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'Inner Hollow'


"Hollowfied Ichigo"

{Winter War}

[Las Noches, Hueco Mundo]

Ichigo and Grimmjow met in a shower of sparks as their blades clashed violently. Both combatants grunted slightly as the force of the others' attack shunted them back ever so slightly. The air rippled as they slammed their swords together again and again. Then both simultaneously disappeared.

Re-appearing several meters away, Ichigo's zanpakuto sliced through the air, vaguely clad in a dark energy as Grimmjow's eyes narrowed, taking in the unwelcome sight of a wordless Getsuga Tensho surrounding his opponent's blade. Grimmjow whirled away, weapon poised to intercept an attack from nearly any direction.

Ichigo's eyes widened as his sword suddenly jumped forward faster than he himself was capable at present. The energy sheathed zanpakuto screamed towards his foe, smashing brutally through the Espada's guard, stabbing him clean through his right shoulder, eliciting a scream of rage masked pain.

As Ichigo watched the Sexta jump dozens of meters away, snarling, he heard a voice speak from his mind, 'Good, eh King?'

'Y-you did that? I thought you couldn't do anything anymore!?'

'The old man helped me King. After all, if a Horse can help its master jump forward a little faster, shouldn't it?'

'Thanks.' Ichigo found himself surprised, but had to swiftly focus on other things, namely, his fight with the Espada, who had pointed his hand at Ichigo, slicing his hand on his own blade, surprising Ichigo. The Subsitute Shinigami's eyes widened as Grimmjow charged a Cero, only, instead of having his standard bright red color, it was a bright, electric blue.

Ichigo instinctively raised his sword, but using his surprisingly advanced reiatsu sensing abilities, felt the raw power of the attack, and noticing that the Cero was distinctively more powerful, and thus, his Bankai was not powerful enough alone to negate the attack.

'Joy.' Ichigo pulled on his Hollow mask, feeling the heady rush of power that accompanied the action. He swung his zanpakuto, dispersing the attack with a single pass of his sword.

Grimmjow laughed as he hunched over his sword, hand placed on the flat of the blade.

'Tch, Old Man, is there any way to finish this fight faster? I mean,'

'I know what you mean Ichigo. The only path that I can think of is to attack him instantly, piercing him through the heart.'

'B-but, I just can't do that!'

'King, if you wait around and wait for every damn person to power-up, how are you gonna win, hey, also, Aizen's not gonna tell you when he's activating his Shikai.'

'Indeed, he could easily trap you. Remember, skilled captains can release their Shikais without much fanfare. Ichigo, we will not think any less of you for any reason whatsoever. And your friends will understand, I'm sure.'

'Right-o then. I'll just stab him while he's powering up. No worries.'

During the admittedly brief discussion between Ichigo and the inner avatars of his power, Grimmjow had hunched over further, while power began swirling around his form, forming a vague helix shape. As the Sexta Espada's form began to glow a light blue, he dragged his hands down the flat of his blade. Simultaneously, Ichigo sped towards the ground, a Getsuga Tensho curling around his blade as he rushed his foe, blade extended outwards.

A cry of "Kishire! Pantera!" accompanied by a louder cry of "Getsuga Tensho!" echoed through the desert world of Hueco Mundo. Ichigo's blade cut through Grimmjow's heart with unnatural ease, sliding out the Espada's back with a spurt of blood. Grimmjow's eyes widened as his mouth opened in a silent scream as the air rippled, and the force of his resurrection blasted Ichigo through the air.

Ichigo flew through several sand dunes before collapsing into another, groaning as he raised his head, staring at the growling figure shrouded in dust. Grimmjow, clad in plate like armor, with a flowing mane, howled, releasing a shockwave as he ran at Ichigo, who raised his blade once more, clashing against one of the many spikes protruding from Grimmjow's body. Ichigo grunted as he felt the shockwave released from Grimmjow's howl slam into him, sending him skidding backwards as he felt the raw power emanating from his enemy.

