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Not good not good~! I'm majorly fucked~! Shizuo's going to bite my head off for brushing off what we've done so far by accident~. Now poor Shinra and Celty know what my body looks like and can assume pretty easily what's going on. After all, Shizuo yelled to them, and anyone in a five aisle perimeter, that he 'fucked me against the wall'~. Thanks for that Shizu-chan~.

I glanced up at Shizuo every now and then, feeling more and more nervous with what would be coming to me when we got to my house. What will he do~? Fuck me? Beat me? Which ever one he picks I'll be defenseless~. His mood didn't lighten up as we walked down the sidewalk, people noticing us and the fact he was dragging me behind him angrily. Ah~ ridiculed in front of my humans~ what could be worse?

My heart sank as I saw my house come into view, dread welling up inside me. I've never been less excited to see my house in my whole life. Shizuo finally turned to me, making me flinch as he shoved his hand in my pocket, digging out my keys. As the brute unlocked my door I felt my palms start to sweat. Ha~ my heart's racing~. You don't even have to say anything to me to be scary Shizuo~! He opened the door and stormed inside, throwing the bag of food and my keys down before he turned his attention to me.

Not daring to move, I stood in front of the open door till Shizuo walked towards me, grabbing the door behind me and slamming it shut. Laughing nervously, I panicked as I felt my back hit the door, Shizuo glaring at me hard. Screwed indeed~! Swallowing thickly, I avoided looking at him, my pulse having no hopes of returning to normal. Just get it over with and hurt me Shizuo. I don't like the annoying feeling of being scared~.

" L-listen, Shizu-chan~ I promise that I didn't -" He cut me off by grabbing my face, forcing me to look him in the eye. Rage was shining through his eyes, and his aura was definitely pissed and not in the mood.

" Shut the fuck up! I don't give a shit what you meant, it's what you fucking said that I'm pissed about! 'Wrong idea'?! Does that mean that every fucking thing we did is just 'the wrong idea'?!" Those two words are going to be the death of me~. Wiggling in his hold, I tried giving him a nervous smirk.

" Shizu-chan, I was just talking abo-Haa~!" He cut me off with a knee to my crotch, my face gaining a light blush. Isn't there better ways of silencing someone than grinding your knee on their poor crotch~?! His grip on my face hurt slightly, but so far he's being a lot gentler than I thought he would~!

" I don't care! You fucking piss me off!" Then why bother having sex with me~? " How the fuck do you think I felt when you blew everything off?! It fucking hurt! I thought you fucking felt the same thing I felt, but obviously that just another stupid lie for your own sick benefit." Seeing him look at me with the same eyes he did before this whole mess started...actually was painful. This is what I wanted, right? I should be glad I get a chance to make everything go back to normal! Though I...I..crap...

" Shizuo...I...I'm sorry. I...do...feel...that. I haven't had something like this so how can you expect me to know what to say, what to do, and what to think?! I'm so confused that it's scary and I just...I don't know how to handle it~! Go ahead and beat me up~! I'm sure I deserve it! You could do that, then leave me here to break down about everything~. That'll be good. My feelings are overwhelming me already, I'm sure they'd suffocate me if you did that~! Clearly I'm an unloveable ass, so you'll be doing someone a favor if you- mhf?!" Suddenly he leaned forward, putting his mouth over mine, kissing me tenderly. Huh?! Why is he...?! I thought he was going to...! But he...?! Mixed messages much, Shizuo~? Not knowing what was going on, I kissed back, unsure of the situation. He pulled away, letting his lips brush against mine.

" Don't you dare say that. I love you, so you're not fucking 'unloveable' stupid! You make it sound like you're an annoying dog or something. Just...think about what you fucking say before you open your mouth and piss people off. Stupid flea." The monster is telling me to think more?! Ha! That's funny~! Though I think too much Shizuo~ the last thing I need is to think more~!

" You're so confusing~." I sighed, relaxing against the door as Shizuo rested his forehead against mine. Unpredictable brute~. I hate it so much.

