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RECAP, the last paragraph of the last chap if it helps: Shizuo POV

Fully dressed now, I walked into my kitchen, grabbing a bottle of milk out of the fridge, slamming it down quickly before checking my reflection in the mirror. Remembering that I had a wound, I lifted up my shirt, glaring at the slash across my chest.

" Tsk." I pulled my shirt back down, fixing it as I made my way towards the door. My phone went off just then, causing me to make a tired noise of surprise.

" Yo, Shizuo-kun? You going to show up today?" Closing the door behind me, I hummed at Tom's question.

" Yeah. Overslept so I'm running late. Just chill till then. Don't try to do anything on your own like a moron either! You know that pisses me off." I frowned into the phone, pulling out my pack of cigarettes and lit one as Tom laughed.

" Yeah yeah. I've heard your lectures before." Cracking a smile at that, I ended our call, still a bit ticked off that the fucking flea felt the need to invade my dreams. That fucker doesn't know when to stop. I swear I'll kill him! I'll murder him for...what he did. EVERYTHING he fucking did...I hate him.



I took deep puffs of my cigarette, letting it fill my lungs up with the unhealthy fumes, not giving a shit if it was crap for my body. As long as it fucking does its job and calms my nerves, fuck my health. I'm a 'monster' anyways. I snarled at my reflection as I came to the door, taking a closer look, I found that it was fucking raining. " Shit…" I mumbled to myself, pushing my sunglasses up the bridge of my nose before sucking it up and heading outside.

Making my way through the crowded bodies of the people hurrying off to wherever they were going, I tossed my cigarette down. The stupid thing burnt out as soon as I got outside, so nothing I can do about it. I finally made my way out of the crowd, glad for the peace and quiet. I have to figure out why the fuck the flea invaded my dreams anyways. I haven't dreamt about him in a while, and it pisses me off. I can't even fucking sleep without him fucking that over too?! I clenched and unclenched my fists, trying with my whole body to not let my anger overcome me. Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK. What the hell does it mean?! I should ask the freak doctor. He would have a fucking field day with giving me meanings of what I could be thinking. Plus I like seeing Celty. She doesn't piss me off. Or give me annoying opinions. Probably because she doesn't even have a head…. Who cares. I don't.

Pausing, I pulled out another cigarette, deciding that it's better if I have something to help calm me before going with Tom to the fucking assholes. I shielded the flame from the rain, my body greedily consuming the toxic crap, clouding my mind nicely. Fucking there.


I shoved my hands in my pockets, freezing in the cold rain that seemed to be attacking the humans. My hand shot up to catch my hood from falling off my head once again, letting me catch a glimpse of a familiar, yet wet, head of hair. A dangerous smile slid onto my face as I watched him smoke, glad I could get what I wanted. " My my Shizu-chan~, didn't you notice me? You could get killed with that kind of dulled sense!" I hummed to myself, smirking as I took refuge in a bus covering, watching him from above through the dirtied glass of the bus stop. The blond almost seemed normal standing down there, feeding his bad habit. The dream must have wiggled my bottled emotions since something in the back of my head whispered, 'And his mouth doesn't taste as good after he smokes...', which made me frown.

Of course I just can't ignore my dear Shizu-chan and just have to make his life just a little harder to get through~. Pulling out my phone, I smoothly dialed his number, excitement bubbling up in my stomach as I did so. The feeling grew worse as I watched him pull out his phone, giving the number he didn't know a cautious look before picking it up.

" Yeah? Who the fuck is this?" His gruff voice bit through the phone, my malicious side purring in happiness.

" Why, that's not a very nice way to greet someone over the phone," I watched him pause at my voice, seeing his mind going through the paces, even through the filthy, rain streaked glass. " Shizu-chan~." I finished, laughing as I saw his look darken as he definitely knew it was me. Oh how I love this new information that your monsterish senses are dulled by the elements~!

" Izaya! How the fuck did you get my fucking phone number, you ugly little creep?!" He growled, the faint sound of cracking coming through. Nearly breaking your phone already Shizu-chan? Why that won't do~. I gave a mocking laugh at his rude question.

" I'm an info broker, I can get any number I want to, including your's~." He gave a rude sound at my response, probably not liking being treated like the brainless idiot he was.