Ichigo braced himself, and reminding himself about his time crunch, flooded his body with reiatsu, and mentally sending a thought at his inner manifestation of power, felt their power surge through him as well, making the air around Ichigo hum with power. Ichigo grinned madly, his mask eerily mimicking the expression, and he leaped forward, immediately receiving a fist to the face.

Ichigo spat a glob of blood out of his mouth as he scowled.

'Damn it! Why couldn't I defend?'

'Cuz ya ain't used ta that kinda speed King.'

'Indeed. That speed practically nullified our reaction time. This time, only you two channel power, I'll work on reactions and let's see if we can't kill the cat.'

'Hey hey Old Man. Curiosity killed the cat huh? We're curiosity, and Grimm over there is the cat.'

'Damn straight.'

'I didn't know you swore Old Man.'

'Well, I've picked up bad habits, it seems. Damn.'

"No matter. Let's go!" Ichigo screamed as less power thrummed through him, but he felt as if he could react to events at this speed, unlike before. As he raced across the sand of Hueco Mundo that never seemed to end, his outstretched blade slammed solidly into one of the Sexta Espada's arm spikes, before shearing straight through as the beginnings of a Getsuga Tensho formed around the blade.

Grimmjow shrieked with fury as Ichigo cleanly lopped his arm off, and then the zanpakuto, humming with barely restrained energy, slid through Grimmjow's heart with ease.

"Getsuga Tensho!" Ichigo screamed out his attack, the attack itself vaporized a large portion of Grimmjow's chest, leaving a huge hole right next to his Hollow hole. The cat like pupils of his opponent narrowed down to nothing as his power bled away, faint trails of steam lifting from his body as the Arrancar collapsed to the sand.

Ichigo panted briefly before regaining his breath, feeling an aching pain in his legs. "Damn. Must be an after-affect of running so fast."

'Hey, Zangetsu, should I eat him? Actually, wait, can I eat him? Like, is that possible?'

'I think ya can eat 'im King. I wanna see! Do it!'

'Okay, okay, I'm doing it. Jeez, you're pushy.'

'I wanna see if we get any new powers!' Ichigo got an odd feeling that the mirror image of himself was clasping his hands whilst his eyes twinkled madly.

"Damn. That's a freaking scary image."

Ichigo straightened, and then opened his mouth, the Hollow mask on his face mimicking the movement, once more giving off a thoroughly creepy air. He breathed in, feeling vaguely stupid for doing so, before Grimmjow's body began breaking down and a rush of spirit particles flew into his mouth. Ichigo swiftly found that he did not need to breath while 'eating' Grimmjow, but the feeling of not having enough air did not go away until several half a minute later, when he finally finished 'eating' Grimmjow.

As his jaw snapped shut, Ichigo felt mildly sick before a wave of energy from inside him sent him to his knees in shock. Ichigo started as he realized that the tearing feeling that had come from his legs had vanished, replaced with a feeling of boundless energy.

'I suppose this is what you feel like after eating a Hollow close to your own strength. Huh. Fun.'

Ichigo grinned as he felt all his exhaustion sweeping away in the face of all the power he had just gained. He tore off his mask, and felt an odd sensation in a few of the cuts he had obtained during his fight with the Sexta Espada. He looked down, and witnessed the cuts releasing steam while hissing shut, leaving his skin unblemished as his Bankai coat sealed over the ripped areas as well.

'Wow, eating Grimmjow gave me so much energy it replenished my reserves and, guys do you feel that?'

'We do Ichigo, it appears as if you have too much energy for your body to contain. Not surprising, given that your battle had only truly begun, and so Grimmjow had not depleted his own stocks of energy.'

'Hey King, I'm examining Grimmjow's reiatsu, and I'm findin' some stuff.'

'Like what?'