" Good. Makes things interesting." He hummed, loosening his hold on my face, rubbing the nearly bruised skin in apology. This is why I didn't want this to happen. He doesn't react normally and the littlest thing sets him off~. Though I only have myself to thank for that. Shinra told me that one of Shizuo's past friends had managed to tame him to a certain extent, but that I came along and blew all of that hard work away by practically just looking at Shizuo. Why can I say~ I'm pretty good at pissing people off~. Pushing Shizuo away, I picked up the bag of food, walking into the kitchen, unfortunately catching sight of the poor wall with my cum over it.

Setting the bag on the counter, I glanced at the clock, surprised to find that it was 1:30 in the afternoon. We wasted the whole morning by doing lewd acts~? Lovely.

0-Izaya's sisters-0

Now having nothing to do with the two being out of their sight, the twins eagerly waited for their return. A sudden slam of a door caught their attention. Watching the two guys, they were struck by how pissed Shizuo was, and how nervous Izaya looked.

" What happened while they were out?! Oh, don't screw this up Izaya! We worked so hard to get you that time with Shizuo!" After all she's done for him, she can't believe he'd screw up their fool proof plans to get Shizuo and Izaya together! It's just not right. How much does he expect his little sisters to bust their butts for him?! What a waste of a kind gesture.

Their eyes were glued to the screen as Shizuo chastised big brother Izaya, said brother looking more nervous than they've ever seen him look before. When Shizuo let Izaya get a word in, they were hooked in as he agreed with Shizuo and told him to punish him to the point he'd have a nervous breakdown.

" Awww~ don't say that Iza-kun~! Shizu-chan loves you! To a point I guess we love you too!" Both of the girls let out a gasp of surprise when Shizuo kissed Izaya into silence before they cooed happily. " Aw~ that's so cute~! Yet disturbing since we're watching our brother get kissed...but still, aw~!" Kuriri nodded in agreement as they watched them calm down. At least their hopeless brother didn't ruin the plan this early in the game, since that would've been so boring!

0-Back at the store-0

The couple stood there in confusion as Shizuo dragged Izaya away after he touched Izaya inappropriately. Shinra coughed to try to get out of this awkward moment, pushing his glasses up as he tried to get the horrid image of Izaya out of his mind. Just what was Shizuo's sudden outburst about? Why did he prance up to the two of them and show off his possessive markings, claiming Izaya as his own? The brunette looked over to his 'roommate' as she started typing out her message.

' What was that about? What was Shizuo saying?' Shinra shook his head, both not wanting to explain and not knowing much of the answer himself.

" Somehow I think we got into the middle of a lover's spat!" He mused cheerfully, happy that Celty seemed to forget she was mad at him. Said Dullahan tilted her head to the side in confusion. He needs to remember that Celty wouldn't know many 'human' phrases and such.

' Lover's spat?' Shinra gave her a smile, not wanting to go into it. It's not the best thing to try and imagine your two friends being in a sexual relationship after all. He'll tell Celty about it some other time, he knows if she gets a little more clarification that she'd fully understand. He grabbed her arm, tugging her towards another aisle, hoping she'd tell him what she wants to get now.


Putting the food into their appropriate places, I let myself think through everything for about the millionth time. Why me? There's nothing especially alluring about me, at the very least to the extent that I'd attract a monster to me who likes me enough to be possessive over me. I'm not bad looking but he's made it clear that my body wasn't the only thing he cared for. My personally definitely isn't the reason he likes me so much! It's not my disposition. It's not because we're alike. It's not because I'm treating him in a pleasant way...what does he see in me~?! I'm really curious. Well, now that we've calmed down and the monster doesn't look like he's going to hurt me, I guess I could ask~.

" Hey, Shizu-chan? Can I ask you something?" Said brute was staring off into space, but snapped out of it at the sound of my voice. I guess I'm not the only one thinking things over~.

" Hm? Sure." He narrowed his eyes slightly, wisely not completely trusting me. Turning around to face him, I gave him a smirk, tilting my head to the side. Might as well get it over with~.

" Why me? What's there for you to be attracted to with me? I've thought about it and can't figure it out~. If anything, I should be someone you should hate, not love." He frowned at my statement, giving me a belittling look. Is there something I'm missing here? I went over it and I didn't find anything to love.

