Yay, my first one shot collection! For anyone who reads my Detective Conan fanfic Observations and is wondering why I'm writing these while that's on hiatus, well... these don't take as much concentration. They are more ideas that pop up and are solely for fun.

Warning to all: These are my stress relievers and my way of venting. I was in an angry and depressed slump for a while when I came up with the ideas of some of these, so some are really creepy and depressing. Most of these are serious and most are centered on BB. Some are REALLY open ended and I would love to write more but I have writers block on them and no time. There isn't much romance. I'm not good at it and often find overdoses of romance annoying. That isn't to say there won't be any though.

ALL OF THESE ARE UP FOR ADOPTION if someone wants to add onto one. I may at some point continue them too, but its not likely. Please just PM or leave a comment saying you would like to adopt so that I can edit that into the chapter saying you will.

AS a one shot collection this will be for my experimentation a lot. You may see stories repeated written in different ways, old stories added to new ones so that I can see the result, the same fic several times with multiple endings... I will warn you when something like that is going to happen, but know that as experimentation, I would LOVE to have feedback on everything! Especially if I am OOC, I really want to make sure I stay in character while doing some pretty strange things. AUs are the exception to this of course.

Also, no set updating schedule OF ANY KIND. I update when I have a story, but other than that... *shrugs*

Please Enjoy, and I own absolutely nothing!

Cyborg finally sees BB's point about veggies

This is a kinda creepy idea in my mind, but an interesting possibility. I know its kinda amusing (in my mind at least) , but its kind of a more sarcastic humor at the end than anything... if even that. Oh well, it was one of those things that once they cross your mind, there is no going back.

No, the villain is not an actual villain from the series, I made him up.

A nefarious villain stalked down a dark staircase to the dungeon his basement held. In his hands lay a tray of food. He smirked as he walked down to where his two captive titan's were held. A robot and a changeling sat in two matching cells, each one filled with anger and irritation. At the moment the two were asleep, succumbing to the gas the villain employed whenever he didn't have need for the two to be awake. He glanced down at the food in his hand, knowing it would be received enthusiastically. His two little prisoners hadn't been getting much food as of late. Oh, but don't blame him! Starving the teens hadn't been part of his plan. It was just that it had been hard getting food recently. With two of the titans gone and many of the honorary titans busy looking for them, Jump had seen an extreme rise in crime and therefore a great recession as the banks lost thousands each day. It was hard to buy anything these days, including food. This being said, the man was being forced to get fairly... creative with how he got food.

He walked slowly into the cyborg's cage, locking the door and making sure the robot was properly bound before he woke the boy. The teen groaned slightly before his nose twitched and he suddenly sat up ramrod straight.

"Is that bacon? Dude, how did you score bacon?" The boy's eyes searched for the delicious meat, but the darkness of the room hid it from view. He could barely see the plate the man held, much less the food on it. The man smirked up at him as he handed the captive his meal.

"Wakey, Wakey I have Bakey!"

Cyborg dug into the pork, shoveling it into his mouth. The villain simply watched in amusement as the teen ate. As Cyborg was chewing on the last pieces he began speaking conversationally.

"Yes, food has been quite difficult to come by lately, as I'm sure your stomach has noted. I had to get... creative to get this to you."

He began to take away the empty plate, still speaking calmly.

"Did you know that even with weeks of very little food, your green little friend can still become a fairly large and meaty pig? Well, so long Cy I am, enjoy your green ham."

With a laugh the man left the cell. Cyborg paused for a moment in horror before gagging and emptying his stomach. He stared at the mess on the floor in horror. That was his friend he'd just puked out. His arguments with BB about meat ran though his mind. The boy always said that he'd been the animals he was eating, that eating meat was the same as eating him. Cyborg never thought that would ever be this true.

He sat still in shock as the man entered the room again, to dull to even notice that the man seemed to be walking into one of the empty cells. A low clang sounded as one of the doors closed.

"Hey, I can't eat this! It's meat!" Beast Boy's voice rang out.

The robotic titan paused as he realized what had happened, he'd been tricked. Beast Boy was alive, he hadn't eaten him.

"BEAST BOY!" Cyborg called out in relief and joy, the changeling's confused reply was unheard, drowned out by the villain's uproarious laughter. The man's laughter sounded what felt like forever, following him as he walked up the stairs and sounding out behind the closed door. The titans shivered as the voice receded. Beast boy crawled over to the cell window and locked eyes with Cyborg, looking for an explanation. The cyber man's only response was: "I think I may join you in becoming a vegetarian."

At that the green teen looked even more confused than ever.