Some years later…

"Hey, do you know where the gifts are?"

"Um, under the tree?"

"That sounds a lot more like a question than a statement, Teddy," Bella called out, moving over to rummage in the bedroom closet.

"Maybe we should get your hearing checked then," Edward replied lightly.

Bella rolled her eyes. "Seriously, did you hide them somewhere? It's not like anyone is going to come over just to get presents early."

"Then you obviously don't know Emmett that well, Beans. He's been known to unwrap gifts with a butter knife and rewrap them, when left unattended. I couldn't risk that happening this year."

Bella laughed, knowing what Edward was saying was mostly likely true. Emmett could be such a child sometimes, not that Edward was much better.

Bella just loved him more, so she was willing to overlook it - most of the time, anyway.

"A-ha!" Bella shouted in triumph, pulling a shiny green package from the back corner shelf. "Got one! Are the rest up here?"

"Yeah, sure. They're all up there," Edward said, his hands sliding around Bella's waist as he came up behind her. "Keep reaching, I'm sure you'll find them."

"You can't help?" Bella asked, the smile in her voice clear as she shifted back slightly into Edward's warm embrace.

"Nah, I've got a great view of your ass from here," Edward teased, kissing Bella's neck softly, earning a small moan in return.

"Edward," Bella panted, her heart beginning to race as Edward continued to lavish her neck in kisses, sucking lightly on the skin before moving to nibble on her ear. "We can't. We have to get over to your parents' house for…um,…unh, gifts… and... stuff..."

"I think I'd like to unwrap this gift first," Edward chuckled darkly, sliding his hands around Bella to gently cup her breasts. "It feels like it might be just what I asked for."

Bella's head fell back to Edward's shoulder, her eyes closing as she lifted a hand to tangle in his hair. "Yeah? You've been a good boy?" she panted.

"Oh, yeah. The best, baby. Now, let me see if Santa brought me what I wanted this year," Edward teased, turning Bella around to face him. He cupped her face, his lips meeting hers in a firm kiss that expressed so much more than simple words could say.

The couple continued kissing and embracing, hands and lips heating up into a passionate fury, gripping, nipping and tugging at one another. Before long, Edward had lifted Bella from her feet, carried her to their bed and began removing her clothes.

"Oh, yes. This is looking exactly like what I asked for," Edward said huskily, licking his lips. His green eyes burned hotly as he watched Bella's pale skin coming into view, as each article was discarded onto the floor.

"Edward," Bella sighed, her body arching up as he lay kisses along her stomach and ribs. His hands danced across the hard peaks of her breasts and teased the sensitive skin between her hips. "Off. Please." She tugged on his shirt to emphasize her point.

Edward didn't need any more encouragement, rising up to pull the fabric over his head as Bella moved to unbutton the fly of his jeans. She pushed the denim down, Edward's cock springing forward to meet her. Her eyes glazed over in lust and desire as she stared at him - hard, thick, and long - always ready for her.

"Fuck, the way you look at me," Edward groaned, reaching to pull Bella into a heated kiss. Bella retuned his fervor, her hand moving to pump his cock.

"Shit, unnhh," Edward moaned, his head dropping to Bella's shoulder as he watched her work him over.

"Enough," Edward grunted after several minutes. "I want to be inside you."

"Yes, please," Bella agreed hungrily, her eyes burning coals of lust as she moved back on the bed, her hands running up Edward's firm chest and arms, her nails scratching his strong back while he hovered over her. She sighed in satisfaction as Edward moved to her breasts, flicking her nipples expertly with his tongue before sucking them into his mouth one at a time, his long fingers teasing her pussy. "Fuck, Edward!"

Edward moved into the cradle of her legs, the tip of his cock teasing the wet, hot entrance that awaited him. "Mmm, fuck. You're so wet, baby," Edward said.

"Edward, now! Put your cock in me, now," Bella demanded, her hands moving to grip his ass, pulling him forward to where she was most desperate and needy for him.

Edward pushed in, groaning loudly at the warm sensation of her tight body accepting him. He leaned forward to connect his mouth with Bella's, kissing her deeply, as he began slowly moving his hips.

"Yesss!" Bella hissed, wrapping her legs around Edward as he began to pick up his pace, meeting him thrust for thrust.