" You're different than other people. You come off like an annoying flea, but there's a lot more to you then you let everybody think. That's why. I want to figure out what you have inside, I know it'll be interesting. You're just...different and it's attractive." Different? He finds me attractive because I'm not the typical teenage male out there? Hm. Giving him a smirk, I let myself think through that. I guess I am 'different' but you think that would be a reason to not like me. I am mysterious, so I can understand that it might be alluring to try and crack me open and see what comes out.

Lost in thought once again, I didn't notice Shizuo come up from behind me till he wrapped his arms around my waist. Jumping slightly, I lost most of my surprise at his actions by now and just relaxed once again. He kissed at my neck, the tender, abused skin tingled at being touched. Nothing sexual Shizu-chan~? Are you starting to feel bad about doing all those things to me~? Closing my eyes, I allowed him to kiss my neck, humming happily. You're being gentle and human Shizuo~ it's weird.

" I'm not cooking again. It's your turn to cook." Being distracted by him kissing my neck, I was confused by what he said till it hit me. He's just doing this so I won't make him have to cook again~. Trying to put me into a good mood Shizu-chan~? Laughing, I pushed him away, not happy that he played me, but finding it funny anyways.

" That wasn't very nice Shizu-chan, teasing me like that." I turned and got out the stuff I planned on making, feeling extremely hungry after everything we've done. At least I'll finally get to eat something! I'm starving and it's all Shizuo's fault.

It was an odd feeling eating with Shizuo. This is all whirling too fast, sex, fighting, love, I don't know what to think anymore~! Aren't we going into this a little fast? We basically had a whole relationship in just a day, we had sex, we fought, we made up, and we're eating together. If my research on humans has thought me anything, it's that people like going slower in their relationships and don't have all these things happen at once. Though our relationship isn't exactly normal~. I'm sure normal people don't feel the need to mark their partner as much as Shizuo does, but he is a monster after all.

0-Week later-0

I groaned as I slowly woke up, my body very sore and my energy gone. Stupid brute~. He took my poor body so much~ now look at me. I'm covered in love bites, I doubt I've been able to keep clothes on for very long before he takes them off, and I'm sure I smell like sex~. Though me and my body both agree that his possessiveness hasn't been a bad thing~! I'm debating on whether this has been the best week or the worst week of my life.

Sighing, I tried getting up only to find that Shizuo had his arms wrapped around me, holding me to him. I want to go take a shower Shizu-chan, I don't really want you holding me. Knowing I wouldn't be able to leave, I stayed laying down, squeaking when he pulled me flush against him, his member pressing against my bare skin. W-why is he already...oh yeah. How could I forget that us men get hard at certain points of sleep~. Feeling my face heat up, I frowned, trying to move away from him so we weren't touching. Shizuo just tightened his hold and snuggled his face into my hair happily, his hips wiggling slightly. Biting my lip, I held in my groan of pleasure as he ground his hips on me. Shizuo you know I'm sensitive there! Stop it!

" Shizuo, stop." I gritted out, grabbing at his hold, trying to loosen it so I could get away. I gasped as I felt his hand brush my member, my face burning red. Frowning, I tried thinking a way out of this. Shizuo already got me hard and flustered and he's still sleeping~! " SHIZUO! Let me go right now!" I yelled, not liking getting molested by a sleeping man. He made and noise in his sleep, just tightening his hold, his hand now resting on my crotch, not doing go things to me.

Starting to get frustrated, I wiggled in his hold, biting my lip to hold in any sounds as I turned in his hold to face him. Glaring at his sleeping face, I poked his cheek, watching his face scrunch up. His hand slid down my butt, making me jump as our erections were pressed against each other. Not good~. Thankfully Shizuo finally woke up, blinking sleepily at me.

" Let me go." I ordered, amused by his confused look. When his senses came back to him, he looked down and noticed our touching crotches, my cheeks lightly dusted with a blush as Shizuo just openly looked at me uncovered.

" What was going on? You horny already Izaya?" Rolling my eyes at him, I pushed him away, getting out of the bed and pulled on a pair of boxers. I gasped as I remembered what was happening today. Crap! They're coming home today! Looking around, I tried thinking of what to do first. Turning to Shizuo, I grabbed the sheets, looking at him desperately.

