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High School- Raijin academy

Ever since I was a young child, I've had an unhealthy obsession with observing humans. It was like second nature for me! Though it was a given that I was also the person who was always forced to be alone, since the other kids didn't want to play with the 'weirdo'. And said interest of mine was anything but squelched once I reached Junior high. It more than likely intensified! People's reactions were even more amusing than in grade school! The other teens were going through a over-dramatic phase, which meant greater and better for observations for me~. But I continued to keep to myself, not exploring the human emotions yet.

Once I met the first person to be on the other end of my chart of human actions, I got incredibly curious. This... Shinra Kisitani... didn't give two cents about anybody else. He had such strange emotions that I had almost drawn to the conclusion that he wasn't human. But I saved that spot for someone real special.

Whilst keeping an ever keen eye on dear Shinra, I returned to my usual, loner ways. But, when I was tempted with the total control of the clue, I couldn't help but start a gambling ring right under Shinra's nose. Though it was extremely easy, with him being so immersed in his science experiments and all. Like I imagined it would, it all ended in a clash of unpredicted emotions and actions by different parties. Yet, somehow, Shinra still stuck around. Don't ask me why, since if I were him, I would've left me the first second I saw myself.

After junior high, I started getting gradually more and more mischievous. Loving the reactions that I got from the dramatic high schoolers. And I built up a reputation to behold, and for people to start fearing.

One day, Shinra ran into me in the hallways, telling me to hurry so he could have me meet someone. It was out of the blue for the secluded, happy-go-lucky scientist, but then again, what is usual for him? Out of my ever present curiosity, I agreed to follow the brunette out to the soccer fields. There, a blond haired guy with a deep scowl etched in his face, stood with the whole soccer team circled around him. And somehow, I don't think either of them want to sit down and have a nice chat about the weather. Shinra and I walked over to a table that was directly across from the fuming circle of people. Since I didn't feel like standing, I took a nice and comfy seat on the table.

Taking a front row seat, I began my new and exciting observation of this mysterious blond. Some point during the conversation they must have had before Shinra and I got here, the blond shucked off his blue blazer. Leaving him in a white dress shirt. My smile grew wide at this guy's raspy voice, which clearly proclaimed his anger.

" I suggest that you all back off before I have'ta beat the shit out of you! Like I said, you guys all suck and can't play a game for shit! Hell, the sewing clue would probably be better at this than you hacks!" Well isn't he a confidant one~! Taking on a crowd of people when he's just one person~! Very admirable. Shinra turned to me with a bright smile.

" You're gonna want to watch closely now. This is where things usually get interesting!" My inner voice cooed happily at the word 'interesting'. That's my favorite word!

The group of pissed off teens let out a few curses, jumping on the cocky blond who stood there like he wasn't even scared. It took no more than five seconds for the blond to unleash an incredible show of strength. The once over powering males, now went flying as this blond threw them like rag dolls. It took everything in me not to give out a joyous laugh. I think I've found my muse for sometime~! Oh how fun it would be to test that strength to the breaking point~! To see the look on his face as the last of his energy reserves dwindle down to nothing, leaving him in a heaping mess! Ah~ I can see it now! It makes me jittery just thinking about it!

He continued his rampage by hurling the bodies of the soccer players into their fellow team mates. This brute didn't stop till he was ripping up the metal goal, that was driven into the ground, and holding it above his head. My eager eyes were wide as I watched him hurl everything in the air, making his last hurrah before he felt finished. What incredible strength! I wonder just how many ways I can mess with this one~? I have the strongest urge to watch him break to nothing. I wonder if he'd still fight knowing that there wasn't anything he could do about it?

" And that would be Shizuo Heiwajima for you!"

Out of admiration and trying to gauge how full of himself this guy was, I clapped, gaining his attention immediately. He looked anything but happy to see me. If fact, I think I even caught some hatred aimed towards me!