" I fucking know that. Why do you have my number?! It's bad enough that you came into my fucking dreams, now you take over my stupid phone now too?! I should just break it now and save myself from listening to an ass like you." I paused at him mentioning that he dreamt of me. I wasn't the only one then? Did he dream of the embarrassing things too? I quickly killed that train of thought, wishing it would stay dead.

" You love me remember~? You wouldn't do that. Did you dream of the time you admitted you loved me, Shizu-chan~? How romantic of you." I purred, enjoying seeing him freeze as he began walking away, not expecting me to taunt him with that. He quickly got over it, but obviously I had hit a nerve with him, that fact shining through, even at this distance.

" Says the guy who begged for me by saying that. Still upset that no one loves an unlovable fuck like you?" Giving his blurred form a glare, I tried to come up with a retort, the annoying nagging popping up again, the alien feeling of longing clawing at my stomach. " Point proven. Just fucking admit that you missed it. The great Izaya Ori-fucking-hara missed being loved and fucked by the monster of Ikebukuro. The same guy who said three deadly words to the person he hated. You're such a fucking fake." Said hate of mine filled me, my pride too big to let me stay dry in the bus covering. My pride made me get out and stand on the railing of the roadway, frowning down at the monster. Who said the monster could strike so many nerves~?

" I just felt bad for seeing you look so pathetic Shizu-chan~, crying in the bathroom like a emotional girl because someone was so mean to you~. I never loved you, and I certainly didn't like being romantic with you. You're a monster, a freak who scares everyone and is loved by no one. My humans adore me, yet, what have they said to you~? ' Don't look at him, he's dangerous.' ' Don't let your children out, that Heiwajima is out again.' You wanted my love. You needed something you thought was love. Who are we trying to kid here~! I must say your little attempt at an insult was extremely humorous! But you're the fake one here Shizu-chan! You haven't even noticed the obvious yet!" I said in my usual tone, my jacket blowing in the wind, the hood somehow staying on as I smirked down at him, wanting to just pull out my knife and watch his blood dance across the pavement with glee.

" Haven't noticed what?" He asked, becoming tense now that I said something ominous. Laughing to myself, I hopped off the ledge, giving the drowned blond a fleeting glance before purring happily into the phone.

" I wonder~." I said before ending the call on that note, shoving my phone back into my pocket as I continued on my way to my client, enjoying the little break Shizuo gave me. The only downside was that he poked at my cracked bottle of old emotions. Stupid monster doesn't know what he's saying. I feel bad for my poor client, they get me in a foul mood~.


I wound up throwing my phone against the nearest wall, beginning my walk to where Tom asked me to meet. I tried. He can't say I didn't fucking try my fucking best to not break my phone or stay calm. How could I have counted on a flea to call me while I'm trying to smoke?!

Years of dealing with me has taught Tom how to read my body language, so when I walked over to where we agreed to meet up, my hands angrily jammed into my pockets, he sighed.

" Shizuo, I told you to not run into Izaya before coming to meet me." His voice was exhausted, knowing full well what the rest of the day was going to be like. It never ends well if I'm riled up before work even starts. My fuse is already short so the last thing I need is an asshole lying to my face.

" I can't predict when and where the flea's going to show up! Or when he's going to fucking call me out of nowhere when I'm trying to fucking smoke in peace!" Tom's hand went up to rub at his temple, preparing himself for what's in store. It's kind of amazing how he can go through me and my mood swings and still claim to be my friend and want me as a co-worker. I blame him for being a nice guy.

" You broke your phone again, didn't you?"

"...Maybe…" Another sigh from Tom. He turned toward the direction of the next client, wanting to get this over with quickly.

" Let's just go. I'll get you a new one. Next time don't answer if you don't know the number, it'll help." Obediently following behind Tom, I grunted in response, not looking forward to the rest of this day. The flea still swimming in my thoughts.


Irritated, I rubbed my temples in frustration, the client turning out to be a loser with little to his name. He's going to have to prove to me why I shouldn't just expose him as a fraud and watch as people come after him. I'm in a very volatile mood right now so it's best to not upset me~. I've been wandering around, doing damage control for my emotions. I never get angry, never feel so explosive, so...expecting….wanting in a way. The stupid brute managed to shake me up with a few little words~, ah, I'm losing my touch! I didn't think that he'd be able to tip them over again, crack my carefully crafted blank mask, but of course he does it with ease.

