Hey all! Challenge accepted, Twilight 25! ;) There will be twenty-five stand-alone drabbles, AH and AU so please check out the a/n for each entry. SM owns Twilight, no copyright infringement intended. This one is AH. Thank you abinar looking it over. xo

The Twilight Twenty-Five
thetwilight25 dot com

Prompt: Blood is thicker than water.
Pen Name: deb24601
Pairing/Character(s): Bella and Edward
Rating: T

The penknife doesn't scare me. Vodka makes me brave. Unspoken feelings float almost visibly in the dark air between us. Those scare me.

"Blood brothers?"

I nod.

Seems like the wrong time to remind him I'm a girl.

His skin is flame, the press and release, the promise of its return worth the slash of pain. He nicks himself. I feel that too.

"I read somewhere this is how Jim Morrison got married," I whisper.

Red to red, his thumb throbs against mine.

His slow smile is full of secrets about to be spilled.

"Maybe that's why I suggested it."