Why did being in a new school always have to be so hard? Fulton sighed heavily into his hand. He had just sat down in class, and he felt instantly bored. It was math, and it wasn't like he was awful at math. But this just seemed like the dullest place in the world.

"Welcome to class, students. This semester, we will be exploring the wonderful world of math. Now the first subject we will be covering is-" The teacher droned on, until the door slammed.

A girl ran into the class. She had long brown hair but was clipped up, and her bangs fell down in little waves. Fulton basically fell off of his seat as soon as he saw her. Russ chuckled, and wiggled his eyebrows at Fulton.

Mr. Wells? Or whatever his name was not impressed with this girl coming to class late. His face was in a deep scowl. Even when she had taken the only seat left, which just happened to be in front of Fulton.

"Miss McAllistar? May I ask why you were so late?" He growled.

"There was a problem with my brother, Fred. And I was the only one who could help him. I really didn't mean to be late."

"Well, since it is the first day of school, I will let you off this one time. Next time you are late for my class, I will not hesitate to put you directly into detention."

"Yes, sir."

She turned around in her seat, putting her bag beside her desk. Fulton tried to look away but he just couldn't. He felt like such a creeper. That must have been what she thought because she had looked up and met his awed gaze.

"Nice shirt. I love The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Led Zeppelin might be a little better though." she whispered to him.

He just kinda gawked at her. All the other girls he knew were all about people like Cyndi Lauper, or Billy Joel. He and Portman had tried to show Connie and Julie the music they liked, but the girls both brushed it off as yelling and loud guitar. They liked music with more quote on quote "feeling". His tongue felt tied as he watched her turn back. He should really say something. Why wouldn't his mouth work?!

By the time class ended, he was still trying to convince himself to say something to her. Except when he put his books in his bag, she had already left. He ran out of the class, searching for her in the crowded hallway. But he couldn't see her anywhere. And it was lunch, and his stomach was telling him it was stupid to skip breakfast this morning. Russ came up behind him, giving him a sympathatic, yet amused, pat on the back.

"Don't worry lover boy. You'll find her later." Russ chuckled, leading Fulton to the cafeteria where they were supposed to meet up with the rest of the Ducks.