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Bella wasn't really sure what to think.

The room was dim, draped in scarves of deep red and orange, golden light filtering softly from the small lamp in the corner.

Bella sat at a little table, her hands folded in her lap as she chewed on her lip, one sneaker-clad foot tapping restlessly on the hardwood floor.

She'd seen each of her girlfriends disappear into this back room over the course of the evening, a few giggling and intrigued like Alice; while others, like Kate, were a harder sell, skepticism clear on their faces.

Yet each time someone returned, an awed and impressed glaze swam in their eyes.

Even the hardest disbeliever, Rose, had come back into the room with her mouth slightly gaping as she took a seat near Bella on the slim couch. Though Bella tried to question her on what exactly had happened, Rose was - for likely the first time ever - too overcome to speak.

And now, it was Bella's turn.

She took a deep breath as the door along the far wall opened with a groan, an older woman in flowing skirts and shawls gliding into the space.

Bella took a deep breath, her heart picking up pace in her chest inexplicably when she met the clearest ice-blue eyes she'd ever seen.

The woman stared at Bella, her gaze unyielding but not unkind as she studied her for a few long, silent minutes.

"You are nervous," she spoke, her voice low.

Bella shook her head, opening her mouth to speak but was unable to get a word out before the woman held up a hand, her fingers coated in rings of silver, turquoise and gold.

"It's no matter, I don't need your faith to make the fates speak."

"I don't not believe," Bella interjected, her need to defend herself leaping forward unexpectedly. It was true, too. She didn't have nearly the skepticism Kate or Rosalie had when they'd first planned the evening. Growing up with a spiritual mother ingrained some belief in the supernatural and mystic in Bella but, still, she was her father's daughter - and Charlie Swan did not believe in psychics.

"Yes, I can see that you've been touched by the spirits," the woman continued, her eyes canvassing the space around Bella's small frame. "That will make things easier for Madame Tanya."

Bella nodded, but kept her mouth closed. She resumed chewing her lip, her nerves unsettled as the psychic continued to stare directly at her with her icy eyes.

"Should I—" Bella began, offering her hand across the cloth covered tabletop after a few long, strained minutes of silence.

"Your eyes are telling, child," Madame Tanya said, ignoring the open palm resting before her. "Deep pools that reflect your soul. I will have no trouble reading you."

"Now, you've come here with no regard for yourself, seeking only to please those you cherish," Madame Tanya spoke. Bella retracted her hand, sliding back in her chair to listen.

"You care for others strongly, loving with an open heart easily. But it is that heart that has broken you repeatedly."

Bella inhaled sharply, her mouth twisting slightly at the assessment, the arrow of the woman's words quickly marking their target. It was true; Bella did love deeply and freely, but had been burned in the past.

Still, this wasn't anything difficult to guess, Bella reasoned. Any woman in her mid-twenties who was still unmarried was bound to have endured a broken heart or two. Not to mention, one of the girls may have said something about Bella during their session.

As Madame Tanya continued to give an assessment of Bella's life including her relationship to her family, her job and her friends, Bella felt neither convinced nor dissuaded from believing the woman's predictions. It was all basic, easy-to-garner information.

Hell, all you needed was a Facebook page in this day and age to acquire some of the stuff this woman was saying.

But then, in an instant, Madame Tanya's words gripped Bella's heart, her heart rate picking up as she spoke of things no one but Bella could know.

"You worry for your father, that he will not find love again. You must let this go, girl, as it does your heart no good. He shall be well. Your mother shines brightly in your soul, her presence still strong though she lives at a great distance. Visit her before your next year, as it will bring good fortune to your families. As for you concerns with your friend, you may release those fears. The fates have aligned to give her what she most desires, twicely. And the spirit of the past shall linger no longer, the peace he sought has been found."

"How do you know—" Bella started, her eyes nearly bugging out of her head.

"It is yourself you must look after now, child," Madame Tanya went on. "You must find your own way to happiness, before the path is blocked from you forever. Too long you've placed the fates on hold, and they will wait no longer."

"What do you mean?" Bella asked curiously, her nerves prickling in anticipation. She licked her dry lips, her logical mind at war with her free-spirited heart.

Suddenly, this reading didn't seem so ridiculous anymore.

"The time for stalling is over, Bella," Madame Tanya said seriously, her eyes seeming to glaze over. "You have wasted the gift which the fates have given you, blowing the seed away when it should have been planted. Time is a clock, moving forward each moment we remain, but your time is fast running out."

"Are you saying I'm going to die?" Bella blurted out, fear in her dark eyes.

"No, not yet. Your time is still long in years yet, but if you don't mend the thread you've broken, you shall spend those years miserable and alone."

"What thread? What did I break?"

Heavy silence filled the room, the blue ice of the psychic's eyes seeming to freeze further as she looked just beyond Bella, her gaze clearly in another place.

"The very fabric of your being; your soul's heart. You must find him, reclaim his heart and the love you cast aside, and then build it back up together."

"What are you talking about? Who? Whose heart?"

Madame Tanya's eyes refocused, finding Bella in the present again as she spoke. "I don't know, child. That knowledge is hidden in your heart, and though my eyes see far, they cannot reach that part of you. You must discover it yourself."

With that, Madame Tanya rose, signaling the end of her session with Bella.

"Wait, I don't understand, what am I supposed to do? How long do I have to figure this out?" Bella pleaded.

Madame Tanya reached for Bella's hand, her thin nails scratching over Bella's palm, sending chills down her spine. "See this line, here, it tells of your broken path in love. And it splits, here," she continued, circling the jagged-edged line. "This is your current path. If you don't rediscover your heart before the new year, you'll travel this path, long and alone," Madame Tanya explained, tracing the long, thin line. She moved back to the split, tracing the delicate trail with many criss-crossed lines, which spoke of love and fulfillment. "But find him, and you'll see what joy fate brings you in your coming years."

With that, Madame Tanya left in a swirl of bright colors and heavy perfume, leaving Bella alone in the semi-darkness.

The frantic beating of Bella's heart clamored with the psychic's haunting prediction, each echoing in her ears.

Her time to find love was quickly running out.

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