And after all this fucking time, it didn't really matter anymore. Not really.

But that was all bullshit – it did matter.

(Maybe it was the way he looked at Stefan – or maybe even the way he sketched his beautiful body and face in his books, polished and-)


You're talking to Caroline and thinking about Stefan, again? Really, Nik? Get your shit together!

The Mystic Grille door opened and the familiar and enticing scent wafted beneath his nose, teasing and inviting.

Oh, what he wouldn't do to go back to the 20's. Back when they were all together, him, Bekah and Stefan. Caroline was watching him in confusion as he stared at Stefan and he tightened his hands around the glass he was holding. He looked down into the amber liquid and saw his expression, closed off and bored, but alert at the same time.

Caroline was beautiful -no question- and she was a wonderful distraction, but even Tatia herself wouldn't be able to keep Klaus' cravings at bay.

His choices and thoughts were torn between two sides, the wrong and the right. Except, he didn't know which one was which anymore, so he danced through the middle - never really crossing either.

And then he did it again.

Stefan turned around, his eyes searching through the crowd until they rested on Caroline.

So here they were, Stefan infatuated with with Caroline, Caroline intrigued with Klaus, and Klaus hating and loving them both with equal measure.

(Something Bekah would've said - no doubt about that.)

He watches as Caroline hops off her stool and walks towards Stefan, greeting him. His eyes maintain the eye-contact him and his (not-meant-to-be) ex-lover does the same, awaiting his reaction and awaiting the pain that should have reflected in his eyes as he sees them together.

And then it comes. He wants to either rip both of their heads off, or throw the glass against a wall.

He doesn't do either.

Damon comes to sit next to him and Elena follows, ordering herself a drink.

Damon smirks slightly, his expression humorous but his eyes all-the-knowing, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think that maybe you're obsessed with Stefan on a whole 'nother level."

Klaus feels Elena's eyes burning into the back of his skull and he presses his lips together, his eyes rolling, "You have no idea."