" Meet Izaya Orihara! From our Junior high. And well, he's a pretty good guy. To be honest, he's not really good at all!" Shinra introduced me in his honest and careless way. I didn't really care what he told this guy about me, but I felt like teasing him anyways.

" That isn't nice Shinra~." Said brown haired scientist laughed it off. And it didn't occur to me that I was no longer looking at the blond, since I had closed my eyes.

" No no! I meant that in a good way!" Apologetic as ever~! While we were having our little conversation, Shizuo must have made his conclusions about me, since he growled out,

" You piss me off!" Do I now~? Well that tells me how great our relationship is going to go. I guess I've just made my first mortal enemy~! How exciting! Opening one of my eyes, I smirked at the angry brute, happy to fine someone to mess with for a while.

"Oh yeah?" The scowl that he showed to the soccer team was still there etched in his face, unchanging. I'll just have to change that, now won't I? "Too bad. I was thinking you and I could have some real fun together~!" Shizuo turned away from me, either embarrassed or just sick of looking at me. By his tone earlier, I'd guess the latter.

"Shut up!" His voice was quite sexy in a way. If I were a girl, I'd be all over it! And as I look at his slim, but well built, frame, I can't find a reason to not find him attractive. If it wasn't for his temper, I'm sure he'd be a really lady's man here.

"Now why you gotta be like that, Shizuo~?" The use of his name in my purr definitely got his attention as he gave a surprised growl. Smirking from my place on table at the side of the field, I chuckled. Now that's what I want to see Shizu-chan~! Perfect reaction! With surprising quickness, he went for me, destroying the table I once sat on. Luckily for me, I'm slightly more agile than this blond brute. Shocked, he looked around for me, only to turn and meet the other end of my blade.

My normal black, button-up jacket settled as I watched him back up, his shirt ripped and oozing crimson. While giving me a mean looking glare, his gave a hiss, clutching his wounded chest.

"See, isn't this a blast~?" I guess you can say that started it all, and is where I pick up the story in the present time.

Rumors began swirling about Shizuo and me. About our twisted rivalry that involves moves the humans can only dream of being able to attempt. Over the next few days, my judgement of Shizuo began classifying him in the 'inhuman' range. He's more of a monster than a human~! But said blond is my favorite monster to tease~! I drown in his unpredictable reactions and retorts. It makes a observer like myself drool at all the possible out comes that he gives me~! He's my new obsession!

" You've been very happy recently Izaya? Something good happen to you or something?" Shinra pondered, an amused smirk on his face while he cut into a frog, poking at its innards. Sighing contently, I fiddled with a knife Shinra laid out. Twisting it around with my fingers. Its smooth surface easily sliding between my fingers.

" I'm just so happy that I get to play with Shizu-chan so much! It's the most fun I've ever had! Thanks for introducing us Shinra~!" With a disbelieving chuckle, he pulled the yellow fat from the side of the frog's body. Jotting something or another about it down.

" Shizu-chan huh? Yeah, he'd kill you if he heard you call him that in person. Though it does sound like a cute name, certainly doesn't fit a hot tempered guy like him though!" Twirling the knife some more, I took a few steps away from the lab table. Holding the knife in the air with proclamation.

" But it does fit him~! Perfect name for a monster!" Whipping around quickly, I threw the knife. Watching as it gouged the wall, almost impaling some unfortunate kids. They all looked so scared that it was funny! " See ya later Shinra." Thanks to my brown haired friend, I've found something new to use to make the brute see red~! I can't believe I didn't think of calling him Shizu-chan just to see his reaction! Now where would the monster be at a time like this?

Wondering around, I wound up on the roof. I'm not really sure why I decided to go on the roof, but it works. My boredom was reaching the boiling point. As I looked around for my monster, I found a figure leaning against the fencing. A familiar mop of blond hair blowing in the slight breeze. There you are~!

" Hel-lo Shizu-chan~! What are you doing up here?" His body visibly cringed at my voice, but he didn't make a move to attack me.

