The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: The grass is always greener on the other side.

Pen Name: deb24601
Pairing/Character(s): Edward and Bella
Rating: T

SM owns Twilight. This is the last one, Vamp Edward and Bella, the reason I'm here in the first place. :,) Kisses to abinar, if only and soccermom for prereading and encouraging. And for the inspirational emails.



"The grass really is greener on your side, Edward."

It is. Verdant, jade, moss, emerald. Vibrant and lush. The nuances are beautiful - and distracting.

Bella's laughter rings out across our meadow.

Renesmee is safe.

The Volturi are gone.

Finally we're free to explore her new life together. It's like I'm being reborn as well. Seeing and hearing and feeling like Bella.

I can't hate what I am anymore - not when she's the same and a miracle to me . I nuzzle behind her ear, breathing in pure Bella. She sighs happily.

"It's your side now, too."

Thank you so much for reading along as I wrote for the challenge and especially for all your wonderful comments. You guys are amazing. xoxo