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Building Up, then knocking down

Thomas and the others were having a great time. Percy and Toby where happy taking the mail to the letter room. Percy was very happy. "I haven't pulled this much mail before" he said as he took another load to the room. James and Emily were taking loads to the other workshops. "This is hard work" said Emily as she pulled up to a shop with some cars of wood. "I know, the jobs are much easier on Sodor" said James as he passed by with some metal and tools. Gordon and Henry were constantly taking cars of toys to the present wrapper. "This is easy for big engines like us" said Gordon. "Quite right" said Henry. Edward and Duck worked the hardest in the freight yard. "Hurry Edward, they need more cars at the loading docks" called Duck. "I'm coming Duck, remember, I'm an old engine" Edward called as he rushed after Duck.

Thomas, Lady, and Sandy worked in the main shop. "Lady, bring those cars of candy over here" called Sandy. "Coming" called Lady as she was coupled up. But when she started to chuff forward, she bumped into the back of Thomas. "Oh, sorry Thomas" said Lady. "huh, what" said Thomas. "What are you doing Thomas, you should have delivered those cars of wheels to the racecars five minutes ago" she said in a concerned voice. "oh, I was looking at this" said Thomas, he was looking at what looked a jet engine on a car, like the one Thomas had pulled long ago. "hey Sandy, what's this" asked Thomas. Sandy looked at the jet engine. "Oh, that was made by Santa a few years ago so I could get around faster." "Wow, can I try it" asked Thomas. "whoa Thomas, the answer to that is" but then a voice called out. "Sandy, glad I found you" and who walked out from behind Sandy, but Santa. "SANTA" said Thomas, he was happy and surprised. "Hello Thomas, I see your already working, I can see why you picked him Sandy" Santa said with a smile. Thomas was even more surprised. "You're the one who picked me to come up here" he asked. "Yep, I've heard about you and knew you would be perfect to help" Sandy said smiling. "Well, thank you" said Thomas.

"Now Sandy, I need you to take the sleigh out of the shed and bring it in for new paint" Santa instructed Sandy. "Right away sir" said Sandy, and he left for the sheds. "Come on Thomas, we got work to do" said Lady and she also left. But Thomas wasn't paying attention, he was too busy looking at the jet engine. "I'm shure Sandy wouldn't mind if I just put myself in front of it. As long as I'm not using it" Thomas said to himself. So he rolled over to the siding and backed down onto the jet engine. "This reminds me of when I was pulling a jet engine years ago" said Thomas with a chuckle. What Thomas didn't see was that an elf thought that Thomas was taking the jet engine somewhere, so he coupled him to the flat bed without him knowing. There was worse to come. Another Elf was carrying some presents and slipped on some candy cane mix. One of the presents flew through the air and hit the ON button for the jet. "What's that sound" asked Thomas. There was a wiring sound coming from behind Thomas. "Wait a minute, I know that sound, it sounds like" but he couldn't say anything else because the next second he was flying down the track.

"HELP" called Thomas as the jet engine pushed him around the workshop. He flew past elves and caused them to fall over and present to go everywhere. Then Thomas saw a car of presents in front of him. "Oh no" he cried, and he hit the car, pushing it into a siding, smashing through the buffers, and crashing into some machines. Lady was pushing the candy cars into a siding when she heard elves screaming. "What's going on" asked Lady, then Thomas flew by. "Oh, that's what's wrong" she said, and she rushed after him. Meanwhile, Sandy was pulling a flatbed that had Santa's sleigh on it. Then Sandy saw the elves screaming. "What's happening" he asked an Elf. "The jet engine has been turned on and Thomas is in front of it" said the elf, and she then ran away screaming. "I knew we should have destroyed that engine" said Sandy crossly. He began to chuff forward, but then Thomas came around a corner and smashed into the end of the flatbed. Thomas kept going, but the sleigh flew through the air and landed with a crash. Lady came around the corner and pulled up to Sandy. "What are we going to do" asked Lady concernedly. "Let go after him and see if we can slow him down" and they set off.

Down the line, Santa was talking to an elf about Thomas. "This is crazy, we need to stop him now" Santa said sternly. But then, Thomas came flying towards them. "Watch out" said Thomas as he drew nearer. But then, the coupling on the jet engines flatbed broke, and Thomas was able to get ahead of it for a short time. In that time, an elf switched the points and set the jet engine into a siding. It hit the buffers, came off the rails, and slammed into another machine. But the machine was a ball maker, and soon all kinds of balls where flying through the air. "Look out" called and elf as some baseballs came down. But Santa wasn't quick enough, and all the baseballs landed on him. He fell to the ground, unconscious. The elves swarmed around him, and soon Sandy and Lady pulled up. Sandy rolled up next to Santa. "Santa, are you okay" he asked. Santa slowly opened his eyes. "Oh Santa, you're okay" said Sandy as Santa got up and the elves cheered. "Wait a minute, who are you, and who is Santa" asked Santa. Sandy and the elves gasped. One of the elves had a look over him. "I think he's got amnesia, he can't remember who he is" he said. Sandy was surprised, but when he rolled back to Thomas, he looked angry. "THOMAS, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING" he screamed. Thomas looked down, then back at Sandy. "I didn't mean to, I just back up to it, then the next thing I knew I was flying down the tracks" he said in a sad voice. Lady felt sad for Thomas. "I have to agree with Thomas, how could he have coupled himself to the engine and turned it on" she asked. Two elves then left the scene. Sandy gave Thomas a look "either way, the workshop is in a wreck and Santa is injured" and at that moment, everything in the north pole started to shut down. Dave and Carol ran up. "The north poles shuting down" said Dave. "What are we going to do" asked Lady and Thomas. "We need to find another Santa, then the North Pole will work again" said Sandy. "Who's going to replace him" asked Lady. "It has to be the person that caused Santa to be injured" said Dave. "So, does that mean" started Thomas. "Yes Thomas, until Santa gets better, you are the new Santa Clause" said Sandy. Thomas Gasped.

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