" Fuck you flea! Why don't you leave me alone." Gee~, somebody's moody today! I wonder what could be eating at the cold brute? I assumed that he didn't have problems.

" Something bothering you Shizu-chan? You know you can always tell me~." Taking a seat next to the upset firecracker, I tried my best to see his face. But he wasn't making it easy for me, with him being all curled up.

" Pft! Like hell I'd tell you anything! It's none of your business in the first place." Come on Shizuo! Give me something to work with here! Shifting my legs, I started moving so I could sit in front of him.

" But I do care about my monster~!" My eyes widened when I finally saw his face. Shizuo's eyes were blurred and his head was turned away from me. But it was very clear that he was close to crying. " Shizuo..? Are you..crying..?" Shizuo's hands clenched his pants as his knuckles turned white.

" Like I said...it's none of your business." His normally raspy voice, was now soft and pathetic. Something inside me twisted as I felt strange sympathy for the blond man in front of me. My body was no longer in control of my hand, which reached out and caressed his face. This...this is...affection?! But.. it can't be! His dark-honey colored eyes widened with shock, still glazed over with tears.

The moment was ruined by Shizuo slapping my hand away, standing abruptly, causing me to fall backwards in shock.

" DON'T TOUCH ME! I TOLD YOU TO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU FUCKING FLEA!" My mouth still hanging open from when I fell, I watched as he sprinted out the door to the roof. The door behind him slamming harshly, the crack echoing around the empty roof. For the first time in forever, my heart was pounding against my rib cage. What...just happened.. exactly? In my usual manner, I tried laughing it off, hoping ignoring it would make it disappear. But this isn't something to be ignored. I mean, he looked so upset for some reason. Why? What could have possibly made him upset enough to want to cry?

Even with my fogged up mind, I stumbled down the stairs, trying to sort everything out in my mind. Could it be, that I found something I don't know the answer to? That's stupid! I could easily find the answer if I simply talk to him! But, he'd probably have us wind up fighting again. It's not like I can sit down and have a normal conversation with the monster! Great, this is going to bother me now~!


You'd think I'd be used to the stares, the whispers, the name calling. But I'm not! It drives me crazy that every time I go somewhere, people stare and whisper about me. They must think I can't hear them, but to me it's extremely loud. I can hear every word! Like, ' Look, it's that freaky kid! Stay away from him, he's weird!' or 'Isn't that the kid who hurts people for just making him angry?!Talk about a total monster! How can he live with himself?!' and 'Uhg! That guy makes me sick! He must think he's better than us! Just because he's strong doesn't mean he can just do things like that to people! I hate him!'. I deal with that everyday! Anywhere I go I hear that! I can only feel safe at home. Even then I'm scared I'll hurt my family. Especially Kasuka.

Normally, I ignore the teases and mumbles, but today I've just had enough of it! I lashed out at someone, and everyone turned on me. Like I had done something wrong! But they didn't bother to think about the guy who pretty much put me down in front of my face! They all called me a stupid monster. That I shouldn't even be here. That I'm such a damn freak. They think I don't already know that?! They don't think that I'm tired of being afraid of myself because I don't know if I'll hurt someone else or not?! Or how much I hate myself for being such a monster?!

It all came flooding out of me. Some because of rage and some because of all my pent up sadness. It welled up inside of me and I couldn't help but feel my eyes fill up with tears. My eyes stung with the onslaught of emotion that wanted to come out as stupid tears. My running feet took me to my only safe haven, other than my home. Here, on the roof, I can be sure that I won't hurt anyone. I can just be alone and be left to my thoughts. Hell, I even love to take naps here too!

My body crippled to the ground, over come with this weird feeling. I haven't really cried in my life, so this was new to me. I kind of wanted to throw up for some reason. Just feeling very shitty over all. This sucks! Why does very one hate me so much?! I'm not really a bad guy! Why don't people see that?! I'm not really a pissed off person if they just spent time with me. None of them even know me, so how can they say that they hate me so much? Shit..!