The dream. That's it! The dream gave him an advantage. I was subconsciously reminiscing in our 'relationship' and let my re-bottled emotions open for him to break once again. He released this nagging in my head, once again proclaiming my love to me. It was bad once let alone another time. Though I've never tested out whether it's just Shizuo who I'm attracted to, or males in general. I've never been attracted to anyone but Shizuo.

I was called out of my thoughts by someone suddenly trying to talk to me. Blinking once in surprise of the guy standing in front of me.

" What?" I questioned once I figured out that he looked at me for an answer to something I was too zoned out to hear. Ah~, I'm going back to that now, great.

" I said, you want a favor?" Once more, it took me and my jumbled head a bit to figure out what he meant by 'favor'. I nearly laughed at how perfect that was. I wanted to experiment, and here's a guinea pig ready and willing right here for me~, how thoughtful! Giving him a wide smirk, I agreed, walking down the wide alley way with him. I certainly don't feel excited more than just highly amused by him. Leaning against the wall, I allowed him to get into my personal space, making lots of mental notes on this test. No heart rate increase, no unbearable excitement and pleasure, no reaction to his actions, nothing. Nothing but the strong urge to laugh at how hard he was trying when obviously my body wasn't going to react to him. Humans are amusing~.

After he had tried his best to arouse me by teasing my neck with his tongue, he started moving for my chest, the laugh really wanting to come out and break his spirit. I should've known that my beloved humans couldn't do the job of a monster~. Though this test only proves that I'm attracted to the monster, not just men or women.

A sudden movement in front of me and lack of the guy startled me, as I found myself staring at a back, my body pushed back against the wall. I froze at seeing who had stopped our little meeting, my pulse rising incredibly. You've got to be kidding me~! My whole body was suddenly overcome by paralysis, not able to move as I stared with an open mouth.

" Fuck off! Don't you ever fucking touch him again! He's mine, not yours." The blond brute, who's been stuck in my head the whole day, growled at the guy he had just practically thrown off me. He hadn't even started turning towards me, and my body was aching in want and need. Crap~, I'm reacting to nothing! Imagine what's going to happen if the brute does something bad to me~! My silent stare of shock was still on his back as he turned around, pinning me against the wall with his body. Not good! I can't move~, meaning I can't use my knife for protection and I can't run away! Oh great~...

I was mildly surprised to find that Shizuo was glaring at me in a scary way. I doubt he enjoyed our conversation earlier or the fact I was in a sexual situation~. He still claims me as his so I can only imagine how pissed he must be~. Will my stupid limbs just cooperate?! I'm not sure whether my heart was beating at him being this close to me with my body burning in want, or because I'm actually nervous.

" Izaya," The blond brute growled into my ear, proving me right in thinking he wasn't pleased with me. " You better having one fucking explanation for what the hell you were doing." It was very hard to not cringe at his words striking my old memories. Ha~, he has the same tone he did in high school when he wasn't pleased with me~.

"...None of your business." The words just quietly tumbled out of my mouth, I really had no part in saying them. I don't know why I have to be defiant of all times, sandwiched between the brute and a wall with full body paralysis. I must have a death wish~. His growl made me flinch slightly, his warm breath still at my ear.

" You know, I think you need some reminding." The blond hummed, my breath unfortunately catching at what that possibly meant. I tried willing my arms to move, to help me try to push him away at least, but they refused. I bit my lip hard as I felt Shizuo tug teasingly at my belt, probably enjoying how much him just popping up here had affected me. How mean~. Though I'm sure I do deserve it after everything, but I still don't want it. " You piss me off so much." With that rude comment, my body jerked as a hand was suddenly in my pants. Oh you have got to be kidding! Fuck~! Not good! Very not good! My poor lip nearly started bleeding by how hard I was biting it.

His hand coupled with his mouth on my neck nearly sent me over the edge. I can't tell if he's trying to claim me with marks, or is trying to get me to voice what my body is saying. Ah~ I hate him! Unable to keep it in, I let out a slight gasp, my lip kind of swollen after my biting. Without my consent, my face flushed as my breath only wanted to come in short bursts. I hate how his hands still memeber how to tease me and get me to a high point without even trying.

My hands finally moved, but only to grab and claw at Shizuo's shoulders while nothing but embarrassing sounds flowed out of me. Nice job Izaya~ really great job resisting him there. It wasn't long before my groin tightened with white hot heat, Shizuo still not stopping as he made sure I was 'nice and loud'. My legs no longer wanted to hold me up, my vision dotting white as I reached my limit quickly. The brute allowed me to slide down the wall, disgustingly putting his fingers in his mouth as he watched me. I realized that I had tears at the corners of my eyes, but I had no idea why. I blame him. He just messed up my emotions once again so they're probably all spilling out now~.

