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The Twilight Twenty-Five
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Prompt: Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Pen Name: deb24601

Pairing/Character(s): Edward and Renesmee

Rating: K

"More tea, Daddy?"

"No thank you, princess." I rub my tummy - stomach, I mean, stomach. "Mm, I'm full."

Renesmee's not satisfied.

"You didn't eat your cookie!" she chides.

Tea parties are serious business this week and we've all taken a turn.

"Now, Nessie. You know Daddy and Mommy and Alice don't eat -"

"Rose makes me eat oatmeal! Eat the cookie... please?" Bella's human eyes look up at me, beseeching.

Jasper and Emmett are outside, guffawing like goons. They don't need Alice to see my immediate future.

I conjure up the memory of Bella's blood and take a bite.