" Get off now!" He followed my command, throwing me a questioning look. Gotta get rid of all the signs of our week! Rushing to the washer, I quickly threw them in, running to grab towels, grabbing some. Filling a bucket with water and soap, I went to the wall that we had came on, starting to quickly clean it up.

" What are you doing running around?" What am I doing?! Ha! He doesn't know what today is?! The last thing I want is my parents walking in and finding our cum everywhere! That would be kind of hard to explain~. Ignoring Shizuo, I finished cleaning the wall and went into the bathroom, hopping into the tub. I could feel Shizuo's curious gaze on me as I started washing away all the leftovers of our 'special' time together. How am I going to hide that a good part of my body is covered in love bites~?! And I'm going to be way too tired to go to school again because of the pain in my ass and I need a good week of nonsexed up sleep. Ah I knew he was going to be trouble~.

After a few hours of cleaning and shoving all my messy clothes in the washer, I finally finished getting rid of it all. I sighed, leaning against the wall as I panted in exhaustion. That was too much work~. Shizuo came behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist as he rested his head on my shoulder.

" You gonna tell me what the hell you were doing?" Rolling my eyes, I chuckled at the fact the brute still hadn't figured it out.

" My family is coming home today. Even for me it would be hard to explain away the fact our cum was everywhere~. I haven't even introduced you as my friend, let alone someone who I'd do those kind of things together with~." I explained to him, knowing that my parents would be very shocked and might react badly to the fact their only son could be gay. Their beloved son, the only one capable of passing on the family name, is in the clutches of a male monster~? Somehow I doubt they'd enjoy that too much.

My heart lurched as I heard a car pull into my drive way. Crap! Shizuo's naked and I'm in my boxers! Quickly pushing Shizuo up the stairs, I hurriedly shoved him in my room and closed and locked the door. Running around my room, I got on some clean clothes, turning to Shizuo and throwing his clothes at him.

" Put them on NOW!" I demanded, pressing my ear to the door, listening as the front door opened. Please don't come up here! Luckily Shizuo put his clothes on quickly, my two sister's giggling and running up the stairs. Moving away from my door, I grabbed the texts books next to me and put them on the floor along with some of the old work I did. I sat down on the floor, grabbing Shizuo's arm and pulled him down with me. There! Now it looks like we've done work~. My sisters opened my door and threw themselves on me, laughing weirdly.

" Big brother~! We're home!" They cooed, their excitement to see me made me immediately suspicious. Why would they be happy to see me unless they did something? What are they planing? They let me go and did something that surprised me even more than them being happy to see me. My sisters went of to Shizuo and hugged him too. Why...? " Thanks for 'taking care' of our brother~!" What did they mean by that...?

0-Three weeks later, Izaya-0

It's been a while since Shizuo forced himself into my head and tricked me into having sex with him and to feel something for him. I couldn't keep up claiming I was sick unless I wanted to be taken to a doctor, so I'm now back in school~. Shizuo hasn't done anything to make people think that something was going on between us luckily~! Though he still remains to be the unpredictable monster I knew him to be~. The only thing that tips people off that there was something going on was that Shizu-chan and I haven't been fighting as normal. I had to do quite a bit of convincing to silence Dota-chin's questioning~.

I sighed boredly, shoving my hands in my pockets as I made my way to meet a girl I've been talking to~. I feel no attraction to her and am just using her for entertainment purposes~. You see my dear what's her name has a crush on me~, but that's not even the best part! The best part of it is that she also has a troubled past and is suicidal! Now before you judge me for playing with the fragile feelings of a girl, I'm 'helping' her in a way with this. The point is she wants to die because she has a false vision of the afterlife and thinks that if she ends it all, all the pain will disappear. That is where she is both right and wrong~! True, the pain will go away, but if her body ceases to exist, so will she. If she believes in nothingness, than her existence will be conflicting with her thought that there is nothing~. Which proves that she hasn't even thought about the concept of death~. Though I'm an atheist and I don't really believe in an afterlife. Truthfully death scares me~! Which is why I avoid it.

I hummed happily as I caught sight of the girl. Walking over to her, I saw her jump as she realized I was there.