Of course my limbs were able to move now, covering my face in both embarrassment and frustration. I hate him. I hate him I hate him I hate him~. Look what he did to me! How embarrassing.

" You're mine, Izaya." He stated calmly while I was having inner turmoil trying to fix the cracked bottled he broke. I'm glad me nearly having a panic attack isn't a big deal to him~. Cursing him repeatedly in my head, I watched him go over to the guy, taking out his anger on him by kicking him hard. The brute probably broke and ruptured several things in the guy's body all for nothing~. The blond shoved his hands in his pockets as he started walking back the way he came, leaving me with the groaning human. Shakily, I stood, using the wall for support as I began staggering my way home, exhausted and emotionally charged.

All I wanted was an experiment, yet I got a full blown reminder just how much that monster is under my skin and how much he affects me~. Looks like I'll have to schedule another appointment with Shinra to tell me what's gone wrong again~.

Getting back to my apartment was harder than I remember. My brain overflowing with questions and useless things, unable to move my feet properly. I nearly ran into Namie in my haste to get back into the safety of my home. My raging emotions must have shown on my face since she gave me a surprised and bewildered face.

" You look like crap, what'd you do now?" The nasty woman asked, moving aside for me, probably wishing that I would've stayed gone. Not in the mood for her remarks, I ushered her out the door and slammed it in her face without a second thought. I'm too wired to make up retorts and excuses right now. Rubbing my temples, I tried clearing my thoughts, trudging up to my bathroom, shrugging off my jacket. Undressing, I started the shower, frowning at the sight of familiar dark marks marring my pale skin. Possessive as ever I see~. I got in the shower only to find myself sliding down the wall. I ran my hands through my damp hair, not moving to stop the water from raining down on me as I tried relaxing. Calm down and breathe, the last thing you want is to give him the satisfaction of you freaking out.

Damn it.

0-Next morning-0

After zipping up my jacket in hopes that it would hide my neck more, I started on my way to go to Shinra for advice. He loves this kind of thing so I'm sure he'll be willing to help~. My brain refused to turn off last night so I got no sleep~, which may have been a good thing since I bet there would be even more reminders of our 'relationship' in my dreams.

Finally reaching his house, I knocked on the door, Celty opening it with an air of surprise. The Dullahan gave me a wave, letting me in while probably searching for injuries on my body. Usually I only come here for repair, not feelings, so I can't blame her for looking for something wrong~. Said brown haired doctor came out, wiping his hands on his lab coat.

" Celty, who's at the- oh! Izaya!" He greeted in his usual bubbly manner, giving me his grin as he leaned on his couch. " I wasn't even expecting you! Though, you don't appear to have any injuries that I can see…" Shinra looked me over again to just check. " But you look extremely tired so you can only be here for one other reason! Am I right?" The illegal doctor gave me an out of character smirk, which made him look stupid~.

" Being sly doesn't suit you~." I declared as I sat down on the couch opposite him, watching his shoulders slump as he sighed in defeat, his smirk returning to his usual grin.

" I figured, but you should always try something once right?" Shinra bounced back to his normal pep, excitedly sitting down across from me, a curious Celty sitting down next to him. " But I wasn't wrong, right? You're here for something emotional or something sleep related?" He questioned, not looking surprised by me being here since he's something of a friend. At least Shinra claims to be my friend. I'm only still sticking around him because he's so interesting~ it's strange to see someone so full of emotions.

" More like a throwback to high school." I corrected, watching Shinra pause then give me a look of realization. The doctor's face contorted in thought as he tried thinking of what he next needed to say.

" Hey Izaya, can you unzip your jacket for me?" The brunette came up with, the question surprising me before I remembered just why I had zipped it up in the first place. I didn't expect him to focus on something like that~. Sucking up my pride, I unwillingly unzipped my signature jacket, revealing my love bite covered neck. Shinra hummed, examining it with wide eyes, Celty tilting her head slightly.

'Aren't those what Izaya had before that you refused to tell me what they were?' Celty questioned the doctor, said flustered brunette pushed his glasses up his nose as he tried to stop stuttering. Oh~? He doesn't want to tell Celty about love bites? Or is it that he doesn't want to tell her because I have them because of Shizuo? Either way I've never seen him so red~.