"Fuuuck, that's good!" Edward reached down, pressing and circling on Bella's clit, the moans and groans of her pleasure pushing him closer to the edge.

"Yes, God! Edward… so good!" Bella echoed his ecstasy as they shifted against each other in need.

"You almost there?" Edward panted, his eyes locked on Bella's, watching her eyes intently. Bella felt the connection in her bones, singing in her blood and pouring out of her body as she moved with Edward, fluid and strong, each giving to the other what only they could provide.

"Yeah, yeah... almost, almost… a little bit…unh, yes, yes, yes!" Bella shouted, reaching her climax as Edward continued stroking into her, hitting the spot that made stars appear, while he frantically rubbed her clit.

"Bella!" Edward grunted a few moments later, his own orgasm overtaking him, his body shuddering and face twisting into the sight Bella loved most - pure, unadulterated pleasure. And it was all thanks to her.

Bella grinned proudly to herself, stroking Edward's sweaty back as he lay on top of her, his breath still escaping him in hot puffs on her neck.

"Best. Present. Ever," Edward managed to say, earning a laugh from Bella, which made him wiggle on her chest. He pushed up onto his forearms, grinning down goofily at Bella. "What? You don't agree?"

"Meh, I've had better," Bella teased, feigning indifference as she crossed her arms. She loved that she could be so playful after sex, during even, on occasion. She'd only ever had that with Edward, and she knew she always would.

"Oh, you're going to get it, Beans," Edward threatened, reaching to tickle her sides. Their laughter rang out in the room as they wrestled along the bed, sweaty and happy, twisted in the messy bed sheets.

"I'm kidding! I'm kidding!" Bella shouted between peals of laughter, as Edward continued his assault.

"Say it. Say it, out loud, Bella! Say I'm the best!"

"You're the best!" Bella shouted through her laughter, though she meant every word.

"Damn right! Don't you forget it," Edward remarked, his hands turning from torturous tickling to caressing touches. He moved his fingers to trace the lines of Bella's face, his eyes reverent and tender as he gazed at her.

"I love you, Beans," he said, leaning in to kiss her swollen lips.

"I love you, too, Teddy. Always," Bella said, her hands holding his face carefully. "I'm sorry it took so long to see it."

Edward shook his head. "Doesn't matter. We did, that's all that matters now."

Bella nodded her agreement, placing a kiss on Edward's lips. "We should probably get up so we can get going."

Edward groaned his protest but moved off Bella so they could get dressed. "Dibs on the first shower!" Edward shouted, rushing off to the bathroom, his naked ass jiggling.

Bella giggled at the sight, amused, as always, by Edward's antics. Well, most of the time.

"Feel free to join me!" he called from down the hall, right before Bella heard the water turn on.

She laughed softly to herself, gathering up the mess of clothes that had been discarded during their romp and moving them to the hamper.

Bella didn't know how her life had gotten to this point, but she was happy for it. She knew not many people had the kind of love she and Edward shared; both as friends and as lovers. He was hers completely, just as she was his. They understood each other in every way, tolerated each other's faults and praised one another's success.

Things weren't always easy, but Bella knew in her heart of hearts, she was on the right path.

Her destiny, her fate, was all tied up in the man down the hall, singing loudly off-key.

"Been hoping that you'd drop by…

Beautiful, what's your hurry?..."

Bella grinned to herself, moving quickly down the hall and slipping into the shower, her voice joining Edward's, as they sang their duet.

They shared more kisses as they showered, Edward paying special care to Bella's breasts and ass, which led to Bella paying special attention to Edward's dick with her mouth.

"Hey, babe?"

"Yeah?" Bella asked, wrapping herself in a towel after they'd finished their shower.

"When we have babies, you know what I'm going to call them?" Edward said, his eyes mischievous as he looked at Bella in the mirror, knotting his towel loosely on his hips.

"What's that?" Bella wondered, already knowing she would regret it.

"Beanie Babies! Get it, 'cause you're my Beans?!" Edward said excitedly, his eyes lighting up like a child.

"You are such an idiot," Bella replied, shaking her head and patting Edward's damp chest as she left him and the bathroom behind, though the smile she wore belied her words.

She couldn't wait for that day, and she didn't need a psychic to tell her that.

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