'Like we can fire some sort of darts from Tensa Zangetsu or Zangetsu, if only we can figure out how.'

'That is very good news. Expanding the types of attacks we can use, when all of ours are currently known is a big advantage.'

'That ain't all. I found out what that really strong blue Cero was. It's called 'Gran Rey Cero' an' we can probably use it once ya Hollowify King.'

'How do I use it?'

'Ya just open up a cut, or use any of your blood really, and just let the blood drip into a Cero. We're gonna hafta learn how to use a Cero first though.'

'Alright, thanks.'

'He thanked me Zangetsu! He thanked me!'

'I'm sure he will go back to hating you soon enough.'

'Fine. Be a meanie-head.'

Ichigo was torn from his conversation as he felt an Espada closing in. And this one felt stronger than Grimmjow, although thanks to Ichigo's consumption of said Espada, he felt reasonably confident that he could take on his unknown threat so long as it wasn't Ulquiorra again.

Ichigo burst into Shunpo to get closer to Orihime, only to widen his eyes as he saw a smaller Arrancar suddenly grabbing her. His fury bled power into his Shunpo as he flashed towards the pair. As he got closer he noticed Nel, slumped against a rock and most likely thrown there by the Arrancar, and most likely knocked out and in pain.

The Arrancar never knew what hit him as he was attempting to re-capture the idiotic woman in front of him. One second he was screaming as he bashed his sword repeatedly against a shielded that was becoming more and more annoying by the second, and the next, both of his arms and his sword were suddenly sent flying away, his body following but not connected anymore.

Ichigo stopped his mad rush directly in front of Orihime.

"Orihime, what happened to Nel?"

Orihime shuddered as she dropped her shield to answer, the drain of keeping the shield up becoming tiresome.

"As that Arrancar came up, he tried to grab me. When I was trying to pull my arm out of his grip, Nel attacked his legs, biting them and screaming. When he turned his concentration away to kick Nel into that rock, I kicked him in the shins, pulling my arm out of his grasp and put the shield up."

Ichigo nodded sharply once, then turned around, lifting his sword almost lazily as he blocked a kick from the Arrancar he had kicked away before, Orihime's scream echoing in his ears as it stopped as abruptly as his opponent's kick.

The Arrancar's eyes widened, the pupil's contracting as he started yelling.

"I am Tesla! And I will kill you Ichigo Kurosaki!"

"No you won't." Tesla spun, blood already spurting from his chest as Ichigo's blade slid through his body, impaling the Arrancar who had been completely outclassed.

Ichigo watched dispassionately as the Arrancar's corpse fell to the ground. He looked up into Orihime's eyes, seeing the fear, before throwing the remains of the body over the edge of the pillar they were on. Looking back, he saw the fear now directed at him. Fear caused by his casual disposal of a threat. Fear of what he had had to do. Fear he couldn't face as he jumped over the edge of the pillar.

Ichigo followed the body, briefly entering his Hollowfied state in order to consume this body as well. The rush of power he felt was miniscule, and he saw what was clearly an Espada, if the reiatsu the being had was any indication, speeding towards him.

Ichigo utilized Shunpo to speed away from the pillar where Orihime and Nel were, leading the Arrancar away. As he used Shunpo, he noticed that the Espada was gaining on him, Sonido propelling the human shaped Hollow faster than Ichigo's lazy Shunpo.

As the two powerful beings sped away, Orihime came back to herself, feeling the fear associated with Hollows seeping away as she calmed down and bent down to take care of Nel.

Ichigo stopped at a sand dune, feeling the Espada do so as well.

"Who are you?" was Ichigo's simple query.

"I am the Quinta Espada, Nnoitra Gilga. Prepare to meet your end Shinigami. Prepare to DIE!"

Nnoitra swung his massive and oddly-shaped weapon, flinging it at Ichigo who merely raised an eyebrow before Shunpo-ing out of the way.

[End Chapter]

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