" Yes Shinra~ do tell!" I encouraged, amused by this whole situation. Shinra cleared his throat, waving his hand to, hopefully, dismiss the situation.

" I think that I should be asking what you want me to do Izaya? Obviously it's because of what I told you before, how you felt about him. Something like that just doesn't go away, it stays there and gets only worse with time, especially apart. I think the best thing you could do is to give into it or you're only going to hurt yourself. Plus you know him, he tends to get what he wants. Determined guy!" Shinra contently explained, earning him a displeased frown from me. I don't want to just give into him, I've worked far too hard to sever these disgusting ties! I'm not going to just throw that away. I can't….I just… fine. It's about time I stop trying to run away from myself, even if I hate it. That stupid, nagging feeling of emptiness has been only growing even more unbearable, maybe...I'll let the monster do something about it…

" Not really what I wanted to hear~."

" I know, I know, but don't be upset with me Izaya! I'm not the one who told you to love him after all! It's all you. Though if you think it might help, I could give you a sedative to help you sleep." I sighed, my body yelling at me to accept, much too tired to even try to leave. Shinra was already getting up before I had even nodded, running off to go get it.

Shinra returned with a syringe filled with what would knock me out, looking as chipper as he always does.

" Now this is going to be pretty fast acting Izaya, so don't be alarmed if you suddenly pass out. I just thought that you needed as much rest as possible so I'm giving you a bigger dose." I hummed in acknowledgement, readying myself as he pulled part of my shirt down. Shinra really wasn't kidding since all I remembered was a needle jabbing me in my arms before everything blacked out~.


I quickly reached out, catching Izaya as he slumped forward, out like a light. Good! He looked terrible! I couldn't just leave him looking like he hadn't slept in days! After carefully setting down the syringe, I heaved my friend up, huffing at his surprising weight. Wow, for such a skinny guy, he sure does weigh a lot as a dead weight! Well...sleeping weight I guess. Struggling, I dragged him the best I could over to a room I have for overnight patients. I don't really use it often, but it has it's use now I guess! Sighing, I set him down on the bed, shifting him so he looked comfy. There! Much better! Now to just hope I don't have anymore visitors.


After finishing up a distracted work day with Tom, I decided I'd just tell the stupid doctor what the hell was going on. Izaya's frustrated and crying face hasn't left my fucking head and it's really becoming annoying! Why can't he just admit that he still has a thing for me! It's pretty obvious. Sure I'm still pissed about his whole fucking 'break up' with me, but I'll at least admit I want the stupid flea back. I miss not fighting with him and being able to just hold him without getting threatened with a knife!

Lighting a cigarette, I tried calming my nerves as I made my way to Shinra's, hoping he'd be able to tell me something useful. Making my way up to his door, I knocked roughly, the door nearly breaking. My bad. I was met with a displeased look from Shinra as he opened the door. What the hell is his problem?

" Oh...Shizuo….ah...is there something you needed…? I'm kind of...um...busy." He slowly got out, like he was coming up with an excuse right here on the spot. Glaring at him from behind my glasses, I knew exactly what was going on. I can smell it too.

" Izaya's here." I stated, knowing he was trying to keep me from seeing him obviously. Sure enough the freaky doctor cringed at my ability to know where my rival was. Why doesn't he want me around him? Sure our relationship isn't the best, but usually he isn't unwilling to have us in the same place.

" Yeah but I don't think he'd like that I let- Hey! Shizuo!" I ignored what Shinra said Izaya would and wouldn't want, since I could care less. I know what he wants so I'm going to come in there and take him with me. I had pushed the door open, walking past Shinra as he started urgently telling me things.

" Shut up Shinra." I ordered, looking around for Izaya, not finding him anywhere. He's not just sitting here like I thought he would be. " Where is he?" The brown haired doctor came up to me, sighing as he realized that I didn't listen to a word he just told me.

