Hey everyone, Traindude1997 here. I'm writing this as a holiday special for 2012. This will be a test for a future series I am writing. I do not own any characters in this story, even Sandy. That character belongs to Cactus190706 on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it and please review.

A Thomas and Friends Christmas


Of all the places in England, none is more magical than the Island of Sodor. It is a nice island filled with nice people. There are also lots and lots of railway lines. But the most magical about the island is that it is filled with talking trains. There are small ones and big ones. Fast ones and slow ones. Old ones and new ones. They work hard for STH, the controller of the railway. But it was even more magical because it was the Christmas season! There were colorful lights all over the houses and stations, people caroling, and Christmas trees all over. It is one of the busiest times of the year.

One day, on Thomas' branchline, Thomas was doing his normal passenger duties with Annie and Clarabel. Wearing his snowplow, he puffed down the line clearing snow from the tracks. "What a wonderful day" said Thomas cheerfully. "Why yes it is" said Annie and Clarabel. The more Thomas thought about Christmas, the more his firebox filled with joy. "Where almost done for the day Thomas" called his driver as they approached the last station. "Were done" cheered Annie and Clarabel as the passengers departed. Then, Percy pulled up next to Thomas, he was pulling the mail cars. "Hello Thomas, I can't believe its two days till Christmas" he peeped happily. "I know, all the happy children and the presents, and especially Santa" said Thomas with a smile. So Thomas and Percy went to the goods yard. Thomas dropped Annie and Clarabel in a siding near old slow coach. Percy put the mail cars in the goods shed. "Let's get going Percy, they're going to put the tree up at Knaphord soon" he called. "Coming Thomas" called Percy as he pulled up next to him. And they set off towards Knaphord.

At Knaphord, there was hustle and bustle. Workmen put up lights, passenger boarded trains, and trains came in and out. Thomas and Percy pulled up to platforms 3 and 4. Edward, Toby, Emily, and Henry were already there. "Hello Thomas, hello Percy" said Emily. "Hello" they both said. Percy looked around "Where are Gordon and Duck" he asked. "Duck is taking a small goods train to the transfer yards, and Gordon is collecting the Christmas tree from Misty Island" said Edward. After talking for a few minutes, Duck pulled up to platform 5. "What's happening guys" asked Duck with a smile. "Where waiting for Gordon to arrive with the Christmas tree" said Toby. And just moments after he said this, Gordon pulled in with a large Christmas tree on a flatbed. "I have picked the grandest tree on Sodor or Misty Island" said Gordon proudly. Soon the workmen had unloaded the tree and were putting it up. "Just wait till all the lights come on" said Henry, then, two little people walked up. "Excuse me, were looking for Thomas the tank engine" asked one of them, who they could tell was a girl. "That would be me, but, who are you" said Thomas. "my name is Christmas Carol, elf first class" he said holding out her badge. "And I'm Dingle Dave, I have no class" he said with a smile. "Wait, did you say elves" asked Duck. "That's right, were two of Santa's elves. Now, we need to talk to Thomas" said Dave. "Okay, did I do something wrong" asked Thomas. "Oh no, nothing like that, but there is something important we need to talk to you about" said Carol. "What is it" asked Percy. Dave spoke "we were given a mission from Santa to come down here and bring you back to the north pole with us".

All the engines gasped, they wanted to take Thomas to the north pole. "But why" asked Thomas. "Because, with all the wishes this year, Santa needs some extra help. The one who usually helps his says he's overworked, so Santa asked him to pick someone to help. When Santa said that, his helped asked for you. So now, we need you to come help" said Carol. "Whoa, I get to work at the north pole" said Thomas, we was excited. "So, is that a yes" asked Dave. "You bet, but please, can my friends come to" asked Thomas. Dave and Carol looked at each other. "We'll have to contact Santa and ask" and they left. "I can't believe this, working at the north pole, that would be great" said Emily. "A dream come true" said Duck. Soon, Carol and Dave came back. "Santa said that's A okay" said Carol. "ALRIGHT" they all screamed. "Let's get moving" said Dave, and he threw a small ball in front of each engine. Soon the balls began to spin, and were replaced by a portal that engine could fit through. "Let's get going" said Carol, and she and Dave walked through one of the portals. "Well, here we go" said Thomas, and he puffed through the portal. Soon, the rest of the engine did the same. But then, Diesel snuck over, he had heard everything. "Well well well, a trip to the North Pole would be great, I could show Santa that Diesels are better than steamies any day" he said with a smile, and he rolled into the portal right before it closed.

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