" Hello." I gave her a fake look of innocent caring, knowing she'd fall for it right away. Ah stupid, naive human~.

" O-Orihara-k-kun! Um hi! It's ...nice to see you!" She coyly responded, making me laugh on the inside that I'm going to wind up breaking her. This is going to be so much fun~. Maybe next time she'll rethink the dangerous thing of liking me and having a past~!

" It's nice to see you too. How are you?" I pulled a sympathetic look, not caring if she's wanted to hurt herself or not. She blushed slightly, rubbing her arm that she told me she cut before. Girls have such interesting reactions and emotions! Guys can be so boring~. They have limited emotions to what I do.

" Okay. I'm happy that you would ask though. Orihara-kun? Uh...I wanted to tell you that I-" She was cut off by a trash can landing just barely behind her. Oops~ looks like I might be in trouble. I quickly glanced over and saw a very pissed off looking Shizuo glaring at me. Not good~ looks like my fun's over now. " W-Wha-?" I leaned in to whisper into her ear as Shizuo started coming closer.

" I'd start running if I were you~. Unless you want to die quickly." Her eyes widened as she realized that Shizu-chan was who I was referring to. She panicked, looking for an escape before I sighed and shoved her towards the right away.

" IZAYA!" The girl had now disappeared so I was able to turn around to face Shizuo. I'll have to save ruining her hopes for another time~. I smirked at the angry blond as his forehead hit mine.

" Yes Shizu-chan~? Did you need me for something?" He growled at my mouthy retort, probably not liking me being with a girl while we were 'dating' in a weird sense.

" You fucking flea! What were you doing?!" I rolled my eyes at Shizuo, taking a step back so there was space between us. Shoving my hand into my short jacket's pockets, I laughed slightly.

" Is that really any of your business~? What I was doing was between me and that girl, whoever she was. You're the one throwing things before you understood the situation~." The brute growled and the next thing I knew I was pushed up against a wall roughly. Giving him a smirk again, I glared at his angry face. He pisses me off~ I'm happy we're fighting! Though part of me is pleading for me not to lose what me and Shizuo created between us.

" THE FUCK IT ISN'T! You're mine! I'm not going to let you fucking hit on girls and lead me on at the same fucking time flea! Remember that I own you, " His leg went between mine, rubbing against a bad part of me, making me bite my lip desperately. " So nobody else can have you if I have any fucking thing to say about it!" He grabbed my face and forced it to stay in place as he roughly kissed me. I only made it worse for myself by trying to wiggle out of it.

" Stop!" I got out before he caught my lips again. Damn it~ my body's reacting again~! Stop you stupid body! My limbs got heavy as my eyes closed half way, losing all my will to resist. A tiny groan slipped out of me, my lips parting for Shizuo. I swear I hate him so much~. I don't even remember if I brought my knife with me or not~! A whine of protest was burning at the back of my throat as Shizuo pulled away, gladly left inside and not voiced~.

" What the fuck Izaya?! What the hell were you doing with her?!" My anger bubbled up again and I gave him a smirk.

" None. Of. Your. Business~!" I hissed at him, feeling a shiver run through me at the deadly look he was giving me. Why am I trying to be defiant while he has me pinned to a wall~?! You think with no escape and being unarmed, I'd be a little smarter with this. My arms were quickly pinned to the wall, a gasp slipping out as his hand pressed against my crotch. Wha-?! " Shizuo! Stop! Don't you even- MHH~!" I loudly moaned as he quickly started doing all the right things he's learned to do. F-fuck me~ I let my enemy learn my weaknesses~. My thrashing became desperate as my pleasure started slowly clouding my mind. Not good! No no no no no! Get OUT! This is a very bad situation!

Surprisingly Shizuo's grip must have slipped since I was able to be my hand free and was able to hit Shizuo. Both of us were surprised, Shizuo not moving from the position he was when I hit him. My eyes widened in shock as I panted hard, the hand that hit Shizuo throbbing in pain. Ouch~. That hurt! Now I'm majorly screwed~ I can kiss my life goodbye~. I know Shizuo wasn't hurt by my punch and I'm not good without weapons. Ahahaha...crap. Taking advantage of Shizuo's shock, I slid out from being pinned, swallowing thickly.