" I said he's sleeping. He came to me because he was having...troubles and wasn't getting any sleep so I gave him an injection that-"

" Where is he?" I restated, cutting off Shinra since I didn't ask what he came for. I know that already. He has problems with his emotions and wants someone to help him. It's easy to guess. Shinra saved his breath and just gestured to a door, getting a nod from me as thanks. Cautiously, I opened the door, sticking my head inside to see if Izaya really was sleeping, not wanting to get in a fight with him now. Sure enough, there was the little flea, laid out on the bed, looking peaceful while he was out cold. I quietly closed the door, not sure why I was trying to not wake him up, since I'm sure whatever Shinra gave him will keep him out for a while. I could be as loud as I wanted and Izaya still wouldn't wake up. I do feel bad about giving him a handjob and then ditching him while he was crying, but I knew he'd do nothing but hate me either way. If I brought him home, he'd do the best he could to avoid me and hate me for bringing him. Leaving him made him think I was a jerk who just made him cum in front of a stranger. Either way there's hate.

I went over to his bed side, reaching out to brush his hair out of his face, liking when he's sleeping. He can't have his guard up while he's sleeping, so he actually looks relaxed. Sighing, I knew that I had to apologize to him. He's been dealing with his raging emotions and is probably on the verge of cracking. He needs me to be there when he wakes up. Getting my arms underneath him, I easily heaved him up, Izaya never weighing that much. Of course when I brought him out, Shinra looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

" Sh-shizuo?! You can't just take him! That's considered kidnapping! He wasn't too pleased with you so I doubt he's going to enjoy seeing that I let you take him! Though he was really heavy and you're holding him like he's nothing….look who I'm saying this too! Of course you can lift him like he's nothing!" I stopped listening when Shinra started mumbling to himself, not wanting to just stand here. When I started going for the door, I got an urgent hand to my chest, Shinra looking at me in worry. " Shizuo, I'm not allowed to let you leave here with hi-"

" Shinra. I'm not planning on hurting him, if my fucking love bites all over his neck doesn't tell you that already. I plan on being there when he wakes up and seeing when exactly he plans to stop running from his fucking feelings. Now if you'd let me go, that'd be great." I snapped, not in the mood for this right now. Luckily the doc got it through his thick little head and stepped aside for me. It must've been that he realized that I meant business.

It's been hours since I brought him back to my house and the little flea hasn't made one move to make my think that he's going to wake up. I know he's alive since I've been listening to and watching his chest rise and fall. Stupid illegal doctor and his drugs. At least I could run my hand through Izaya's hair without him freaking out on me. I've been wondering what I should say to him when he wakes up. I can't be straightforward with him since he'll only pull back into himself, and I can't really be vague or he'll pretend that he doesn't know what I'm getting at. Maybe I should just not say anything and just wait? I took his shoes, jacket and especially knife off for him, setting the knife on my bedside table. Right now I'm laying on my side, playing with his hair as he kept sleeping. I laid him on my bed since I wanted him to be nice and comfortable. Sighing, I knew it'll be a while before he comes to. Leaning down, I gave his face kisses, enjoying the feeling of his skin under my lips.

I was startled when he started stirring, having to pull back so he wouldn't think I was taking advantage of him. I'm sure he'd freak out and say I was defiling his sleeping body. My heart started going nuts, my nerves going back to bite me. Please let him stop being an idiot!


The first thing I saw was an unfamiliar ceiling, letting me know that I had moved places during my sleep. Though the next thing I saw was even less favorable. Shizuo. I'm in Shizuo's house, in his bed. Why me~? Turning over so I didn't have to look at him, I let my mind try to figure out what it wanted to do. I don't know what I want to do….! He isn't saying anything either, so that's not helping. Letting out a tired sigh, I pulled my legs closer to myself.

" I give up...you can...have me…" I quietly mumbled, clutching onto his pillow as I glared at the floor.

" What?" Shizuo sounded surprised, probably not thinking that I'd just give up like I did. I'm tired and I don't really feel like fighting.

" I said you can have me. I don't care anymore. I'm….okay with you...you know…" I tried explaining, too embarrassed to say what exactly I meant. My eyes widened at two arms wrapping around me, pulling me close to Shizuo's body. I had to hold in a content sigh at kisses being placed to my neck, not wanting to encourage him. It...does feel familiar to be this close to him. His stupid body heat hasn't changed either. Shizuo nuzzled his face into my neck, letting his sigh of happiness out.

" I love you, Flea." He hummed, getting a small smile to appear on my face, gladly hidden from him.

" You too, brute." I didn't move away as he tangled our legs together, my body wanting to return to sleep again. I know that I'm going to regret coming back to him once he starts getting….loving, but somehow I'll be okay. It's my own fault for getting so interested. Some monsters just don't want to go away. The jerks.

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