp.

Liara tried to understand what was going on but the world was moving in slow motion to her. One last jerk of the Normandy sent everyone standing up falling on the ground. The Normandy bounced a few times then completely stopped. Everyone groggily stood up moving to the windows to see where they just crash landed, Liara didn't recognize the planet but it looked to be heavily vegetated so it must have been one of the planets that the Normandy never landed on during their travels.

Tali came running from the elevator, "Joker! What happened? Where are we?" Joker grunted in reply.

"I have no idea EDI is completely shut down I can't pull up any navigating systems and the mass relay just stopped working."

Everyone was in shock to say the least, the mass relays never stopped working they were like super technology and EDI shutting down was a total mystery. Liara decided that she should check her Shadow Broker computers. "I'll be back, I need to check something." With that she left swiftly hoping working would help get her mind of everything that had just occurred and the news about Shepard. She doubted it would help but she had to try.

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