Shizuo still didn't look at me, but I saw his hands ball in fists, which is never a good sign~. Not wanting to find out if I was in trouble or not, I turned the other way, running quickly. I groped around for my knife desperately, hearing something breaking and probably planning to be thrown at me. Well I managed to majorly screw this up and break up in the worst way possible~. The part of me who liked the time with Shizuo is clawing at my insides for being a moron. Though I love this adrenaline rush that I get while fighting with the monster~.

Ducking behind a corner, I watched Shizuo run by, not noticing me hide. Stupid brute. This is his fault. All of this is his fault...right? It has to be~! There's no way this is my fault. Panting slightly, I slid down the alley's wall, something inside of me twisting painfully. Why am I hurting? Shizuo never hit me. My eyes narrowed at my hands as I realized what was happening to me. Tilting my head back, I laughed at my situation. Did I really let myself fall for a monster like him~?! Oh that's priceless! What a joke! Frowning, I looked down at my still sore hand, clenching it despite the fact doing that hurt. Stupid... so stupid. I don't 'fall for people'. I don't have these feelings. I know this yet I let myself think what was happening was real. Who's the bigger idiot in all of this? Me...or him? Damn...

0-Izaya, grown up (23 years old)-0

Opening my eyes a bit, I frowned at the bright light. Fell asleep at the computer again. Lifting my arms up, I stretched, blinking my eyes a few times to try to wake me up. Getting up from my chair, I ran a hand through my sleep mused hair, my busy mind going over the weird fact I dreampt about high school. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that, but it's interesting that I just happened to pick the parts I don't want to remember to dream about~. After everything, I worked even harder at removing myself from 'emotions' and people who were dangerous. I wonder why I did that~?

Namie walked in as I sat down with a cup of coffee, me giving her a cheerful smile just to spite her.

" What a good morning Namie-san~! Wouldn't you agree?" I smirked at her unamused face, watching her going over to her desk, rifling through the papers. " Hm? Moody this morning, are we~?" I hummed, turning my attention to my computer, easily going right back to where I left off. I'm not stupid, I know my terrible sleeping habits aren't good for my body, but it's only a small price to pay for finishing my work~. I rubbed at my temples as that stupid blond momentarily flashed across my mind. Even after years and years he still manages to make that annoying feeling stir every once in a while.

Soon finishing my work, I decided to go out and observe whoever may strike my interest~. I haven't had any fun recently! What a shame that my services can't be used to help my lovely human's troubles~.

" I'm off Namie Yagiri~! Do try to not be too sad about that~!" I smirked at her as I waved goodbye dramatically, closing the door with a malicious smile. Oh I love my job~!


Loud, and fucking annoying, beeping made my hand subconsciously swat towards my bedside table. Growling I opened my tired eyes to see I had nearly broken yet another clock. Fuck mornings. They all bite me in the ass when I'm not in the fucking mood. Burying my face angrily back in my pillow, I willed myself to bother to get up. Tom needs me. Shit. Groaning in frustration, I pushed myself out of bed, going through the usual paces. Stupid flea...being an annoying pain in my ass by showing up in my fucking dreams. I hate him.

Fully dressed now, I walked into my kitchen, grabbing a bottle of milk out of the fridge, slamming it down quickly before checking my reflection in the mirror. Remembering that I had a wound, I lifted up my shirt, glaring at the slash across my chest.

" Tsk." I pulled my shirt back down, fixing it as I made my way towards the door. My phone went off just then, causing me to make a tired noise of surprise.

" Yo, Shizuo-kun? You going to show up today?" Closing the door behind me, I hummed at Tom's question.

" Yeah. Overslept so I'm running late. Just chill till then. Don't try to do anything on your own like a moron either! You know that pisses me off." I frowned into the phone, pulling out my pack of cigarettes and lit one as Tom laughed.

" Yeah yeah. I've heard your lectures before." Cracking a smiled at that, I ended our call, still a bit ticked off that the fucking flea felt the need to invade my dreams. That fucker doesn't know when to stop. I swear I'll kill him! I'll murder him for...what he did. EVERYTHING he fucking did...I hate him.

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