My tear blurred eyes opened wide as I heard the roof's door being opened. Why is someone here?! I didn't think anyone would want to be up here! Crap! What am I going to do?! The sound of footsteps stopped for a minute, like they were looking for something, before continuing again. Before I knew it, they were right behind me.

" Hel-lo Shizu-chan~! What are you doing up here?" Immediately I recognized the flea's unique voice, which always seemed to have a purr in it. At the sound of the voice, I felt myself tense out of habit. My head was telling me to start fighting with him, but I just didn't have the patience or energy today.

" Fuck you flea! Why don't you leave me alone." Like I said, I don't want to do it today. I have no tolerance for annoying fleas when I'm this shitty. Curling up tighter, I hugged my knees, looking out over the school grounds. My eyes were still distorting my world, but I didn't give a shit.

" Something bothering you Shizu-chan? You know you can always tell me~." His warmth suddenly was next to me, leaning just a bit too closer for comfort. Carp! I can't let him see my face! If he sees it, he'll just make fun of me. And I don't need more on top of my confusion.

" Pft! Like hell I'd tell you anything! It's none of your business in the first place." Hoping to rid myself of my tears, I tried brushing it off with an insult. My own way of laughing it off. But it didn't deter Izaya from shifting, trying to catch a glimpse of my tear stained face. Please, no...

" But I do care about my monster~!" My hopes fell as he stared, wide eyed at my leaking face. I felt a blush want to start creeping up that someone found me crying. And it had to be the person I hate too! Screw this fucking fate! " Shizuo..? Are you..crying..?" No duh you mentally troubled flea! My eyes are like this because I'm totally fine! I'm not being eaten alive by my sorrows or anything! I'm a-OK! Clenching my pants tightly, I strained to keep my cool. My throat decided to clamp shut on me, leaving me with hardly any voice.

" Like I said...it's none of your business." It was nothing more than a hoarse whisper. God, I'm such a pathetic wuss puss! I get all teary eyed over something this trivial?! That's not like me at all! Though..maybe it's because my heart took one too many stabs from insults..? GAH! That was the girly-est, most utterly stupid thing I've ever heard! Damn this sadness to hell!

Out of surprise, my watery, tear filled eyes widened at the gentle touch of a hand on my cheek. Is he...comforting me?! What is this world coming to?! Something stirred in the pit of my stomach, tying it in knots. My anger bubbled back up, reaching a bursting point. Slapping Izaya's hand away, I stood up, making him fall back in shock.

" DON'T TOUCH ME! I TOLD YOU TO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU FUCKING FLEA!" My feet once again began running as the tears started running down my face. I gotta get out of here! Why don't I crawl under a rock and take a nice long nap?! Not so easy being a monster, huh?

Hiding, I attempted to pull myself together, gathering my thoughts. But my body wanted to just unleash all this pent up emotions that piled up over the years. After all, the body's way of relieving stress is to cry. Stupid does crying help?! It's useless to cry if you feel worse after doing it! It makes your eyes swell and stay that way for hours, letting everyone know you cried. Well, I think it's time to stop hanging around Shinra so much.

I'm Shizuo Heiwajima, and I'm crying on the floor of the bathroom stall?! Something is so very wrong with that. I don't even want to cry. It just happened. Just like me going on violent rampages is something I can't help. Stupid people just get me upset for some reason.

Finally, the tears slowed, the last of them falling to the tiles. There, you happy now, stupid stress level?! Resting my head against the bathroom wall, I started letting my mind drift. The only thing good about being a monster is that you get a lot of alone time.

I felt my heart stop as the door to the bathroom open. Someone's foot falls going over to the sinks.

" Ahaha~...how annoying~." That oh-so-famliar voice drifted to me again. Just fucking super! Let's hope he doesn't see me sitting on the floor of the stall...

..Fuck me...

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